The “Aha” Moment: The Trump Indictment Could Prove Revealing for Either Trump or the DOJ

Below is my column in the New York Post on the Trump indictment.

There are legitimate questions about the independence and integrity shown by the Department in past investigations from the Russian collusion allegations to the Hunter Biden scandal. The Justice Department cannot ignore those widespread concerns in these cases.

There is now word that the indictment may be released today. The public is likely to have an “Aha” moment in an indictment that will make either the case against Trump or the Department itself.

Here is the column:

“I am an innocent man!”

The words of former President Donald Trump would ordinarily be a good start for any criminal defendant.

But Trump is no ordinary criminal defendant.

He was speaking to millions of people who have already made up their minds on an indictment that has not been released, let alone read.

Indeed, the specifics of the indictment seem entirely immaterial to most people.

For roughly 30% on both ends of the political spectrum, any inquiry into these charges will begin and end at the caption: “United States v. Trump.”

Those four words either sum up a prosecution or persecution in the minds of most citizens.

This case, however, is different. In New York, Trump is facing a clearly political prosecution by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, a case that easily fulfills Trump’s narrative of the weaponization of the criminal justice system.

In Georgia, another Democratic openly anti-Trump prosecutor is pursuing a case of election interference that many have questioned.

Yet, for roughly two years, I have said that there was one torpedo in the water that was a serious threat: an obstruction charge out of Mar-a-Lago.

That torpedo just hit.

Trump has long maintained that he and his staff viewed this as a civil matter under the Presidential Records Act.

They disagreed with the National Archives about Trump’s right to possess the documents.

Some documents were returned to the Archives and some were retained.

The FBI asked for and was given access to the storage room for the documents and, when it asked for additional security, the Trump team agreed.

They believed that they were still cooperating when the raid occurred on Mar-a-Lago.

The FBI has offered a strikingly different account.

From the very start, they described the conduct of the Trump team as “obstructive” — a line that many of us immediately flagged as ominous.

There are allegations of the movement of documents, false statements, and even the possible destruction of documents.

In the end, however, there is the mind of Donald Trump.

This case will turn on mens rea: did he know what he was doing was wrong, and what was his intent?

The actions are largely established, it is the motivation that will occupy a jury.

As in so many past controversies, Trump’s intransigence seems inexplicable and self-defeating.

However, to be criminal, it must be a knowing or willful violation of specific provisions.

There still remain key details that could blunt this defense.

We know that prosecutions forced Trump attorneys to go before a grand jury.

While that may create an appellate issue, there may be a cooperating witness who could offer damaging evidence of Trump’s knowledge or intent.

There are also rumors of video or audio tapes of the movement of documents or Trump discussing the material.

What is clear is that Trump is facing charges called “the darlings” of federal prosecutors: false statements to federal investigators and obstruction of justice.

Those charges represent a double threat.

First, the Justice Department has a long record of winning these cases.

They tend to be straightforward propositions for a jury.

They are the charges that criminal defense attorneys tend to loathe because they can come down to insular allegations that come with a ten to twenty-year potential sentence.

Second, and most seriously, these charges are secondary to the original basis for Trump removing or retaining the documents.

These are crimes that concern how Trump responded to the investigation.

The false statements charge is particularly damaging because it is a stand-alone offense.

Everything Trump has alleged can be true, but he could still be convicted if he falsified or misrepresented a fact in a discussion with the FBI.

And while there are legitimate concerns over the FBI’s past bias and hostility toward Trump, it is extremely hard to prevail on such selective prosecution claims in court.

Courts tend not to delve into the motivation of prosecutors if they have stated an otherwise valid legal and factual basis for charges.

Even if a court did entertain selective prosecution claims, it would not excuse false statements or obstruction charges.

The Trump team will not be the only ones uneasy in anticipation of these details.

The inclusion of mishandling charges is likely a concern for the Biden legal team.

After all, Biden is accused of repeatedly moving classified material to different locations, including his garage.

Some documents have reportedly been traced to removal from a secure location while Biden was still a senator over a decade ago.

If the indictment charges the possession and mishandling crimes, it could make it more difficult for his own special counsel to avoid charging Biden.

On the other hand, if the charges are crafted to avoid those crimes, there will be a concern over prosecutors seeking to nail President Trump but miss President Biden.

The Justice Department can argue that Biden did not claim that he had a right to take the documents and did not knowingly, stubbornly hold on to the documents after they were demanded.

While Biden’s account seems implausible on some points, the Justice Department could distinguish the cases as a matter of intentional versus negligent conduct.

In the end, whatever is found in this indictment is not likely to change many minds about Donald Trump or Joe Biden.

However, the credibility of the Justice Department is on the line.

The Special Counsel should not have taken this historic action without an overwhelming case.

We will all, therefore, be waiting to see if the indictment contains the type of “Aha” revelations that would justify this action.

Indicting a former president and the leading candidate for the presidency should not be a close call.

Jonathan Turley is an attorney and a professor at George Washington University Law School.

224 thoughts on “The “Aha” Moment: The Trump Indictment Could Prove Revealing for Either Trump or the DOJ”

  1. Dear Prof Turley,

    Where’s the money? Show me the money. I’m just joking. This is all malarky. .. Biden ‘Stray papers’ v Trump ‘Boxes Hoax’.

    I see they waddled-out the 1917 Espionage Act for the Trump Boxes Hoax. All my favorite whistleblowers have been charged under the Espionage Act – and now President Trump.

    If Trump had pardoned Ed Snowden, like he should have, and prosecuted his persecutors, like he should have .. . why, I doubt we would be in this mess today.

    *Snowden for President 2024 ‘The Crown Jewels of National Security’

  2. From Russiagate, to the FBI interfering in elections, to the FBI censoring Americans by proxy, to an administration that smears the opposition as “white supremacists” and “extremists,” to prosecutors who use the law to create political “criminals,” to a cadre that insulates a corrupt president and his family, to those who treat power as their birthright and citizens as serfs — democrats are:

    “A [party] whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a tyrant is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.” (DoI)

  3. “There is now word that the indictment may be released today.”

    The party in power uses whatever means necessary to morph its political opposition into a “criminal.” In a sane world, this would be called what it is: Strong-arm tactics used by tyrants to stay in power.

  4. A bedrock principle of our nation is that justice should be blind, that justice should be applied equally to all Americans regardless of who they are. Anyone who believes justice is blind in 2023 is just not paying attention.

  5. I’ll trade you Amnesty for all the Those listed below, in exchange for convicting Hillary Rodham Clinton and sentencing her to 50 years in prison without a chance for parole.

    Adam Schiff : Emmet Sullivan : Joe Biden : Paul Vixie
    Alexander Downer : Eric Ciaramella : John Brennan : Perkins Coie
    Andrew McCabe : Evelyn Farkas : John Kerry : Peter Fritsch
    Andrew Weissmann : Fiona Hill : John McCabe : Peter Strzok
    Andrew Whitney : Gen. Mark Milley : John McCain : Samantha Power
    Azra Turk : George Soros : John Podesta : Ray Epps
    Barack Obama : George Tenet : Joseph Mifsud : Richard Blumenthal
    Bill Priestap : Gina Haspel : Peter J. Kadzik : Richard Dearlove
    Bill Taylor : Glenn Simpson : Kathy Ruemmler : Richard Schiff
    Bob Woodward : Gregg Jarrett : Kevin Clinesmith : Robby Mook
    Bruce Ohr : Bill Clinton : Kurt Campbell : Rod Rosenstein
    Charles H. Dolan : Huma Abedin : L. Jean Camp : Rodney Joffe
    Christopher Steele : Hunter Biden : Lisa Page : Ron Klain
    Christopher Wray : Igor Danchenko : Lois Lerner : Sally Yates
    Cody Shear : Jake Sullivan : Loretta Lynch : Richard Dearlove
    Dana Remus : James Baker : Marc Elias : Stefan Halper
    Daniel Walsh : James Clapper : Merrick Garland : Stephen Laycock
    Dianne Feinstein : James Comey : Michael Cohen : Strobe Talbot
    Don Berlin : James E. Boasberg : Michael Kortan : Susan E. Rice
    Donna Brazile : James Pavitt : Michael Sussmann : Valerie Jarrett
    E.W. Priestap : Jeff Sessions : Nancy Pelosi : Victoria Nuland
    Eric Holder : Jerry Nadler : Nellie Ohr : The Mueller-Team
    The RAND Corporation : The Brookings Inst: The Democrats of the United States Congress

    Deal or No Deal ?

  6. There should be no indictment. The Presidential Records Act, which is non-criminal statute. What was seen by this indictment from special prosecutor Jack Smith looks to have the same problems as in Virginia governor McDonald case. The Supreme Court unanimously (9-0) overturn the conviction. In doing so, Chief Justice Roberts stated the following: “There is no doubt that this case is distasteful; it may be worse than that. But our concern is not with tawdry tales of Ferraris, Rolexes, and ball gowns. It is instead with the broader legal implications of the Government’s boundless interpretation of the federal bribery statute. A more limited interpretation of the term ‘official act’ leaves ample room for prosecuting corruption, while comporting with the text of the statute and the precedent of this Court.”
    So here we are again with prosecutor, Jack Smith overreach.

  7. And the other side committed TREASON and negated the people’s 45th lawfully attained presidency. NO LONGER A REPUBLIC. SELECTIVE JUSTICE IS COMMUNISM.

    Mr Turley I expect more from you.

  8. The Obama and Clinton’s ( Staffs) perpetrated a massive Political Fraud against the American People.
    One (Russia Gate) of propaganda, Libel & Slander, and Cover-Ups, Enabling a ‘Soft-Coup’ of the Military Industrial Complex, K-Street, and Wall Street insiders.

    And now They ( above) are covering Their asses & tracks (Operation C.Y.A.) by prosecuting Former President Trump to put an end to his Political power. Further They ‘Squelch & Silence’ the Speech of those ‘Whom’ are; vocal, critical, and enabled to pontificate information of the Corruption(s) that are vulnerable to detrimental-exposure of Their Crimes.

    So the Game of Power-Thrones (Hide-N-Seek) in the D.C. Cabal continues and the history of what really took place is buried.
    So much for the National Archives, The Lock-Box Keepers of the Propaganda of the United States of America.

    WE the People will never know, what really took place in the Obama/Clinton>to>Biden Administrations.

    Prosecute a newly Succeeded President (President Trump) for having Boxes of Documents from his Administration.
    It hasn’t even been three years since leaving Office. Trump should build his right Library Now.

    Seriously: ‘Whom’ do They Think They’re Fooling ?

    1. TO:
      Kara S. Blond, Director, Office of Presidential Libraries
      The National Archives and Records Administration
      8601 Adelphi Road
      College Park, MD 20740-6001

      Dear Ms. Blond,

      Who Killed The Kennedys?

      Citizens of the United States of America

    2. “Operation C-Y-A”. Exactly right and nothing more than ‘the ends justify the means’. Excellent comment.

  9. I find it funny that you don’t recognize the Presidential Records Act controls how President Trump handles his records. The espionage act doesn’t. The presidential records act is not a criminal statute, so there’s no way to obstruct justice on a non-criminal statute.

    There is also the 2012 ruling by Obama judge, Amy Berman Jackson. In her ruling she says the president decides what is his records in public records. As you know, this ruling was about Clintons sock drawer tapes for his eight years in his presidency. Judicial watch wanted access to them, and the judge refused to force The national archives to require them from President Clinton. She stated that the presidential record act has no requirement to turn over records.

    On top of that we have the 1988 decision by the Supreme Court on navy versus Eagan, which verifies that the president is the head of the executive branch and can declassify anything without procedure.

  10. Prof. Turley,

    No, this does NOT turn on the Mens Rea of Trump.

    That is typical left wing nut rot we get here are the time.

    Beofe Mens Rea there must be a criminal act – an actus rea.

    There is not.

    This is not even a civil matter. This is Dead in the water.

    It should have switftly been dispatched long ago.

    There are TWO HUGE flaws in this case.

    The first is JW v. NARA – and the long series of related cases from Nixon through the present.

    Contra the hordes of left wing nut lawyers and commenters who have completely reversed themselves since JW. V NARA,

    The resoltuion of the state of the constitution, the statutory law, and the caselaw – as reflected in JW V. NARA and prior cases is that the WH records that a president takes with them as they leave office are their PERSONAL PROPERTY. That is True REGARDLESS of whether they are Classified.

    End of Story.

    One can argue that JW V. NARA – and the series of cases that it caps was wrongly decided – but that is irrelevant to the Trump indictiment and prosecution.

    It can not ever be a crime to rely on the opinion of a Federal Court that has not been overturned – actually multiple federal courts, because JW V. NARA is just the most perfectly on point case.

    This is not a FACTOR, this is a bright line that says STOP GO NO FURTHER.

    Judge Jackson did not even consider Judicial watches claim that the Clinton tapes contained classified information – BECAUSE IT DID NOT MATTER.

    NARA never had the legal power to try to recover Trump documents.
    Nor did any other part of the federal government.

    Even if by some miracle Smith managed to bull his way past that hurdle, there is the FACT that the documents were effectively declassified by moving them to MAL. This is better established than JW V. NARA. While Trump’s claim that he could telepathically declassify is stupid and harmful to him. It is separately true that any ACT that a president takes WHILE PRESIDENT that exposes classified material is defacto declassification.

    Contra all the “Get Trump” left wing nuts. There are no magic mantra’s that must be invoked by a president to declassify.

    Even the alleged claim that Trump believed these documents were still classified – is irrelevant.
    Trump can believe that, Left wing nuts can believe that, but that does not alter the fact that they Were not.

    While these are legal hurdles that can not be overcome – and should have stopped the prosecution of this case – Even if you believe they are NOT absolute,
    which they are. They still go well past reasonable doubt.

    Further this case is very dangerous to FBI/DOJ and Biden.

    We already KNOW that some of the “get Trump” Biased FBI and DOJ people are part of this case.

    We already have credible allegations of political interferance in the Biden Corruption case.
    It is not much of a leap to see this prosecution as deeply politically corrupt.

    Normally, DOJ/FBI would get some benefit of the doubt regarding political meddling – but they have been caught repeatedly in the past decade deeply steeped in political bias in every single case that touches politics – from the Clinton Docs case – which is about 3000 times more consequential than this, to the collusion delusion, to what appears to be nearly a full decade of DOJ/FBI efforts to hide Biden Corruption, To the 2020 election interferance – as well as that in 2022.

    Significant portions of people do not beleive DOJ is honest, the FBI is honest, Joe Biden is honest.

    Any evidence at all of bias in this case – and the lawless nature of NARA and DOJ and FBI’s ursuit of this from the start already makes the case for political bias.

    We already have Wray and Garland caught repeatedly lying to the public and to congress. We can debate whether those lies meet the requirements for perjury. But there is no doubt they were dishonest.

    And while the current discoveries of the House – the 1023 from 2020 – with links back to 2017, credible allegations of bribery of the vice president of the united states are very troubling – even more so is that the events – as well as OTHER evidence took place in 2015 or earlier, and the Obama administration was aware of and deeply concerned about Joe Biden’s conduct.

    Yet for almost a decade – no investigation.

    Worse – Democrats indicted Trump for asking for an investigation

  11. Was Trump charged with accepting a five million dollar bribe from Ukraine while in office? What Trump charged with having an illegal/non-secure server in his basement with classified and highly classified material on it? Was Trump charged with leaving classified documents in his garage and other non-secure places? No! I know who did though and this compromised special prosecutor may have had the DOJ undermine his efforts with the attempt to coerce Trump’s valet with a bribe to testify against him. Never mind that he has a vested political interest in pursuing this unprecedented attack on our election system. Why was Hillary not charged,? Why was the FBI so interested in buying the Hunter Biden laptop story before an election… I recall…is was due to election interference!!!! TWO-TIER JUSTICE SYSTEM is what this is….a persecution of the leading opposing candidate. Biden has more in common with Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Putin, Pol Pot as they have all rid themselves of opposing candidates.

  12. “[If Comey had indicted Hillary, Comey would have convicted Obama].”

    – Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review, 9/2/17

    The Obama Coup D’etat in America rolls on.

    The Obama Coup D’etat in America is the most egregious abuse of power and the most prodigious crime in American political history.

  13. It will be interesting to see if the warrant will survives.

    This was nothing but a NARA dispute. There is no cause for a warrant.

  14. Ron DeSantis
    The weaponization of federal law enforcement represents a mortal threat to a free society.

    We have for years witnessed an uneven application of the law depending upon political affiliation.

    Why so zealous in pursuing Trump yet so passive about Hillary or Hunter?

    The DeSantis administration will bring accountability to the DOJ, excise political bias and end weaponization once and for all.
    9:53 PM · Jun 8, 2023

  15. Professor Turley stated “From the very start, they described the conduct of the Trump team as “obstructive” — a line that many of us immediately flagged as ominous.”.

    Was Hillary use of Bleach Bit and Hammers along with a shredder to defy a Subpoena “obstructive” to the DOJ?

    Was the FBI’s lies and false swearing to the FISA Court “obstructive” to the DOJ?

    Has Director Wray’s refusal to respond to the Subpoena for the Confidential Source Document “obstructive” to the DOJ?

    Lying under Oath, making false statements to other FBI Agents, falsifying documents for use on a FISA Warrant Affidavit and so many other corrupt actions by the FBI itself go unprotected, even DOJ Management go unprosecuted for such activities.

    Sandy Berger got caught red handed STEALING Classified Documents and he did not get “prosecuted” but rather got a very light tap on the wrist.

    Members of the Intelligence Community lied under Oath in testimony and were not prosecuted by the DOJ.

    Today we see that yet another Biden Cabinet Member admitted lying to Congress despite being under Oath…..any chance the DOJ shall prosecute her?

    Yet….we see yet another Process Crimes prosecution against an enemy of the Left……Donald J. Trump.

    Joe Biden has his own dump truck load of problems with classified documents of all kinds scattered around at lots of very insecure places over decades as a Senator, Vice. President, and as President….is he being prosecuted for that?

    Professor Turley reminded us that the misuse, wrongful possession, or compromise of classified information statute does not have an “intent” requirement unlike most crimes.

    But hey…let’s skip over the crime…and go for convictions on conspiracy and obstruction even if there is no way to get a conviction for a real crime.

    I had decided not to vote for Trump in 2024…..the DOJ changed my mind for me…..and the very best way to poke a stick in the DOJ’s eye is to see Trump in the White House again!

    I have said for years….we have to fight the Left every way we can on every issue, at every opportunity, every way we can and never relent in our defense of what is just plain “right”.

    1. “DON’T FIRE UNTIL YOU SEE THE WHITE OF THEIR EYES.” The origin of this alleged command to the American patriots at Bunker Hill on 17 June 1775 may have been Col. William Prescott’s order to reserve fire and aim low because powder was scarce. Reputedly Israel Putnam passed on the order in these words: “Men, you are all marksmen—don’t one of you fire until you see the white of their eyes.” The British won the battle, but the patriots’ stubborn resistance at Bunker Hill became a symbol of American resolve.

      Fleming, Thomas J. Now We Are Enemies: The Story of Bunker Hill. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1960.

    2. Ralph,

      I liked the way you framed your post.

      If us Citizens can’t get a hold of these current US Gov’t caused Messes/situations no matter anyone’s station in life everyone & their family & friends are totally screwed.

      Just look at Cali in a state of complete collapse. What are the odds those pensioners will be paid in anything other then in Zimbabwe money’s value?

      About a minute of content:

      San Francisco Releases Amazing New Tourism Video: Welcome To The New World Order


      May 31, 2023
      Dews News
      Dews News

  16. “ The special counsel knew that there would be a lot of people who were going to allege that the DOJ acted in a biased or politically motivated way. This is clearly an indictment that was drafted to answer those questions,” Turley said. “It’s overwhelming in details.”

    Trump is in serious trouble

  17. Partial list of corrupt scandals revealed since Joseph Biden’s Presidency began:

    FBI’s Gestapo-style raid on Mar-a-Lago, former President Donald Trump’s Palm Beach residence

    Biden has been caught mishandling classified documents that date back to his time in the Senate

    U.S. Attorney John Durham report showed that the FBI is biased and corrupt when it possessed no real evidence that then-candidate Donald Trump colluded with the Russians when it launched its investigation into the Trump campaign leading up to the 2016 election

    Biden’s Federal agencies used the MSM and Big Tech by proxy to censor dissenting scientific opinions regarding COVID

    Biden’s political campaign used the MSM and Big Tech to rig the 2020 elections

    The US House of Represenatives gained access to a long-withheld FBI document showing that then-Vice President Biden took part in a criminal bribery scheme with an executive at Burisma, the Ukrainian energy company where Biden’s son Hunter sat on the board, that “involved influence over U.S. policy decisions” for a $5 million payment as detailed by a “trusted” and “highly credible” FBI informant

    Former Attorney General Bill Barr confirmed that Rep. Jamie Raskin, lied about Biden Family corruption investigation having been closed by Barr because, per Raskin, it did not merit investigation. Raskin lied in that Bill Barr actually had sent a referral to the Delaware U.S. attorney’s office because it did merit further investigation based on the FBI’s confidential human source’s claims detailed in the FD-1023. Raskin claimed in a press release in August 2020 that Barr and his “hand-picked U.S. Attorney” signed off on closing the investigation. Raskin lied, per Bill Barr.

    Democrat Members of Congress lied to Americans and betrayed their oath of office:
    e.g. Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler, Nancy Wasserman Schultz, etc

    FBI Director Christopher Wray is leaking false information to the MSM in order to frame their own narrative just as they did with the Russian collusion lie, and also to obstruct Congressional investigation of Biden. Wray has “made one excuse after another to not produce” the FD-1023 form that details the bribery allegation against Biden, per Grassley, including refusing to admit it even existed until Grassley revealed he had he’d already seen it

    Open US borders with illegal crossings by unvaccinated persons carrying deadly pathogens

    Forced lockdowns of the nation and schools resulting in grave harm to children, mental illness and lost jobs and earnings

    Pro-abortion centers vandalized

    Catholic Churches vandalized and properties desecrated

    Threats to Catholic SCOTUS Justices by Democrat US Senators and Leftist activists

    Assasination attempt of Justice Kavanaugh under dereliction of Merrick Garland

    ANTIFA BLM violence across America during the infamous “summer of love”
    defunding of Law Enforcement local agencies and consequent rise in violent crime

    organized suppression of the truth about Hunter’s laptop, Hunter’s breaking the law, and its compromising evidence

    Devastating incompetence of the humiliating pull out of Afghanistan

    Unconstitutional Executive Orders that continually get overruled by Federal Courts

    Weaponization of DOJ, FBI, CIA, IRS, CDC, FDA, NIH, etc

    corrupt George Soros funded District Attorneys like:
    – Baltimore DA Rachael Rollins
    – Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg
    – St Louis DA Kim Gardner
    – Chicago DA Kim Cook
    – Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner,
    – Loudoun County, Virginia DA Buta Biberaj
    – Fairfax County, Virginia DA Steve Descano
    – Los Angeles DA George Gascon

    Since Obama’s presidency, a suffocating stench of corruption and rot has existed in the politics of America. It manifests as a cancer originating from Washington DC, NYC, California, Chicago, and has been slowly metastasizing through America, sucking the lives, the air, the breath of its citizens.

    to be continued….

    NB: Feel free to add to my list as I got sick thinking of Biden and Democrats long list of corruptions

    1. Addendum

      Mr. Biden had old classified files stored in his Delaware garage next to his sports car. When that news came out, he didn’t sound too apologetic. “My Corvette’s in a locked garage, OK? So it’s not like they’re sitting out on the street,” Mr. Biden said. AG Garland appointed another special counsel, Robert Hur, to investigate, but Justice isn’t going to indict Mr. Biden.

      As for willful, how about the basement email server that Hillary Clinton used as Secretary of State? FBI director James Comey said in 2016 that she and her colleagues “were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.” According to him, 113 emails included information that was classified when it was sent or received. Eight were Top Secret. About 2,000 others were later “upclassified” to Confidential. This was the statement Mr. Comey ended by declaring Mrs. Clinton free and clear, since “no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.”

      This is the inescapable political context of this week’s indictment.

      from A Destructive Trump Indictment: Do prosecutors understand the forces they are unleashing?
      Wall Street Journal

  18. Almost every day, high-ranking federal officials leak classified information to journalists for political purposes. That classified information is then included in well-regarded news stories, which the journalists use to advance their careers. Currently. those journalists seem to be upset about classified information that was not leaked to them, which they could not use to advance their careers. Hypocrisy doesn’t begin to describe these people.

    1. It is important to note that high-ranking federal officials who provide classified information to third parties are almost never the subject of criminal investigations and are almost never charged with crimes. One key exception is when the person providing the classified information to a third party is named Donald Trump.

  19. This is nothing less than a coordinated effort to take Donald Trump off the playing field. Love him, hate him, or indifferent, it doesn’t matter. He is a target of powerful forces that will stop at nothing to control people. I have lost count of how many times he has been sued, impeached, maligned, etc. He survived the New York and New Jersey mafia and unions during his active years in real estate. This does not meet the “shoe on the other foot” test. This would never happen if it were someone else. He is the 21st Century’s Emmanuel Goldstein (1984: George Orwell) and the “Two Minutes Hate.”

    The DOJ and FBI and most major news outlets (at one time respected) have lost all credibility–down the toilet. They target mommies at school board meetings, infiltrate churches, and falsify court documents. They spy on everyday Americans. No matter how this turns out, these institutions have severely damaged their own reputations and will take years to rebuild if and only if they cleared out of their entrenched malefactors.

    There is a very angry and resilient activist minority who feverishly work to take down this nation and the hope it stands for. They are rabid and bizarre. They are dangerous to the well being of everyday working citizens and their personal freedoms. They prey on the citizen’s natural kindness and will stop at nothing until their goal is accomplished. By then, it may be too late.

    “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.’ the opposition must be singled out as the target and “frozen.”…in a complex, interrelated, urban society, it becomes increasingly difficult to single out who is to blame for any particular evil. There is a constant…passing of the buck. …Obviously there is no point to tactics unless one has a target upon which to center the attacks… If an organization permits responsibility to be diffused and distributed in a number of areas, attack becomes impossible.” (Rules for Radicals #13)

    1. Yes, Emmanuel Goldstein is the analogy I’ve used for Trump. Just as Big Brother used Goldstein (real or apochryphal, guilty or innocent, it mattered not) as a tool to threaten and control the Winston Smiths, the real target.

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