Report: Biden Official Committed Grand Larceny While on Sensitive Government Trip


78 thoughts on “Report: Biden Official Committed Grand Larceny While on Sensitive Government Trip”

  1. Back in the yesteryear a Q-Clearance meant something. Now we give Secret or Top Secret out like candy. It really makes you wonder who the Captain of the Ship is; do the officers and crew really care about the worthiness of the vessel? This one particular individual clearly demonstrates the disparity between liberal and conservative law enforcement, or stated another way, if apprehended for a crime, will the charges be watered down or stacked higher? Our ships rudder is damaged, stuck towards port. The crew must make correction, this continuous circling is making me dizzy.

  2. If there’s anyone who doesn’t believe that transgender‘s have major, psychological problems, raise your hand

    1. Adam…………as my Louisiana Mamaw used to say: “That boy’s not right in the head”.

    2. Whether they do or not Breinton is a theif. Straight or gay he is a theif.
      Trans or not he is a theif.
      Mentally healthy or not he is a theif.

      People who engage in theft pretty much always have lots of other bad conduct that should be gigantic red flags.

      And theives should never get security clearances.

  3. The quality and character this person displays (i.e. stealing luggage) is reflective of the Biden admin.

    And those pics give me the creeps.

  4. If this farce of an administration would hire the likes of Sam Brinton, heaven only knows who or what else is crawling around ‘The People’s House’. I do think a small bag of cocaine found in the inner sanctum is far from the worst of our worries concerning this rogue regime. If there is not enough common sense remaining in a majority of legally voting citizens to remove the prog/left dems from any form of public office at this time then we are, truly, done as a nation, a culture, and as a bright and shining vision of freedom to the remainder of the world. We have, in fact, become the laughing stock of the world.

  5. This was one of the Biden appointments (and there are many others) that legitimately made me think someone put drugs in my coffee. It is possible to reject someone for a position and simultaneously not ‘hate’ them, a notion that’s lost on people that think their feelings are critical reasoning.

    The good news is the light that has been shone on just how much our mental health crisis is spiraling out of control. People with pathologies can seldom self-evaluate them or even acknowledge their existence. Biden has been a masterclass in exploiting and enabling those people. And indeed, formerly, nobody in their right mind would have granted such a person a sensitive clearance even 10 or 15 years ago. It’s madness, and we don’t have to just go along with it.

  6. It’s obvious why he was hired. HE filled a desired box and all other considerations such as merit, risk, character and such did not matter. This is what you get with the death of merit.

  7. A psychological basket case with an insider’s access to our nuclear security programs. What could possibly go wrong?

    Decent, common sense parents would not hire that creature to babysit. Yet this administration elevates it (and numerous others) to an important position of authority.

    This administration’s basic premise is: There are no facts of reality. There are only our urges and desires. What this case, and countless others, illustrate is: You can evade reality. But you cannot escape the consequence of evading reality.

  8. We will be thrilled when the Democrats are relieved of their duties in the Executive Branch of our government, thus endng the Barnum & Bailey era at the White House.
    “Send OUT the Clowns”, please.

  9. It seems apparent to me that this individual is as sane as most Biden Administration officials.

  10. Had I had the excess baggage the guy had would I have ever been granted either a DOD Top Secret Clearance or the DOE clearance I had that was above Top Secret.

    But then I am not a fluid non-binary Democrat but just a White, Christian, Heterosexual, Gun Owning, toxic Male with a proven record of honesty, ethical conduct, and military service disabled Veteran with a proven background of service in the military and DOD civilian service in a position that demanded the utmost in squeaky clean conduct that a very conservative organization required.

    Identity politics as is being done today by the Biden Administration is a terminal cancer if left unchecked.

    Affirmative Action was bad enough when the unqualified were pushed upward but today’s outrageous action is utterly wrong.

    All you have to do is look around at the many such appointments that have been. made….starting with the choice for the VP job, SecDef, SecDHS, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, the Supreme Court, and so many others.

  11. One more case of no accountability from a Biden administration official. Makes me want to throw up.

  12. Britton flaunted his loot so he was not trying to hide. He openly wore dresses and scarves that shouted extremely open behavior as if he wanted to get caught.

  13. So they catch him, they catch him, and they catch him, in crime after crime, and because it’s a demoncrat it’s no harm no foul or the fake conviction because a low end “suspended” sentence (no prison or jail time even though sentencing dictates it ). So caught guilty and convicted, oh well we will just pretend you did your time in the slammer but you never have to !
    This is what Ted Kennedy got after murdering Mary Jo Kepechne. The demoncrat suspended sentence, the never go to jail and stay out for free card.

  14. This reminds me of Robert Gene Baker (D) from the LBJ (D) administration whom I was just reading about.
    After going over his history and others related like Billy Sol Estes (D), I realized the demoncrat party was so sick and dirty back then it is no wonder we see what we see now.

    1. While no one should try to rehabilitate Nixon. He deserves the historical scorn he receives,
      At the same time Nixon was a rank amateur at abuse of power compared to LBJ.

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