Penn State Professor Arrested for Alleged Sex Crimes with Dog

We often follow academics in the criminal justice system, but few are likely to be as memorable as Penn State Professor Themis Matsoukas, 64.  The Penn State chemical engineering professor was arrested in a parking lot near Rothrock State Forest for allegedly having sex with a collie. He later told police  “I do it to blow off steam.”  What is notable (beyond the obvious) is the overlap and lack of severity of the charges.

His arrest bizarrely occurs the same week as another man was arrested for attempting to have sex with a tree. However, Matsoukas harmed an animal but will likely not face significant jail time.

Matsoukas was reportedly caught on a trail camera in the parking lot in April and accused of indecent exposure, masturbation, and sexual contact with a dog. He was previously seen walking around the lot with no clothes from the waist down.

He was tracked down through his car and then matched to his DMV license photo. A search of his home uncovered items that could be seen in the video. Among the items seized were a jacket, a backpack, a ski mask, a large wristwatch, an electronic tablet, and photo documentation of the presence of a dog  in the footage.

Police reported that Matsoukas told them during the search repeatedly “I’m done, I’m dead,” He then reportedly begged the authorities to shoot him, saying, “I need to die.”

Notably, it appears from the charging sheet that he is facing fairly redundant charges but they all appear misdemeanors or lesser offenses.

§ 5901 M3 Open Lewdness

§ 3127 §§ A M2 Indecent Exposure

§ 3129 M2 Sexual Intercourse With Animal

§ 5533 §§ A S Cruelty to Animals

§ 5503 §§ A4 S Disorderly Conduct Hazardous/Physi Off

That last charge is a disorderly conduct charge where the accused “creates a hazardous or physically offensive condition.” The term “physically offensive condition” is patently obvious in this case, but can be ambiguous and somewhat subjective on its scope.

It may come as a surprise to many that the first three charges (open lewdness, indecent exposure, and sexual intercourse with an animal) are misdemeanors and the last two (cruelty to animals and disorderly conduct) are summary charges. A summary charge is even lower than a misdemeanor and often involve non-traffic offenses.

Presumably, these offenses would run concurrently given the overlap. For a first offender, that could result in a relatively short jail term.

The expectation is that the university will fire him. He could challenge on the grounds that these are misdemeanors but the school can point to the depravity and dangerousness of the allegations. Of course, we have seen faculty who have physically assaulted students who were not fired.

Matsoukas’ academic work focused on chemical thermodynamics and he is the author of a recent undergraduate textbook on the Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics.  That book by Pearson Publishing has been out less than a year.

Matsoukas’ research centers on “nano colloidal systems and in the application of stochastic population balance models to particulate processes.”

Matsoukas has been given an array of teaching awards, including the George W. Atherton Award for excellence in Teaching, the Outstanding Teaching Award from the Penn State Engineering Society, and the Outstanding Professor of the Year Award from the student chapter of the AIChE. He earned his undergraduate degree at the National Technical University of Athens, Greece, and his PhD at the University of Michigan. Both degrees were in chemical engineering.



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  2. I recall from law school back in the Sixties reading of a court martial by the British Army of a private in the Boer War, accused of having sex with an ostrich. The soldier admitted guilt and asked the military court for clemency. He said, “If I’d known there would be such a fuss, I’d have married the bloody thing.”

  3. Not sure what the big deal is… I’m sure that this would make him a prime candidate for Joe Biden’s administration.

  4. I can think of no other profession –[than chemical engineering; thermodynamics, no less)– more equipped, capable, and knowledgeable of alternative ways to “blow off steam….”

  5. Maybe this prof was just trying to attract the attention of former Penn State head football coach, Joe Paterno?

    His program was a sanctuary for perverts.

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    No wait, that’s in another 10 years after they get pedophilia normalized.

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    Oops, I just committed aggravated assault by my words…

    I do not want to understand, dialogue or reconcile with these people. I want a divorce.


  7. Is this where the term “doggie-style” came from?

    I don’t see how someone can be prosecuted for cruelty to animals based on pure speculation about consent or non-consent. In fact, common sense says that an unwilling adult dog would kick its way free.

    The fact that this story made national news shows the mindset of rampant yellow-journalism. There is almost a complete disinterest in success, excellence and inspiration, and instead an unquenchable thirst for the spectacular fail, the bizarre, the depraved, and the malcontents of society.

  8. Who is responsible for hiring this very mentally disturbed person and who supervises him? Imagine just what deviances he harbors in his mind and passes them on to college age pre-adults? Call for the investigation of those responsible for this man’s employment. I should hope that the parents of all the students that he ever engaged with will file law suits with the University for damages.

  9. There are those in the UN who want to decriminalize sex with minors claiming that sex is a human right and that a minor CAN consent to have sex with an adult (would that make all the Epstein claims moot?). I suppose that will include sex with animals as well.

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  11. What is it about Penn State? Jerry Sandusky, Michael Mann, the Penn Biden think tank, and now this.

    1. The Penn Biden think tank is at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and not at Penn State in Happy Valley. It’s a common mistake; when I was going to Penn they sold t-shirts that said “Not Penn State”.

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