“Safe Harbor”: New Evidence Offers Insight into Hunter Biden and his Collapsing World of Corruption

Below is my column in the New York Post on newly discovered exchanges within the Biden family over the collapsing fortunes of Hunter Biden in 2018. As one of the primary conduits for influence peddling in the Biden family, Hunter appeared to be in a free fall and his Uncle Jim appeared to offer him a “safe harbor” and to guarantee “all the deals are still alive.”

Here is the column:

In 2018, Hunter Biden’s world was collapsing.

The New York Times had run a story on one of his shady deals with the Chinese and his father was pulled into the vortex.

It appears that Hunter was in a free fall and his uncle Jim Biden reportedly reached out in newly discovered messages to offer him a “safe harbor.”

The exchange is an insight into a train wreck of a life of the scion of one of the most powerful families in the country.

However, it is also insight into a world of influence peddling where millions simply evaporated in the coffers of the Biden family.

On their face, the messages seem to contradict public statements from President Biden on the foreign-influence peddling that was used to fund Hunter’s drug-infused, self-destructive lifestyle.

The Times story caused a panic in the Biden family.

Despite a largely supportive media, the Bidens have long been known for influence peddling.

Jim Biden has been repeatedly criticized for marketing his access to his brother in pitches to clients.

Hunter knew that the Times story was only the tip of an iceberg.

There were deals all over the world with foreign figures worth millions and some of these figures had close ties to foreign intelligence or regimes.

As revealed recently by the House Oversight Committee, the Bidens constructed a labyrinth of corporations and accounts to transfer millions from these deals to a variety of Biden family members, including grandchildren.

Free fall

Nevertheless, Joe Biden repeatedly claimed as a presidential candidate and as president that he had no knowledge of any foreign dealings of his son.

Those denials now appear patently false.

The laptop includes pictures and appointments of Hunter’s foreign business associates with Joe Biden.

It also includes a recording concerning a Times report on Dec. 12, 2018, detailing Hunter’s dealings with Ye Jianming, the head of CEFC China Energy Company.

Ye would later be arrested for corruption.

As Biden associates pushed the Times to change aspects of the story, Joe Biden called to report on the results.

In his message, Biden ends his call to Hunter with the statement “I think you’re clear. And anyway if you get a chance, give me a call, I love you.”

The new messages indicate that the Bidens were worried that Hunter was in a free fall as these dealings were becoming known and revenue was declining.

Jim Biden appears to be rushing to get Hunter to work the problem with the family.

He assures him that they can find him “a safe harbor” and that “I can work with you[r] father alone!”

Hunter previously complained that he was giving as much as half of his proceeds to his father and was now facing towering financial demands.

He appears to have cut off the family.

That is a dangerous development for a man who had a long struggle with drugs and alcohol.

Hunter blew through a fortune on narcotics and women, including allegations that he may have used a shared credit card with his father to pay off prostitutes.

Both Joe and Jim Biden were reaching out to Hunter to assure him that he was in the “clear” and that there is a “safe harbor.”

However, Jim pushed him to remain in contact and in the fold: “I cannot find you, believe it or not I have been looking. I [have] driven by Hallie’s, you fathers. Called texted you. . . . I want to help all the deals are still alive.”

Putting aside the genuine desire to protect a family member with a history of drug abuse, the unpredictable Hunter also represented a threat to the entire family.

A panicked Hunter threatened more than family harmony. There were millions that were being generated in countries like Ukraine, Romania, Russia and China.

The messages show that Hunter was spinning out of control and needed money fast — a lot of money. He told Jim Biden that he could not even afford “food and gas,” including his monthly alimony to his ex-wife Kathleen Buhle.

He relays how President Biden was told that he “was in a real danger zone.”

Classic corruption

These messages highlight another inconvenient fact: Hunter was hardly a figure who generated confidence or cash.

In 2018, he was an utter mess at the very time that foreign figures were funneling money to him.

He was clearly noncommunicative with his family and still gushing money.

He had previously complained that the Russians had blackmail material on him. He was a danger not just to himself.

In his later book, Hunter admits that he was a crack addict and alcoholic: “drinking a quart of vodka a day by yourself in a room is absolutely, completely debilitating” as well as “smoking crack around the clock.”

Given these admissions, why were so many foreign figures rushing to give this human wrecking ball millions?

He not only lacked expertise in areas like energy or mining, but he was barely able to function, according to his own account.

The answer seems abundantly clear.

This was classic corruption. Indeed, influence peddling has long been the favorite form of corruption in Washington.

Yet, these latest messages add a particularly sad element to this scandal.

Joe and Jim Biden were propping up a man who was barely able to function.

However, Hunter was still the conduit for allegedly millions in foreign money.

He was the firebreak between the money and any scandal.

This was made evident in a recent and rare sit-down interview; MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle delicately broached the scandals involving Hunter by emphasizing that it is a “personal” matter and assuring the president (and the viewers) that the still unknown charges involve “no ties to you.”

Hunter increasingly looks like the designated defendant of the Bidens; the sin-eater who may have to take one for the team in the form of a couple tax charges.

Yet, even now, to use Jim Biden’s words, “This can work.”

Hunter’s new “safe harbor” may be a limited indictment that conspicuously avoided charges as an unregistered agent.

Likewise, Attorney General Merrick Garland has seen to that by steadfastly refusing to appoint a special counsel despite references to the president getting a proposed cut of these deals and instructions to use code names for him like the “Big Guy” to conceal his role.

Most recently, an IRS whistleblower came forward to accuse the Justice Department of interfering with the tax investigation of Hunter by “slow walking” the investigation and making a series of decisions that worked to his advantage.

As made clear by Jim Biden, there is always a plan in the Biden family. Back in 2018, he assured his nephew that “as usual just need several months of [your father’s] help for this to work. Let’s talk about it. It makes perfect sense to me.” In the meantime, the message from Uncle Jim likely remains “stay calm and carry on.”


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  1. CIA, FBI, DOJ, and DHS. I have never worked directly for any of these agencies. But have worked for all of them as a consultant with Top Secret and “Need to know” Clearances! A majority of the comments listed are way off the mark. (Most of my work has involved the failed Russian missile protection systems and how the USA’s determent systems can isolate real booster rockets from the fakes!

  2. It seems Hunter isn’t the only one n “Free Fall”, the “Big Guy” had a hard landing at the Air Force Academy graduation and to add insult to injury, he banged his head on Marine One after.

  3. Didn’t the Hillary supporting folks push a NYT story on Ukrainian influence peddling in 2015 to stymie Biden from running in 2016?
    Let’s nor forget VP Biden was sent to meet with the CCP to seek copyright protection and prevent further development of atolls and islands in the Nine Dash Line. Hunter walked away with a $1.5 billion deal and the CCP ignored Biden’s diplomacy.
    Our DOJ and other agencies fabricate scandals to nail Trump, but “slow walk” and cover up major national security violations and money grubbing influence peddling by the Biden gang that surely violates mail, wire, and banking fraud laws.
    Where’s the beef?
    They have corrupted and betrayed the United States.

  4. Five things we know about Joe Biden:
    1. He’s not very bright. He graduated near the bottom of his class at Syracuse, and given his history of plagiarism probably cheated to get even that far.
    2. He’s got terrible judgement. Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who served in both Democrat and Republican administrations, said Biden was wrong on nearly every foreign policy question over his entire career.
    3. He’s weak. Only one senior official in the Obama Administration advised against the mission to kill Osama Bin Laden: Joe Biden.
    4. He’s corrupt. He is a known influence peddler, and he enlisted his degenerate crackhead son Hunter to be his bagman.
    5. He has Parkinsonian dementia. His stilted walking gait, frequent trips and falls, mask face, loss of train of thought mid-sentence, forgetfulness and angry outbursts are several of his symptoms.

    1. So why is he still the president. Is America now so corrupt that they allow such a fool to be their commander in chief? Is there no mechanism to rid America of this arse? I know that Canada has an arse leading that country down the tubes with no way to stop him, but America? I thought America was smarter than Canada.

      1. The US is not what it appears to be. We are very far from a Democratically elected “for the people” type of system. That’s all just window dressing. The US is a corporatist oligarchy, with major corruption issues. Just look at the spending bill that just passed. It is devoid of any sort of cautious approach to good governance. It’s now just about printing more bonds and handing out taxpayer dollars to whoever lobbies the best. Corporations and foreign nations get the largesse, actual Americans get shafted. We’re never going to dig out of this, all by design. And we’re being replaced by cheaper third-worlders who won’t have any backbone to even complain.

      2. “Is America now so corrupt that they allow such a fool to be their commander in chief?” Problem is impeaching biden make Cackles president, which is arguably worse. The smartest thing the Dems did was name her VP, which was biden’s insurance policy against being impeached.
        ….But to answer your question more directly, yes, the Democrat government is totally corrupt, and shielded by the equally corrupt Mainstream Media.

        1. Making Harris president is NOT a big problem. Biden is not president as it is. Harris would be impotent as president.

          At the same time, it is not necessary to impeach Biden. The only real benefit to impeachment for Republicans is to ty up the Senate in a protracted impeachment trial. Franky that can be done by impeaching Mayorkas, Garland, Wray, numerous others in the administration.

          And would be more effective than impeaching Biden.

          What Republicans need at the moment is in many ways exactly what Democrats are giving them. They Need the FBI, the DOJ to stonewall, to circle the wagons. to behave politcally corruptly, to protect Biden at all costs.

          Possibly the stupidest political mistake Garland made was NOT appointing a Special Counsel to look into Biden. That would have allowed much greater power to block congressional republicans.

          Wray and Garland are in trouble with the House investigations of Joe Biden. They can TRY to stonewall the house on Hunter Biden using the we do not talk about ongoing investigations claim. Enough people will by that. It effectively held up inquiry into the collusion delusion for years.

          But there is no DOJ investigation of Joe Biden. That would REQUIRE a special counsel. DOJ/FBI can not investigate a sitting president.
          There is no special counsel, so there is no legitimate claim to challenge congressional inquiry and subpeona’s.

          Further the Republican goal is NOT to criminally prosecute the Biden’s. It is to force Joe to pardon himself and his son. That ends Joe’s re-election bid and severely damages the Democratic party – because they have participated in stonewalling.

          Further Republicans do NOT need to make a criminal case – though they are succeeding.

          It is more than enough to expose the corruption that government, the democrats, and the media have been complicit in hiding.

          it is self evident to most people – that the people were not allowed to know the truth about the Biden’s before the election.

          That is important – that damn’s not just Joe, but all involved. The goal for republicans is not to put the Biden’s in orange jumpsuits – but to expose not just the corruption of the Biden’s but the gargantuan scale of the corrupt efforts to protect the Biden’s. Both inside government and out.

          Real change HOPEFULLY comes by whatever republican is elected cleaning house in 2025.
          That is also Why Trump is the strongest republican contender. He is the Big victim of the relentless conspiracy and corruption fo the deep state,
          he is the one with the most power and incentive to take a scythe to it in victory.

      3. Yes there are means to get rid of Biden but she is worse than he is! Choosing Harris as his running mate gives Joe protection.

      4. Because if you remove him , using, say , the 25th amendment, which provides for removal of a prez unfit for office, you are left with the Vice President.. Most people have no confidence in Kamala Harris either.

  5. Jonathan: As I have said many times if Hunter Biden committed tax fraud and firearms violations he should be prosecuted. That said, what happened in 2018 is irrelevant. Hunter has never held public office. His dad was also a private citizen at the time. “Corruption” is normally a charge brought against those who hold public office. At the time, Hunter was suffering from severe drug and alcohol dependency and his family was trying to help him. And you want to exploit that for political gain? How low can you go?

    This column, and many before, indulges in wild speculation and innuendo–“shady deals with the Chinese”; “a world of influence peddling where millions evaporated in the coffers of the Biden family”; “foreign-influence peddling that was used to fund Hunter’s drug-infused, self-destructive life style”; “blowing a fortune on narcotics and women”, etc.,etc. And what is your proof? Copies of bank records? Any other actual evidence to back up you allegations of a vast “influence peddling” and “corruption” inside the Biden family? Nope. You just engage in throwing around unproven claims. As a lawyer you know far that would get you in front of a judge!

    By the way, David Weiss had already been appointed to look into Hunter Biden by your good friend Bill Barr who was trying to further Trump’s cause to find dirt on the Biden family. When AG Garland came into office he probably should have shut down the Weiss investigation as a political witch hunt–like the one conducted by John Durham. But Garland did not interfere in either the Durham or Weiss investigations. So there has never been a compelling reason to appoint a Special Counsel for the Hunter investigation. Weiss has his own problems in his investigation. Hunter has already paid all of his back taxes. Normally, the DOJ is reluctant to prosecute under these circumstances. Which leaves the gun license charge. Really? Small pickings for such a long investigation.

    If you are really interested in “influence peddling” and “corruption” why not look into the Trump family scandal? Now that is it in spades–while Trump was the President! But you won’t do that because that would upset the political apple cart–the agenda of House Republicans who, so far, have come up empty handed in proving all your “corruption” allegations against either Joe or Hunter Biden. It appears you have your own “safe harbor”–hoping on hope that Jim Jordan or James Comer will come up with the goods–anything to justify your crusade. Good luck with that one!

    1. Dennis – you say: “Hunter was suffering from severe drug and alcohol dependency and his family was trying to help him.” In other words, Hunter was a victim, and JT and the rest of us are kicking a lost soul. Hunter was an adult, and a lawyer, knowingly engaged in a big way with illegal drug use. He must have known, as all responsible adults know, of the harm caused by the drug trade to society. https://www.justice.gov/archive/ndic/pubs38/38661/drugImpact.htm Of course, Joe and Jim Biden also knew of the harm caused to their fellow Americans, and people in Central America, by the drug trade. Yet they continued to use Hunter to collect millions of dollars from foreingn sources, usually allied in some way with foreign governments, in order to feed the need of the Biden family for off-the-books income. By means of this scheme, Hunter came into the funds that fed his drug habit. His health was simply collateral damage for Joe.

    2. “what happened in 2018 is irrelevant.”

      The Left seems to be chronology challenged.

      2018 is when the facts of some of the Biden family corruption emerged. JB and the HB (the bagman) participated in the bribery scheme while he was VP.

    3. And if Hunter received millions of dollar for his dealings, how could he possible drink, take drugs and see enough prostitutes go through millions of dollars? JT where are the facts? How did the Biden family hide so much money? Where did it go, did they avoid income tax?

      1. Read any one of a hundred rock stars book about drug use ..David Crosby claims he spent 5 mil on cocaine in 7 years

    4. Over 20 LLC’s shoveling money around and over 150 suspicious activity reports from banks and you’re claiming Hunter already paid his taxes??? You don’t have a clue… period.

    5. Maybe,. but the reality is that you don’t just start and stop corrupt activities. Grift is a life long approach to doing business and when it comes to the Bidens it didn’t just magicially stop when Joe was ‘elected’ President.

    6. Are you kidding us? He did it with his father’s help. And there no doubt his father helped Hunter’s clients.

    7. there is much evidence of influence peddling when Biden was president (these dates range currently from 2011-2016). Is it not worth exploring these? Also, some “deals” orginated during Biden’s elective office time and may have bled into time post-elective office. I think any fair-minded citizen wiuld want it investigated. I am no Trump fan but he was impeached twice and neither incident had as much direct evidence as this potential scandal seems to have.

    8. The 2018 deals were launched, at least some of them, while Biden was still VP. He took his son, already an addict, with him on foreign anticorruption missions. Not only was Biden in on the corruption while in office, what father would loose his troubled son in those countries without checking to learn what he was up to? Those countries gave lucrative business to Hunter specifically to gain access to Joe for preferential treatment should he replace Obama as US President. So obviously the groundwork was laid before the 2016 election.

      And second, Trump’s family actually conducted legitimate business. The situation is the opposite of the Bidens, where the media is trying to protect the family, shutting down the NY Post outstanding reporting right before the election. Federal investigators and the media have spent years trying to nail the Trump family. Those resources included the full scope of government, plus the resources of the major media outlets – NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, LATimes and NYT,
      Other than (proven) garbage like the dossier, what have they found?

    9. “Look into the Trump family scandal”?? Special council…impeachment 1, impeachment 2, Bragg, Fani Willis, Jack Smith, Merrick Garland…you are a fool!

    10. ” if Hunter Biden committed tax fraud and firearms violations he should be prosecuted.”

      There are known crimes that should have been prosecuted years ago. DOJ has been stalling for years. Treasury is stonewaling and protecting Biden from release of all the suspicious banking reports. Everyone knows Biden is being protected. Neither Hunter, nor James, nor Joe will ever face any semblance of “equal justice under the law.”

      Trump however WILL be relentlessly targeted, persecuted, unjustly prosecuted, and probably put in jail if Garland’s corrupt DOJ/FBI and corrupt judges can get away with it. They are certainly trying.

      “Hunter was suffering from severe drug and alcohol dependency and his family was trying to help him. And you want to exploit that for political gain? How low can you go?

      Try again. It is the Biden family who are exploiting Hunter’s debauchery for political gain. “We tried to help our son who was in the throws of addiction please feel bad for him and our family and all we have been through trying to help our son’s addictions.” Meanwhile Hunter and Jimmy are cutting multi million dollar deals with corrupt foreign enemies all over the globe and funnelling millions to the Biden family through cutouts and shell companies. But look over there! “Hunter is struggling with addictions like so many American families.” Make us puke. Hunter is Joe’s bagman. The political exploitation by Joe Biden of his son’s addictions for public sympathy is about as grotesque as it gets. But that is who Joe Biden is….a corrupt, greedy, lying pos who sold out his coutry to enrich his family by the tens of millions. Biden is a traitor and treacherous sob.

    11. Dennis says: “Hunter has already paid all of his back taxes. Normally, the DOJ is reluctant to prosecute under these circumstances.”

      As you asked, and what is your proof? Any actual evidence to back up your statements? Of course not. Your comments are a load of hogwash nonsense.

    12. Dennis, you are such a buffoon, a clown, a hoot. You bleat, “And what is your proof? Copies of bank records? Any other actual evidence to back up your allegations of “influence peddling” and “corruption” inside the Biden family? Nope.”
      ….You sneer that “copies of bank records” don’t qualify as actual proof? Of course you and Hunter are welcome to explain what the biden’s actually *did* to earn such sums…but neither they nor you will even need to try–because the so-called “justice system,” totally run by the Democrats, will never file a serious charge.
      ….Thanks, Dennis. Thanks, Democrats. You’ve destroyed the United States, and are laughing all the way to the bank. May your children curse your names.

    13. The “proof” of the Biden scandals involving Joe are found in the bank information and the monies transferred between 21 LLC’S into the Biden’s bank accounts. If I remember correctly, the money that paid for the remodeling of Joe’s home came from funds held by James Gilliar and his cut of the millions given to the Biden family.

    14. “As I have said many times if Hunter Biden committed tax fraud and firearms violations he should be prosecuted.”
      And sex trafficking of minors, and statutory rape, and ….

      “That said, what happened in 2018 is irrelevant. Hunter has never held public office. His dad was also a private citizen at the time.”
      That defense did not work well for Paul Manafort.

      “At the time, Hunter was suffering from severe drug and alcohol dependency and his family was trying to help him.”
      Seriously ? Your defense ids that Joe Biden and his family helped Hunter by getting him multimllion dollar deals with foreign powers ?

      What is self evident is that the Biden family has to this date done NOTHING to help anyone.
      Hunter is a dead beat dad, and Joe is an abysmal father and grandfather.
      Those are not crimes, but they are still completely true.

      “And you want to exploit that for political gain? How low can you go?”
      Not so low as making up fake crimes and attempting to prosecute those.
      So long as you are relentlessly chasing Trump for legal conduct you have no legs to stand on.

      Regardless, if this was ONLY limited to Hunter and only limited to 2018 as you are spinning furiously, there would have been no need for the CIA, the FBI, the DOJ, Social MEdia, Democrats, the DNC, the MSM and Joe Biden personally to go to such enormous efforts to lie about this and bury it.

      I would note – this goes FAR beyond 2018. And far beyond Hunter.

      Gal Luft, a former Israeli Defense Force colonel who knows about the CEFC relationship between the Bidens and the Chinese.
      Has been found. He MAY be the CHIS refered to in the 1023’s that Wray has finally agreed to turn over to congress.
      Luft came to the FBI as an insider part of the Biden deals, trying to avoid prosecution himself. After interviewing him in the Embassy in Brussels.
      The FBI sought a warrant from interpol,
      had him arested and held in Cypress where he was eventially able to post bail and flee to Israel where he is now hiding from the FBI.

      Regardless, he has said that he can Tie Joe Biden into these deals.

      As noted Wray is now turning over atleast one of the many 1023’s that the FBI has admitted they have containing allegations of Bribery involving Joe Biden.

      You keep trying to resct this to 2018.

      But the FACT is the first BIG Story about Joe Biden’s corruption emerged in 2015 in the NYT, And the misconduct of Jim Biden involving Joe dates back decades.
      This is a decades long family scheme that involves Joe in the Senate, as VP and continues into his presidency.

      Next, No matter what the entire Biden family is guilty of money laundering. It is illegal to deliberately attempt to circumvent the banking laws on reporting suspicious transfers. The Russian nesting doll of 20 different shell corporations to hide the payments to the Biden family are themselves a criminal act.
      Again you convicted Paul Manafort on much less.

      “indulges in wild speculation and innuendo–“shady deals with the Chinese”; ”
      There is far more concrete evidence here than in anything ever involving Trump – yet you had no problem with that.

      Regardles, There is a further huge problem – the DOJK/FBI has had this evidence for long long time.
      They have not investigated, There isno special counsel involving Joe Biden. They have actively subverted inquiry.
      The FBI and CIA participated in the supression of the Hunter Biden story.

      Even f as you falsely claim – there is no crime – it is unconstitutional election interferance and a crime for the FBI/CIA, to both thwart government inquiry and to censor the public.

      Dennis you have a big big mess. Pretty much everyone grasps that if even a tiny bit more of this had gotten out in 2020 – Biden would have lost.
      And that if what we know now got out he would have lost badly.

      You have made stupid claims regarding elections into a cottage industry.
      You have made disagreement with your views regarding an election a crime.

      Turn about is fair play.

      The 2020 was corrupt.
      It was lawless.
      It near certainly involved massive ballot harvesting.

      But with ABSOLUTELY ZERO DOUBT AT ALL – it involved the Democrats use of CIA, FBI, DOJ, and DHS in multiple different ways to get Biden elected.
      It required a failure to investigate far more credible allegations than in the Steel Dosiser.
      It involved forced censorship.

      And much of this continues through today.

      Even if all the Biden family conduct was legal – which is not true. Various alphabet agencies can not put their fingers on the scale regarding elections to influence the outcome.

      This is not just about Hunter Biden. This is not just about Joe Biden.
      This is about a very large criminal conspiracy to rig an election. One that is NOT merely a claim.

      It is about possibly the largest election fraud in US history.

      “Copies of bank records?”
      The bank records confirm the stories of people like Luft and Bobolinsky that have come forward.
      They confirm the hunter Biden emails, and the State department documents recovered via FOIA requests.

      “Any other actual evidence to back up you allegations of a vast “influence peddling” and “corruption” inside the Biden family? Nope.”
      Actually there is a massive amount of additional evidence.

      “You just engage in throwing around unproven claims.”
      What is your standard of proof ?

      “As a lawyer you know far that would get you in front of a judge!”

      What exists is more than enough to get a conviction from a jury.
      That you are unaware of the mountains of evidence, is your problem.

      “By the way, David Weiss had already been appointed to look into Hunter Biden”
      Yet, there are now plenty of allegations involving the rest of the family including Joe.
      That REQUIRES a special counsel. DOJ can not investigate the president.

      “When AG Garland came into office he probably should have shut down the Weiss investigation”
      Really ? Hunter has already had to get others to cough up 2.7M in back taxes – that alone is sufficient to make a case for criminal tax evasion.

      We know know that atleast 12 members of the Biden family were getting paid. Do you think after running this money through multiple shell corporations and attempting to avoid bank reporting laws – itself a crime. that the remaining biden family members properly reported this influence peddlying money on their taxes?

      “But Garland did not interfere in either the Durham or Weiss investigations.”
      And yet there are multiple whistleblower allegations claiming precisely that.
      As well as multiple very credible – pretty much proven allegations that Garland and others in the administration have lied to congress about this and other issue.

      “So there has never been a compelling reason to appoint a Special Counsel for the Hunter investigation.”
      This is not about hunter. There are multiple allegations of bribery that are far more credible than the Steele Dossier against Joe Biden – these are so old they date into the Trump presidency. They REQUIRED a special counsel.

      “Weiss has his own problems in his investigation. Hunter has already paid all of his back taxes.”
      Mnay years after they were due. That alone is criminal tax evasion.

      “Normally, the DOJ is reluctant to prosecute under these circumstances.”
      Nope. They prosecuted Manafort on Far less than this.
      Do I need to give you a long list of people prosecuted for tax fraud for less than this ?

      “Which leaves the gun license charge. Really? Small pickings for such a long investigation.”
      It is not a “gun license charge” it is a violation of 18 US 1001 – materially false statements to government.
      The law was passed in the 19th century specifically because lying on government forms was not illegal.

      “If you are really interested in “influence peddling” and “corruption” why not look into the Trump family scandal? ”
      Make similarly credible claims. Those should be investigated.

      “Now that is it in spades–while Trump was the President!”
      And what is it that he did as president ?
      Was he selling out to the chinese for millions ?

      “But you won’t do that because that would upset the political apple cart–the agenda of House Republicans who, so far, have come up empty handed in proving all your “corruption” allegations against either Joe or Hunter Biden.”
      If this is comming up empty handed – “Please sire, can I have more ?”

      “It appears you have your own “safe harbor”–hoping on hope that Jim Jordan or James Comer will come up with the goods–anything to justify your crusade. Good luck with that one!”

      They have already come up with enough.
      But this is far from over. And there is an infinite scope to continue.

      You do not seem to grasp – this goes far beyond Joe Biden.

      There is a massive PROVEN coverup here.
      What has been uncovered – not merely makes an excellent case of corruption against Joe Biden, but absolutely PROVES election rigging by those in govenrment.

      This will not end soon. and unlike the Collusion delusion this actually snowballs moving forward.

  6. Jonathan: I’ll get to your latest diversionary rant about Hunter Biden in my next post. But first some other important news on a more important legal front It looks like Jack Smith’s investigation of the Mar-a-Lago docs case is wrapping up. Smith’s grand jury has not met since May 4. Former federal prosecutors say this probably means that, unless new evidence comes to light, Smith is now reviewing all the evidence with his team in preparation for a meeting with AG Garland to present their case.

    When we say MAGA actually means “Making Lawyers Get Attorneys” this is born out by what former Trump lawyers are saying about what happened at Mar-a-Lago:

    1. Evan Corcoran–testified before Smith’s grand jury. He had to lawyer-up for his testimony. He now alleges that when he got the subpoena from the DOJ he conducted a search of the Mar-a-Lago premises. He retrieved a number of top secret docs from the storage room but was “waived” off by someone from searching Trump’s personal office. That’s when he certified that a “thorough search” of the premises revealed no other classified material. That statement was false as the later FBI search discovered over a 100 top secret and other classified material in Trump’s office. That’s why Corcoran is in a heap of legal trouble and now needs his own lawyer.

    2. Tim Parlatore–another former Trump attorney who resigned, now says Trump’s present attorney and close confident, Boris Epshteyn, attempted to interfere with additional searches and Parlatore’s representation of his client. Boris Epshteyn’s phone was seized by the FBI as part of Smith’s investigation of Jan.6. It looks like old Boris will also be seeking his own attorney.

    So the pieces of the puzzle are coming together. Epshteyn may end being a key player in the obstruction of the FBI/DOJ at Mar-a-Lago. Puzzles are fun, aren’t they, when the final pieces fall into place.

    1. So you want to punish an ex president over documents that were in a residence secured by the Secret Service? Looks like Biden, who literally stole documents as a senator, took more as a VP and had them in multiple UNSECURE locations, to which his addicted son had access, committed far more serious transgressions. And we don’t know what’s hidden at the U of Delaware.

    2. So Biden’s “nonpartisan” DOJ is leaking info re its investigation of Trump, but it is refusing to let Congress see a subpoenaed document from a credible whistleblower that shows Biden’s involvement in a criminal bribery scheme with a foreign national while he was Obama’s VP…. and you think that Trump is the issue?

    3. Biden whistelblower allegedly details an arrangement involving an exchange of money ($5 million) for policy decisions while Biden was VP. We have serious and credible allegations of criminality/bribery that Biden sold his high public office to to a foreign national to enrich himself. DOJ is stonewalling. But look over there! Trump had some documents he was legally entitled to have.

  7. “Attorney General Merrick Garland has seen to that by steadfastly refusing to appoint a special counsel . . .” (JT)

    Everyone knows the horrific expression: “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.”

    What they don’t know is its corollary, reserved for the Untouchable Ones: Show me the man and I’ll hide the crime.

  8. “. . . influence peddling in the Biden family . . .”

    Why does everyone keep ignoring the P.S.:

    Pay up or face crippling government reprisals — reprisals that are enforced by the government’s police powers.

    That is called bribery and extortion.

  9. I seem to recall that in 2018 Mike Pence was Vice President, and Joe Biden did not hold any public office. So the entire premise of this article is wrong.

    1. Are you an idiot? The entire premise of this article is that once Papa Joe was OUT OF THE VICE-PRESIDENCY the Biden Crime Family’s influence was in free-fall.

      That Mike Pence was then the vice-President, not Joe, was precisely the problem.

    2. “So the entire premise of this article is wrong.”

      Somebody is chronology challenged.

      The influence peddling (read, bribery) took place while Biden was VP. The facts of the corruption emerged later.

  10. Next time the Biden clan gathers at Joe’s multimillion dollar beach house, the federal Bureau of Prisons should deliver justice by padlocking the thing and surrounding it with a 24/7 guard detail for the next ten years or so.

  11. “A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest….”

    When I traveled in the Middle East and lived in India for a time, if a person wanted or needed something, especially when it came to getting through the red tape, there might accidentally be a 100 or more Rupees accidentally inside of one’s passport to make things happen a little faster. Bribery may be the second oldest trade. Either the first or the second oldest trade is not different from how things operate in the modern, corrupt political world. Now, especially when it comes to modern politics, it is like a pig that is dressed up and wearing lipstick and called by a new name. The principle is still the same. There is no sane person, company representative or politician who gives someone else a lot of money not expecting favorable treatment in return. If they are doing this without expectations, tell me where the line is and I will be there first. Call it what you want but it is still bribery.

    Mario Puzo (The Godfather) said that a lawyer in a suit could steal more than a hundred armed robbers.

    Those who do not see through the smoke and mirrors and the mountains of evidence do so because they choose not to see it. They see what they want to see and disregard the rest. Maybe, with a an expensive PR firm and a legal team this can be deemed “legal” and if it is then it is no less shady. It is quid pro quo and that is the foundation of bribery and corruption.

    1. That’s so True, but either way I wish Hunter Biden was taking Rupees instead of My DOLLAR$

  12. No serious democrat candidate chose to run in 2020 because Real President Donald J. Trump was on his way to a massive, landslide, election victory.

    The Biden campaign spontaneously imploded in 2020 through the Hunter crimes.

    The MSM denied propagation of those related facts to “moderate,” swing-vote Americans.

    2020 was “fixed” and “rigged” against Real President Donald J. Trump, against the Constitution, against the Bill of Rights, against Americans and against America.

    That is some serious “—-!”

    In a rational free country of sentient beings, the purveyors of the 2020 election fraud would have been Drawn and Quartered, their crime being precisely that momentous and grave.

  13. I didn’t waste part of my life reading today’s Turley swill published, of course, in the Murdoch-owned “New York Post” because i don’t need to–he’s paid to try to breathe life into the nonexistent “Hunter Biden Scandal”, and a quick scan proved it’s just more of the same BS red meat for the disciples, full of qualifiers like “appears” and “alleged”. I do have a thought, though: Hunter Biden has not attempted to make himself a celebrity–alt-right media has because they cannot come up with any dirt on his father and they just have to come up with something, anything, to accuse Hunter of, and, by extension, Joe Biden, as a set off from the truth about the pig they defend, so they go after the low-hanging fruit of Hunter, who is obviously a troubled person. But, since he isn’t a celebrity, can Turley be sued for falsing accusing him of committing crimes? THAT would be fun litigation–we could find out how much Turley is paid to create and maintain the “Hunter Biden Scandal”. Oh, and the “IRS whistleblower” isn’t–he’s just a disgruntled former employee.


      What is your raison d’être?

      Do you seriously believe your untruths, delusions and puerile screeds change even one mind on the Turley Blog?

      Are you successfully “harvesting” votes here for Moochhell Obama?

      Have you ever considered the immutable fact that you are “too clever by half?”

    2. @Gigi: Patience! The “there” is evidentiary. The names have not been changed to protect anyone. They’ve simply been ignored by a media which has determined that it has skin in the game to do so. Trump made it clear in his inaugural speech that it was his intention to drain the swamp that covered the deep state, and get rid of it all. They and their co-conspirator minions of which the MSM provide an important service were determined to make sure that never happened. Dirtbags the lot, and all who support their sources and methods

    3. Gigi, I just couldn’t take the time to read your hate filled propaganda today.

    4. Oh my, Gigi, but you are a hate-filled one. Let the anger and hate go. You’ll feel better in the morning.

    5. Gigi – Joe Biden “sold his office” through his family members, esp his brother and his son. Millions went to Hunter and James, and a major part of those riches flowed downstream to Joe. And you see nothing wrong with this racket?

    6. the reason he uses words like appears and alleged is exactly because none of it has been proven in a court of law. Given that it does appear, and there are allegations, that’s a reasonable stance which, amusingly, suggests your observation answered the question you followed it with.

    7. Gigi, I did not waste my time reading your rage filled comment.
      Going through life with such hate in your heart will only leave you an empty waste of a human being.
      Please, seek professional mental health for your TDS. You need it.

      1. Upstate, too many psychiatrists are left-wing and dealing with their own problems (There are a less number of excellent psychiatrists as well.) She probably was treated by one of those left-wing psychiatrists and is now considered a success story. 🙂

          1. Upstate, I was not being sarcastic. I believe it to be true. My advice to people seeking mental health is to check on the political disposition of the therapist. If they are on the left they will incorporate their social justice agenda into a person’s therapy. Therapy is not supposed to push people to behave in a certain fashion except perhaps behavioral therapists who are supposed to do so in a neutral manner. Many people entering the therapy world have their own problems and likely entered the field to satisfy their need to know the origins. A lot of caution is needed when dealing with such people.

            Thanks for the article.

    8. Hunter Biden has been staying at the Whitehouse, traveling with Daddy living the life of a protected being. They are trying to make him appear as though he is now a legitimate businessman. Exactly what did Hunter do to get 1.1 billion dollars in “seed money” from the CCP to be used for CEFC investments and what happened to the money when the deal fell through? There is NO indication it was returned to the Chinese investors so where did it go? Do you think it evaporated? What expertise did Hunter take to Burisma to warrant a seat on the board? What expertise did Frank Biden have to get lucrative energy deals in the Carribean when Joe was in charge of the Carribean deals? What expertise did Jim Biden have when he was working in Saudi Arabia with a housing developer? Hmmmmm…. Let me guess!

  14. Where the hell Turley was when Trump was in office, sitting in the corner, plugging his ears and yelling NANANANA? Turley’s silence on a disgraced twice impeached indicted wanna-be authoritarian who said he want to terminate the constitution, speaks volumes.

    1. Turley was working with Trump’s legal team during the 1st impeachment. I thought Turley was the only rational actor on either side. .. and that the duly sworn prosecutors impeached the wrong guy over events in Ukraine.

      *also thought Trump’s ‘Stop the Steal’ rally on Jan. 6 an impeachable offense but nothing came of it .. . and if you can’t impeach Trump, who can you impeach?

    2. Fishy, You got your fix of Trump-hate from everywhere in the media. Why are you whining about Turley? You had ALL the media going 24/7 bashing Trump. NON stop for YEARS. Could you just shush your whining and let it go? Or do you still need to whine? “Ooh ooh, Turley did not join the rest of the Fake Propaganda News to smear Trump nonstop, waaah, waaah.” Quit yer whining Fishy, K?

    3. btw, Fishy, the authoritarian? That’s your buddy Joe.

      Oh and Fishy?

      FJB x a gazillion.

    4. Turley was involved in the 1st impeachment of Donald Trump and was on the panel with the female Ambassador to Ukraine and Kent.

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