Chopped: Seattle’s Molly Moon Sues Over Autonomous Zone that the Ice Cream Shop Once Heralded

Seattle-based ice cream company, Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream, is in a dilemma. It wants to continue to support Black Lives Matter but it wants to recoup loses from the “CHOP” zone created by BLM activists and others in 2020. It is suing the city over the abandoning of part of the city to the groups to form the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) but was later renamed the Capitol Hill Occupied protest (CHOP). While first supporting the autonomous zone as part of a “summer of love,” Democratic politicians like then Mayor Jenny Durkan later distanced themselves from the massive damage and crime in the zone.

Molly Moon is now suing over its abandonment by the city to these groups. However, it has struggled to maintain that it supports those groups. Conservatives have also objected that Molly Moon previously advocated defunding police and supported the creation of CHOP.

At the time, the shop reportedly posted:

“This is a photo of #CHAZ (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone) Seattle – a part of Capitol Hill near our shop taken over by peaceful protestors. It’s in the process of transforming into beautiful Black Lives Matter art, now that the police barricade is gone, and is another way our community is standing up for Black lives in our city and country.”

Molly Moon maintains that the lawsuit “does not seek to undermine CHOP participants’ message or present a counter message.” CEO of Molly Moon’s, Molly Moon Neitzel, told Fox News Digital:

“At Molly Moon’s we hold race equity at the top of our list of our priorities for how we want to make the world better. Black Lives Matter. The lawsuit filed on Wednesday, June 7 is not meant to undermine that important message. It’s seeking compensation for the significant revenue losses and team morale impacts we experienced during and for many months after CHOP caused by the City of Seattle’s decision to affirmatively create and assist the CHOP occupation of Capitol Hill, to abandon the police precinct and to stop responding to public safety needs in our beloved Capitol Hill community.”

Many of us were shocked when the local officials decided to abandon the area, including a police station. They then watched from a safe distance as extensive property damage occurred and violent crime spiked in the absence of any law enforcement. It was just politically too difficult to confront these groups so leaders like Durkan joked about it and the media portrayed the zone like a “block party.”

That block party is now the subject of this lawsuit and it could come down to what is considered discretionary decisions by government officials.  In ice cream parlance, they could be in for a Rocky Road.

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  1. Cities and individual businesses should sue BLM. That multi-million dollar organization directly encouraged riots, arson, and looting, claiming it was “reparations”, promoted anti-cop rhetoric and negotiated the defunding of police, which directly caused a massive spike in violent crime.

    There will be a dearth of jobs and stores with basic necessities in the hardest hit neighborhoods, many of which are black majority. Within a few years, the same far Left activists that absolutely destroyed those neighborhoods, are going to claim the lack of jobs and necessities like grocery stores and pharmacies, are the result of racism. You remember this. The far Left absolutely destroys the communities it claims to benefit, yet always shirks responsibility.

  2. I’m baffled. I was told that CHAZ/CHOP were part of the myriad “Peaceful Protests.” What public safety needs went unmet in the face of all that peace?

  3. “It wants to continue to support Black Lives Matter but it wants to recoup loses from the “CHOP” zone created by BLM activists and others in 2020.”

    It’s always amusing to watch the feathers fly when Woke meets reality.

  4. Why is it that some of the smartest cities in America—for example, Seattle, San Francisco, Austin, and Boston—are led by idiots?

  5. How many people now complaining about their wrecked neighborhoods, destroyed businesses, and high crime, will continue to vote for the Democrat politicians that provided this dystopia?

    1. Unfortunately you are dealing in this case with Seattle. Most of the voters there continually vote against their own best interests. One of the news outfits there posted an article where a talking head made mention of the city reaching the tippng point, after a pregnant woman was murdered by a local recidivist as she drove through downtown. I don’t believe it will ever change. The city is stupid beyond measure.

      via Komo News

      The only advantage to having Seattle in Washington is that it attracts corrosion away from other cities. The drawback is that the problems there tend to metastasize and infect similiarly dimwitted cities striving for equal renown.

      1. It used to be nice, fun, safe downtown at night. The French restaurant, Brasierie (?) Pitsbourg (?) livened up Pioneer Square and drew in more businesses. Even Shelly’s Leg was a hoot. But somehow the fun and freedom departed and was replaced with danger and stupidity. What happened? There’s a PhD thesis in there somewhere. Most of the country and government seem to have gone nuts. Seattle isn’t the only one. Maybe some poison leeching out of the universities…and lately the government.

        1. It surely was a fun place to go from the mid-1980’s until around 2005 when it slowly started to decline. I don’t know if the decline was caused by one issue. I suspect it was several that fed off each other in a feedback loop of sorts. But continual moronic decision making must be foundational to the drama. I agree it should be studied; perhaps as Galloping Gertie was for civil engineering, Seattle can be researched to prevent future failures at a municipal level.

          1. Seattle used to be my favorite city to visit, which is saying something, as I generally dislike cities. It shocked me extremely to know it’s in ruins. As an aside, I’ve still not seen the Fremont Troll, and have not given up hope of revisiting the state.

      2. Darren:

        We have the same problem here in CA with San Francisco and Los Angeles. The voters in major cities here keep voting for higher taxes, higher gas prices, higher minimum wage (which increases the cost of all goods and services), enabling homeless camps, and for soft-on-crime policies. Then, those same exact people complain about the high cost of living, high crime, homeless camps everywhere with the resulting crime, garbage, and dirty infectious needles and human waste. At a time when I’m thinking it’s pretty clear that modern Democrat politicians usher in dystopia, voters in urban California doggedly keep voting for the very same policies they complain about.

        When it reaches a tipping point, those voters don’t change their voting behavior. They move, like locusts, onto red and purple states with better quality of life, and then vote for exactly the same policies that made their home state a wasteland.

        It’s hopeless.

        The cancer in Democrat Supermajority states metastasizes, exactly as you said. No surrounding town or state is safe.

  6. What did anyone honestly think the result would be of defunding police, and demanding that remaining police back off of law enforcement?

    The resultant skyrocketing crime absolutely cratered black communities. You’ll read about food deserts and a lack of basic supplies and services for decades after this, as stores permanently closed due to looting, violent crime, and arson.

    The owners of Molly Moon is reaping what they sowed, as they supported the anti-cop, pro-criminal BLM movement.

  7. Molly Moon is now suing over its abandonment by the city to these groups. However, it has struggled to maintain that it supports those groups.

    Live by the CHOP die by the CHOP.

    Why should people/businesses remit taxes to the city only to be abandoned at the first sign of trouble?

    The people abandoned to CHOP by Seattle’s worthless government should be suing.

  8. Professor Turley Writes:

    “Many of us were shocked when the local officials decided to abandon the area, including a police station.”

    It ‘is’ shocking that a city would abandon a police station amid call to ‘defund the police’.

    Yet Professor Turley has been stoking the anger of those wanting to ‘defund the FBI’.

    The truth is that Bernie Bros and Trumpers are a two-headed beast of equally crazy fringes.

  9. Ice Cream? They want to be bailed out by suing. And who are they suing? Tax payers of the city. The ones who will be expected to buy their ice cream. That looks like pouring money down a rabbit hole.

  10. I am so confused. MM supports anarchy by supporting those who advocated defunding the police etc. but supports the police coming in when the anarchy affects their pocketbook from which they drew funds to support the anarchy?

    I read the lawsuit and found these two statements particularly interesting:
    Page 14 “An academic study conducted in 2021 regarding crime in and near CHOP confirmed a direct causal correlation between the City’s police policies in June 2020 and a sharp increase in crime in CHOP and the surrounding neighborhood..–no kidding, and you were expecting what?
    Page 32 “Plaintiff has a right pursuant to substantive due process to be protected from state created dangers.”–in which you made no contribution?

  11. I am not sure what to think. On one hand no business should have had to suffer at the hands of thugs and need to be compensated when the government you pay taxes too abandons their duty.

    Yet, this is also the very business that backed the very set of people that destroyed their business.

    To me, it seems like they shot themselves in the foot and to prove their injury, shot themselves in the other foot.

    I think the chickens came home to roost.

    Maybe this should be the victory, yes they win the case and be given a dollar. That would prove their point and not be rewarded for backing the group that caused the injury.

    Maybe they should sue BLM. That would be interesting.

  12. I love it when s@@tlibs find themselves in this type of dilemma. Kind of like with the following memes:

    Islam is right about women!

    Islam is right about gays!

    Islam, women and gays are all protected groups possessing varying levels of intersectionality points. Depending on context, you cannot criticize any of them.

    S@@tlibs are usually at a loss in how they are supposed to react..

    I get the same reaction when a s@@tlib hears me express a very non-woke opinion but know I am Hispanic. Not sure whether to shoot me or salute me – PRICELESS!


  13. Can this suit be thrown out on the basis of hypocrisy? This CEO apparently wants it both ways an refuses to even acknowledge, much less condemn the violence and her own stupid collusion.

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