“Everybody Needs to Back Off!”: The Media and Political Figures Continue to Ignore the Biden Corruption Scandal

Below is my column in the New York Post on the new allegations from whistleblowers of interference with the Hunter Biden investigation. This weekend, there are reports that, after the threatening WhatsApp message allegedly from Hunter Biden, a Chinese businessman with close ties to Chinese intelligence sent $5 million to his account.

In the meantime, the demand from figures like former Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) for people to “back off” on the story is being heeded by some in the media, in again blacking out or downplaying the story . While many of us have stressed the need to authenticate these statements, Hunter Biden has notably not denied that he sent the message and the allegations from the investigation have self-verifying elements. The news blackout again raises concerns over a de facto state media in the United States that operates by consent rather than coercion. This is a major story either way it turns out but networks and newspapers are again showing a distinct lack of curiosity.

Here is the column:

This week, former U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) went on MSNBC to issue a furious warning to everyone looking into Hunter Biden and the influence peddling scandal: “Everybody needs to back off!

Newly released evidence from the investigation indicates that McCaskill was not the only powerful figure issuing that warning. Two whistleblowers reportedly detailed highly disturbing actions from top officials to slow walk and undermine the investigation.

Many of us have already noted the absence of certain charges in the plea deal given to Hunter Biden. In addition to the lack of any charge as an unregistered foreign agent, there is no evidence that the Justice Department seriously investigated the influence-peddling efforts of the Biden family despite allegations of millions generated from foreign sources.

Now these whistleblowers are reportedly telling Congress that they were actively frustrated in their efforts to investigate as Merrick Garland was insisting that there was no interference or limitations.

This included preventing an effort to search a guest house of President Joe Biden. IRS official Gary Shapley allegedly recalled that Assistant U.S. Attorney Lesley Wolf agreed that there was “more than enough probable cause for the physical search warrant there, but the question was whether the juice was worth the squeeze.”

Wolf allegedly said that they could never get approval for the search despite the sufficiency of the evidence.

Even more disturbing is the allegation that Delaware US Attorney David Weiss sought to bring charges against the 53-year-old in both the District of Columbia and Southern California last year and was denied both times.

That directly contradicts statements made to Congress by Attorney General Garland.

Democrats and pundits have repeatedly cited the fact that Weiss was a Trump appointee and thus the light plea bargain shows that there was no case to be made. However, these sources are suggesting that Weiss tried and was rebuffed in his effort to prosecute in two different jurisdictions.

There is also an allegation that Wolf gave Hunter’s legal team a “heads-up” that investigators were moving to search his Northern Virginia storage unit and that Wolf again objected to the effort to secure a search warrant.

The only way to establish the truth of any of this would be to call Weiss, Wolf, and others to Congress.

While such efforts are routinely refused by the Justice Department, these allegations (if true) would raise both potentially criminal and impeachable questions. That is an ample basis for Congress to use its oversight authority.

I recently wrote that Garland, by his own measures, has failed as Attorney General in restoring trust in his department. However, this is far more serious than allegations of negligence. It would constitute a knowing effort to delay and obstruct efforts to investigate the Biden family — and to mislead Congress.

The evidence also creates new problems for President Biden, who has repeatedly claimed as a presidential candidate and as president that he had no knowledge of any foreign dealings of his son.

Those statements were long ago proven patently false.

The laptop includes pictures and appointments of Hunter’s foreign business associates with Joe Biden. There is also a recording of Joe Biden discussing a Times report on Dec. 12, 2018, detailing Hunter’s dealings with Ye Jianming, the head of CEFC China Energy Company. He assures his son that “I think you’re clear” after lawyers worked on the New York Times before the story ran.

There is also a recording of his uncle James assuring Hunter that he and his father were going to arrange for “safe harbor” for him as his world began to collapse.

Now, there is a new contradiction. Rep. Jason Smith (R-Mo.) read from an alleged July 30, 2017 Whatsapp message from Hunter Biden to one of his Chinese associates, Henry Zhao, the director of Harvest Fund Management and Communist Party official. Zhao was funneling money to Hunter’s firm BHR Partners.

Hunter is quoted as writing:

“I am sitting here with my father and we would like to understand why the commitment made has not been fulfilled. Tell the director that I would like to resolve this now before it gets out of hand, and now means tonight. And, Z, if I get a call or text from anyone involved in this other than you, Zhang, or the chairman, I will make certain that between the man sitting next to me and every person he knows and my ability to forever hold a grudge that you will regret not following my direction. I am sitting here waiting for the call with my father.”

Again, the authenticity of this message has to be established. However, there remains a striking lack of curiosity among the Democratic members who have opposed every effort to investigate these allegations.

Even the recent disclosure of a trusted FBI source alleging a possible bribery scheme with a corrupt Ukrainian official has not reduced this opposition.

The lack of curiosity of Democrats in Congress is only matched by the media. A year after the New York Post broke the laptop story, I wrote a column marveling at the success of the Bidens in pulling off one of the neatest tricks in political history. I analogized it to how Houdini used to make his 10,000-pound elephant Jennie disappear on a stage in front of a live audience.

The key to the trick is that Houdini knew the audience wanted her to disappear. Jennie never left the stage but Houdini got the audience to invest in the trick by calling volunteers to the stage.

In the same way, the media wanted the Hunter Biden scandal to disappear — they still do. They are invested in the trick.

So, the Democrats and the media will continue to insist that there is a lack of evidence while opposing efforts to establish the evidence behind these allegations. After all, if there is an elephant behind this scandal, it is an indictment of their concerted efforts for over three years.

Of course, it still remains a challenge to hide an elephant if even one audience member goes looking. Polls show that the public overwhelmingly wants to pull back the curtain and see the elephant.

310 thoughts on ““Everybody Needs to Back Off!”: The Media and Political Figures Continue to Ignore the Biden Corruption Scandal”

  1. Franklin Graham spoke well a few weeks ago when he said, “every demon in hell has been unleashed upon our nation.” I’m glad for an IRS whistleblower willing to speak up and name names, but knowing the universal corruption of government agencies, it makes one wonder if that’s just part of the act to take people off guard for yet more corruption. If this agent is in fact a good guy (IRS) (hmmm), then he should take extreme security measures for himself lest he become another example like JFK or like the Arkancide Clinton body count.
    We now have much much more than a long string of abuses and usurpations at the Federal level of our government.

  2. Thank you, Professor Turley. I enjoyed the Houdini illustration.

    And it is encouraging to remember that the hateful comments bubbling up here may well come from mere algorithms…

  3. 18 U.S. Code § 3 – Accessory after the fact.
    At what point might Merrick Garland, other officials in the DOJ, and even the managers of mainstream media companies incur criminal liability as accessories after the fact to the Biden family’s crimes?

  4. The fact the media ignores Joe Briben’s corruption is tacit admission it’s all true. The first act of any totalitarian regime is to become the only voice heard, suppressing, ridiculing and ignoring any opposition.

    1. As the old saying goes, “You can fool all of the people some of the time and you can fool some of the people all of the time; but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” Not Houdini. Not Bill Clinton. Not Joe and Hunter. Not George Bush, although he got close. Not Donald Trump. And not Merrick Garland. Can’t be done.

      1. So like me everyone does not have to look this up:

        “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”
        ― Abraham Lincoln

  5. I guess “lack of curiosity” by Democrats and the media is Turley-speak for “coordinated corruption.”

  6. Asking for a friend is former president Carter being kept in a coma so the other former presidents don’t have to go to a funeral with DJT?

    1. Spikemade, you have a bad case of TDS to have made your comment. PDJT is truly living in your head rent free. Seek help, it’s out there.

  7. I’ll back off the day every corrupt democRAT (which is almost all of them) is in a super max for corruption and treason.

    1. The note passed to Bush during his dad’s funeral with an easily and quickly read message probably had one word: Epstein

      1. I heard it said “they know everything”… supposedly he felt compelled to give a deathbed confession.

  8. Garland is forever holding that grudge. Imagine him as a Supreme Court Judge. ALL of the big networks, they are guilty and should be held accountable with “The Big Guy”. Republican Party is waiting for? Why isn’t there another Political Party jumping out to grab this opportunity?

  9. the insanity of this complete government corruption should have ALL THE PEOPLE in an uproar !. The Biden corruption is deep , thick and trough to the bone. The apparatchiks installed around this clan of puppet grifters protects them like soldiers of a mob crime boss using all their capo’s to ring their king from scrutiny , let alone justice. What’s left of our govt is run by worms of the lowest sort. The Media is a complicit pack of boot licking hyaenas ding the bidding of the corrupt state – they long ago sold their souls to the apparatchik gods. There is no justice or morality in our govt…. we are finished as the greatest nation , we are but a facade of our former selves run by a corrupt big brother mob of elites hiding in the open with the lap dog medias blesssing.

  10. It has been clear for some time that Garland (et. al.) is not in the least worried about any present or future legal problems he may have with regards to virtually anything (or perhaps anything at all) he does. He knows he’ll receive a Presidential pardon for any of those transgressions.

  11. No one (Durham, Mueller, Horowitz) has pointed a finger at the puppet masters running these scams and Trump wars. I suspect it is a Soros led cabal of DNC operators and media giants with absolute power and no fear of justice for crimes committed.

    1. The corruption runs so deep and wide, it will eventually destroy our Union. Most likely they corruption will never be eliminated as both Party’s are guilty to some degree or the other, of selling us out! The only way is the MILITARY and that’s kind of scary even to think about. Otherwise, corrupt politicians like the BIDEN’S, KERRY’S, CLINTON’S and 0BAMA’S will sell the fuel needed for the Chinese ships to bring an occupation force to our land!

  12. A few days ago, the earth shifted.

    Since then, many leftwing members of the press have been investigating and attacking Joe Biden. Check it out for yourself.

    The reason members of the press all of a sudden began investigating and attacking Biden is not because of some noble concern for the wellbeing of America. No, the reason is they no longer think Joe can win.

    But, hell, I’ll take it.

    1. His Use Before date has long since passed. He’s now a feeble embarrassment. Time to trade him in for a younger model, like celebrities trade in wives. My money is on Hairdo.

    2. Perhaps they are beginning to realize that as the dems sink they will become vulnerable to arrest and jail themselves. If only.

  13. Is the smart (evil) thing for Garland to now appoint a special prosecutor? I don’t know any of the legalities of this. But maybe it carries past the election with Garland saying it is in the prosecutor’s hands so doesn’t respond. The prosecutor sits quietly on his thumbs like the Corvette documents prosecutor. Garland gives him a very narrow mandate that we don’t know about until the end. Biden can be sacrificed after the election so if he gets nailed so what. Sounds evil. Which is what I would expect.

  14. I wonder how many actually are conscious enough to be cognizant of the fact they are watching a play play out, and they are being played. Tricked into fighting among ourselves, our “branches” for their profit.

    Everything we’re seeing in the media right now is a show.

    This week I woke up to read Hunter Biden was finally being charged, then 20 minutes later the story broke that they had already “struck a deal”.

    A sweetheart deal. Not even a slap on the wrist.

    Then 48 hours later Trumps venue gets set in a county that voted overwhelmingly for him, ensuring a sweetheart jury, to go with his sweetheart judge. After all he appointed her, and she’s voted favorably for him on cases in the past when he was President.

    So he’s not going to jail either. If he was then half the country couldn’t vote for him and no one wants that.

    They want you to vote for him.

    They want the left to vote for Biden, or whoever they get to replace him.

    They want you, …us, …America, ..voting for one or the other.

    The LAST thing they want is for you to ignore the corporate darlings they put in front of you for someone who’s actually going to, … you know, … do something.

    Especially if that something they’re doing is to them.

    Who’s them? Who’s they?

    That’s the question you need to be asking yourselves, if you don’t know already.

    If you don’t already realize that what you’re seeing is a play.

    A combination of a well choregraphed musical and a well choreographed wrestling match. The contestants are just caricatures, like Hulk Hogan or the Iron Sheik. They put on a great show. But its still just a show.

    No the Iron Sheik didn’t hit the Hulkster in the head with a chair really, and no no ones going to jail here, really.

    Its a show.

    In wrestling used to be they could go into the ring and just do some throws, a few elbows and a head bash into the turnbuckles once or twice and the audience would lap it up. But as audiences grew bored they upped the spectacle. Made it more salacious and personal between the contestants and their fans. Personal attacks and insults, obvious cheating, distracting the ref then pouring salt in their opponents eyes, etc.

    But they’re not really doing it. They’re not really bashing each other over the head with metal chairs, and the DOJ is not going to send a former US president to jail over a common practice of mishandling documents that all Presidents are guilty of.

    Its a show.

    And you’d not watch it, if it weren’t salacious and entertaining.

    6 months ago no one was watching. Folks got burnt out on Trump fever, and all the sideline cheerleading by the media to get us to side with one side or the other, Fox pushing the right, MSNBC and CNN and the rest pushing the left. Egging you on….. like a kid in a schoolyard playground… “hey…did you hear what so-and-so just said about you?….”…. egging you into the fight. Their fight. The staged fight they want you in. So you keep buying tickets.

    No there aren’t flying saucers at the Pentagon, or anywhere else unless we built em… no we’re not going to WWIII with Russia, … yes the pandemic was a scamdemic, all about money and control and no, nothings going to change whether you vote for Donald Trump or the drugged dementia patient they currently sit in front of the cameras to recite lines for you.

    Its a show. Its all to keep you from looking at the real crime taking place right in front of your faces. OUR faces.

    Question is, when are folks going to actually wake up and realize it.

    They want us at each others throats so we’re not watching while they fleece us.

    But folks just can’t see it. They just can’t step away from their party parroted talking points and ideologies and lifestyle differences long enough to LOOK with their own eyes at what is happening. At how they are being played. Its not sexy after all, …not like a Friday night smackdown with Trump vs Biden…. no nothing so salacious and enticing.

    Instead just boring corporate Oligarchs running the bought and paid for puppets they put into place.

    And watching us, the audience, cheer and applaud, hiss and boo.

    This isn’t politics we see, its the WWE.

    1. Trump was effective as president, and that’s why he’s had to deal with constant allegations that have all fallen short of what was alleged. If you think he’s being pushed and protected by corporations, then you have just come out of a coma.

      1. To the troll calling itself Samuel.

        Who was the President genius, when they shut down the country?

        Who was President when they shuttered our schools and churches?

        Who was our fearless leader who signed off on mask mandates, lockdowns and vaccine mandates?

        Who was against the vaccine, before he was for it?

        Before he was out shilling for it, making money himself off it? Doing commercials for it? SELLING it, to us?

        Who was that? Biden?

        That was Trump genius.

        So if you think for two seconds that corporations are not pushing his buttons, then you’re not just in a coma troll, you’re braindead.

        1. “Who was the President genius, when they shut down the country?”

          Apparently, you felt like evading the fact that the President did not “shut down the country,” or any of the other lockdowns and mandates you mentioned.

          All of those authoritarian measures were decreed by governors and local politicians.

          Before you pop off, it helps to have knowledge.

          1. Sam,
            That is a good point.
            Some were calling for Trump to mandate some kind of national EO lockdown.
            Thing is, if he would of, the Democrats, MSM would of been screaming he was a dictator. I think he saw that trap and avoided stepping into it and left it to the states. IMHO, that is exactly the way it should of been done, regardless who was president.
            So, they went after him as being incompetent for NOT doing exactly that.
            Recall the so called Biden led economic recovery? No. It was not anything that Biden did. It was Red States that reopened their states and economies that started the recovery. CA and NY were dead last in economic recovery, as they held onto lockdown mandates as long as they could.
            Remember when Texas governor Abbot reopened Texas and dropped the mask mandate, Biden said something about neanderthal thinking. And dont forget the, “We are looking at a winter of severe illness and death for the unvaccinated – for themselves, their families and the hospitals they’ll soon overwhelm.”
            Guess what did not happen.
            To some, the vaccines seemed like a good idea at the time.
            However, now evidence is showing the vaccines did not deliver as promised and the pharmaceutical companies got a lot of money for doing next to nothing. And there is evidence that they knew it too.

          2. Bullsh$$, troll.

            Trump signed off on Vaccine mandates for ALL federal workers.

            Trump was the President when the country shut down.

            Apparently you don’t know how legislation works, but he had to sign off on ALL the bills that came across his desk regarding the pandemic, the shutdown and the DISPERSION OF FEDERAL TAX FUNDS.

            He also was “against the vaccine” before he was for it. Before he went out and MADE TV COMMERCIALS SELLING IT.

            You’re so damn stupid you don’t even know how the government works.

            TRUMP SIGNED OFF ON IT ALL. He was the President.

            And no matter how many excuses for him you cheerleading bootlickers make, doesn’t change a thing.


            And he pocketed it.

        2. Cris, the thin air on the tops of trees has deprived your mind of the oxygen it needs or you just haven’t been paying attention. That is OK. You are a hard worker.

          Trump is President.It is the governors that closed down the states, mandated masks, shuttered schools. Trump did none of those things and that is why such mandates varied based on the state you live in.

          Trump pushed for the vaccine as a businessman knew how to get it out fast. He succeeded. The vaccine is not as good as hoped but the one pushing the vaccine has been Biden and he has been pushing it on children

          The economy vastly improved under Trump. Biden has killed it.
          Trump watched the dollars, but he is one voice and against foolish Democrats and some foolish Republicans spending increased, but not to the extent we see with Biden.
          We had peace. Remember that Ukraine was attacked by Russia before and after Trump, but not during his administration.

          Vote for Trump. He provides a better life for Americans than we see from today’s Democrat.

          1. Read what I said to your other troll handle trollbot.


            The funds. The vaccine mandates for millions of federal workers. HE made the TV Commercials SELLING the vaccine after he acted like he was against it.

            He duped you, and the rest of you dupes.

            And you’re still in here, waving you pom poms for him.

            Too stupid to know when you’ve been played.


              Chris, I read it. You were wrong then just as you are wrong now. Check it out for yourself and while you are at it check out the powers of the President in the Constitution. Federalism exists, so what you think the President did can only legally be done by the states.

              “He duped you, and the rest of you dupes.”

              You are the ‘dupee’. You have things backward, but are too arrogant to look it up and see why you are wrong.

              1. I won’t argue with a bunch of “nuh uhs” that don’t address the facts I just stated.

                He SOLD the vaccine.



                I don’t need some ignorant troll on the internet to spin facts. WE SAW HIM DO IT. LIVE ON TV.

                1. “I won’t argue with a bunch of “nuh uhs” that don’t address the facts I just stated.”

                  “He SOLD the vaccine.”

                  He had the vaccine produced. He didn’t sell it. If you think otherwise provide the proof. Pfizer made a lot of money but they are in bed with Biden.


                  You sound as stupid as Svelaz.


                  He signed a lot of things. Unfortunately you can’t tell the difference.

                  You saw him sign something, but did you read what he signed. I don’t know that you have that ability.

                  1. To the troll calling itself, anonymous… aka half-twit.

                    Vaccine mandates for federal workers came out in 2021.

                    Who was President then? Biden?

                    I don’t care what Trump “tweeted” about them. I care what “happened” under his watch.

                  2. You’re 100 percent right on the mandates, I completely concede the point.

                    I mistook the mandate dates, I meant 2019 but then saw it was just in the title of the mandate, (the 2019 vaccine) so I was wrong there.

                    That’s another thing Trump did right.

                    And for the record I always give Trump credit when he does something right. I’ve always treated him fairly.

                    I’ve met him. Photographed him even. He’s a personable guy.

                    But that doesn’t change the fact that he was against the vaccine before he was for it.

                    And it doesn’t change the fact he was out shilling for it.

                    Nor does it change the fact that you are lying about his signing pandemic legislation.

                    2.2 TRILLION of our Tax dollars funneled off to his pals. 70 million of it went to his law firm. 270 Million went to the Olive Garden. It was called the “CARE Act”, aka the Fleecing of America.

                    He sat their in the oval office and funneled 2.2 trillion of our tax dollars off to corporate America.

                    Meanwhile 80 percent of small business, Mom and Pop shops went under.

                    I watched locally as businesses and restaurants that have been around for decades went under, while the govt handed out the bulk of the money and loans to big corporations and then suddenly declared the program was out of funds letting millions of small businesses go under.

                    So yes, person hiding behind a troll handle, he did sign legislation, and that was just one piece, albeit the biggest most egregious piece, yet you play ignorant on it.

                    2.2 TRILLION out the door. They bought off America with 500 million of it then handed the rest out to themselves.

                    I took NONE of it. NOT ONE RED CENT. Because I knew it was corruption from day 1.

                    I never stopped working during the pandemic although work slowed down and I ended up working only on Rural customers, costing myself about a 3rd of my income. I spoke out on it then, never buying into it. I never wore a mask. Never got vaccinated. And I’m over 60. But I wasn’t afraid.

                    For one reason I got it, back in Feb 2020. I was sick for 8 weeks with a walking pneumonia but it wasn’t fatal. Had I went to the hospital and let the intubate me, then I’d likely have died. But they weren’t doing that yet because Covid wasn’t in the press yet. No one knew about it (cept the boys in Wuhan…). It was only in my upper chest, it was a dry cough with white phlegm like I’d never seen before. But I was only really sick for three days, like the flu. Then the cough stayed around for weeks and weeks, probably because after 3 days I went back to work and it was winter, and I work outdoors so I couldn’t shake the cough. But I was fine. And I knew I had natural immunity at that point, regardless what the boobs on tv said. And sure enough I never got it again.

                    But I knew it was a big scam the first week the virus was announced, when they showed that cruise ship held in the harbor, I believe NY Harbor if memory serves me correctly. There was a British couple on the ship they interviewed at the end of the news story. I’ll never forget what the husband said. He said that all the medical responders were in a disarray, some wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) and some not. He said none of it looked real.

                    Then he looked at the camera and said something that just stuck with me. They ended the interview with it.

                    He said, “I smell a rat”.

                    I knew from that day the whole thing was a scam.

                    I used to work for the govt, I was a DoD sub, so I know how that stuff goes down. I’ve seen it first hand. Been part of it even. Worked directly for the Executive Branch. Its a mess. Things like this snowball between branches. The money starts to flow and so do the SOWs from the contracting agencies and it all just snowballs and grows.

                    Only this time they were killing people in the hospitals, blowing out lung linings on the ventilators so they could get that extra fed money for “Covid related death”.

                    Trump signed off on the cash flow then dipped into the till himself with his friends.

                    Trump could have drained the swamp but he didn’t because he couldn’t.

                    Because Trump is a product of the swamp.

                    1. “I mistook the mandate dates, “

                      You were wrong on that and almost everything else.

                      “2.2 TRILLION of our Tax dollars funneled off to his pals. “

                      He spent $12.4 billion on Pfizer and then refused to pay Pfizer more. There were some other monies spent but your numbers are ridiculous as are the rest of your facts.

                      The idea behind the vaccine was good. He never forced you to take it and he never pocketed a dime. In fact Pfizer delayed release to help Biden. It likely was a good vaccine for the very old and sick, but Biden pushed it for the younger group and mandated the vaccine for federal employees.

                      If you smelled a rat it was because you are not clean and use dirty nonsensical data, or you live with the Bidens.

                      You called a lot of people names, but they were right and you were wrong.

                    2. “But that doesn’t change the fact that he was against the vaccine before he was for it.”

                      That was Biden who was against before being for it. You are too confused to listen to.

                      Pro Tip: Put what you are reading in the garbage and try looking for the primary sources of the data. The MSM is not a primary source. It lies continuously to promote Joe Biden.

                  3. To the troll living in his moms basement calling itself anonymous,

                    You didn’t even “read” my comment stupid. I never said “I smell a rat”, idiot.

                    You’re too illiterate to even read my comments so your responses mean nothing. Just lies.

                    No the numbers I quoted are straight off Trumps own legacy and the National Archives, readily available. You didn’t even know about the CARE act, and how he sat there handing out trillions on TV with Pelosi by his side.

                    He also signed “sweeping legislation” in March 2020 , and its all documented.

                    I’d post more links but they only let you post one at a time and I doubt you’d be able to understand them anyway since you just showed you can’t even read my own comments correctly.

                    But you’re a liar so nothing you say matters anyway.

                    If you were an honest man you’d put your name behind your words and stand by them, instead of crawling around like a cockroach trolling under an anonymous handle.


                    1. Web, I don’t know which anonymous you are referring to and don’t care, but I looked through the various postings and can see that, for the most part, you have been wrong and confused, posting at least one thing that doesn’t prove your worst mistakes.

                      You are making a fool of yourself. Worse, you have destroyed any reputation you might have had. I don’t generally follow you and will certainly not do so in the future—too much garbage and no value.

        3. Trump made four major mistakes:

          1) He did not drain the swamp when he took office. He thought most deputies of the corrupt FBI, CIA, NSA and other agencies were basicallly good and would do the right thing if put in charge. He didn’t realize the swamp was as full of alligators, gars, snakes and snapping turtles as it was. The water itself was full of bacteria and toxic Protozoa. He should have replaced almost every leader in those agencies with younger, idealistic men and women who are dedicated to accomplishing the agencies’ purposes and not in promoting one political party.

          2) He should not have trusted Fauci and the other federal medical officials during the Covid crisis. It’s obvious now that they were overreacting to the pandemic and, along with left-wing media and blue-state governors and mayors, saw an opportunity to hurt Trump by shutting down the economy and censoring opposition to their extreme measures. By through time Trump saw what was happening, it was too late.

          3) Trump thought that by fast-tracking the development of a Covid vaccine, he could end the pandemic and be hailed as a hero. Now we know the vaccines were ineffective, failing to stop recipients from contracting or transmitting the virus. Moreover, there’s evidence now that the vaccines are dangerous to some people and in some age groups more dangerous than Covid itself.

          4) Trump failed to rein in spending. The greatest failure was the government’s knee jerk reaction to Covid, which was to use deficit spending to pay people not to work. Some citizens needed the checks because their businesses had been shuttered over Covid regulations, but millions upon millions of checks went to people who didn’t need that money to survive. We never should have paid people more to go on unemployment and federal subsidies than they would have been paid to work.

          5) Trump did nothing to delay or prevent the impending bankruptcy of Medicare and Social Security. Because both parties use even modest efforts to fix these programs as a political football, nobody expected Trump to offer any real solutions during his first term, but now Trump has shown that he is not disposed to support solutions in a second term.

      2. The very thought of President TRUMP returning to the Oval Office frightens the Deep State players and the Far-Left Democrats to the point where the pee runs down their legs! They know that TRUMP has not and cannot be bought! Everyone else is subject to be bought by BIG PHARMA as an example, or some other conglomerate of business and industry that seeks CONTROL over the White House! There MUST be a RECKONING over what the Deep State and the Democrat/RINO cabal has wrought. Only TRUMP can get this done and if he doesnt, I fear the MILITARY will. That’s how precarious our Republic is today!

        1. Trump was bought and paid for.

          And right now they’re pretending to go after him so rubes like you will continue to wave your pom poms for him.

          1. How much money does it take to buy a billionaire? Do you think they bribed him with ice cream? Being President actually cost Trump a lot of money, but you can say what you wish.

    2. What a fool. Trump is being Nixoned as hard as they can manage. US coups play out in the corporate media and are carried out by the FBI-CIA. This is the third in my lifetime.

      1. To the troll calling itself Jim.

        The fool is you if you’re too stupid to realize that he’s not going to jail, this prosecution isn’t hurting him its HELPING him, causing massive rallying around him by the cheerleaders like you who lap it up, ….

        You really don’t see do you?

        What’s the best way to get someone behind someone folks were getting burned out on?

        Unjustly attack him, charge him with obviously inflated crimes then play it out like a Friday night WWE smackdown.

        Get folks like you all worked up about it…. then, the judge, …whom he appointed, …and the jury who overwhelmingly voted for him, gives him a pass.

        Just like Hunter. It was all a show. It is all a show.

        And its working too. Just look at the support for Trump since the indictment. Even fence sitters are being swayed. People who weren’t for him before are now reconsidering him.

        The indictment was the best thing that could have happened to him politically at this point.

        Because like most audiences, you’re gullible. Too gullible to see it. Too quick to jump when they say boo.

        If you had half a brain, you’d see it. But you’re too busy being played like a cheap plastic banjo, to step back and look.

        1. Hey moron, who illegally had the FBI spying on them when they were running for president? Give you a hint moron, it wasn’t Joe. You act like this is choreographed because they want a trump v Biden ticket but yet I don’t remember in the past the opposition party ever trying to lockup their political opponent. Just when I thought people couldn’t get any dumber you come along

          1. To the troll calling itself “Striket”

            You keep parroting the turnbuckle head butts and the metal chairs to the head dummy.

            You’re too stupid to know when you’re being played.

            Oh, and when I want the opinion of a piece of s$# troll hiding behind a fake handle, I’ll give it to you.

            1. You didn’t answer his question or anyone else’s. Keep it up and you will replace Svelaz’s place in the department of ridiculous posts.

          1. Says the punk a$$ troll hiding behind a bogus handle.

            Yea “it” dummy.

            Because no one has any way of knowing if you’re a man, a woman, a tranny or a chatGPT bot.

            You’re too chickensh$# and dishonest to put your own name behidn your words, so you hide behind a troll handle, so what else should I call you dumba$$?

            IT fits.

      2. Totally true. Even RFK jr knows it was the govt that killed his father and uncle. Our govt is a corrupt swamp of diseased apparatchiks.

    3. Do you even know what the PRA is? Have you read it? You seem smart however you can’t figure out what they did to you – they are guilty of so many crimes yet they make you think trump is “as guilty” as they are so you go around spouting “yeah but trump is…”. Wake up. It’s Saul Alinsky 10-. And if you don’t know Alinsky, stop posting publicly, it’s embarrassing

      1. To the Troll calling itself “Bigly”.

        You’re to stupid to know when you’re being played.

        You like the rest of the trolls responding, haven’t said a one thing to refute the facts I put out there.

        Just a bunch of trolling insults and “nuh uhs”. A ChatGPT bot could handle your responses.

        And since you’re too chickens#$ to put your name behind your own words, for all we know you are just a chatbot.

        Either way one things for sure. You’re just another cheerleading rube too stupid to see when he’s being played.

  15. The most surprising thing about all of this is how unsurprising it is. Biden is an accused sexual predator who has been influence peddling for 50 years. Son Hunter like most rotten apples has not fallen far from the tree. And yet Professor Turley chose to cast his vote for the Big Guy simply because of the D after his name and probably will do so again. This administration makes no pretense of being anything but corrupt and I for one am no longer in the mood to pretend that any of it is unexpected or out of character.

  16. I just figured it out. Prof Turley was obviously forced to give up drinking for his health. Thus not getting invited to any more cocktail parties is actually a blessing in disguise for him!

    1. The destruction of our justice system is no laughing matter . I am sure you were on the Russian bandwagon for Trump and still having ahard time giving that up .

        1. Ralph when do you think they will stop screaming Russia, Russia, Russia? It’s getting old like seeing ppl in the store with masks on. They show their lack of intelligence to me.

  17. This is much to do about nothing. Everyone knows that Hunter Biden is an admirable person in every way and his public character completely exonerates any wrong doing on his part. Former Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) (never heard of her) declared everyone needs to “Back Off!” Well if she says so that probably is really good advise. So back off.
    Just because the Delaware AG was restrained from pressing charges and obtaining search warrants against Hunter by Merrick Garland, and this directly contradicts statements made to Congress by Attorney General Garland, that he did not interfere in the investigation, does not mean Merrick Garland is lying. There is a perfectly logical explanation for the direct contradiction of the two testimonies. wait for it. it may take awhile. Now let’s put all of this behind us. Time to go back to drooling over Jack A. Smith and the possibility of using manufactured charges of espionage to eliminate Biden’s front runner in the 2024 election.

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