“Because he was Daring me”: Rhode Island Senator Sentenced for Keying Car with Anti-Biden Sticker

Rhode Island state senator was ordered to pay restitution after he keyed a SUV with an anti-Biden sticker and then lied to police. While the sentence is fairly standard, it seems a tad light in this particular case. Sen. Joshua Miller lied to police and holds a position of public trust. The expungement of the crime is particularly unfortunate given the role of a leading politician in politically motivated property destruction.

Miller was also ordered to make a donation to the local food bank. Ordering defendants to support unrelated charities adds another controversial element, though it is also now quite common.  Judges routinely order payments not to the treasury or a victim fund but charities of the court’s choice.

Yet, it is the overall sentence that is concerning given Miller’s conduct not only during the incident but after it.

After keying the car, Miller was found out by police, who confronted him at his home. He then made a series of false statements. While he later expressed shame and suggested that he only acted in the moment, he offered a calculated and false account long after the incident.

Miller, 69, told The Boston Globe, “in a blink of an eye, I exhibited a lack of self-control that has impacted my reputation.” But it was more than a blink. Long after the incident, Miller made up a story of how he was being stalked by gun owners for his anti-gun policies and thought this was one of his stalkers.

He explained that he keyed the car “because he was daring me to, basically.”

The victim neither knew Miller nor recognized him. Nevertheless, Miller claimed that he thought he was a “gun nut” who was stalking him. He told the officers to talk to their superior, Col. Michael Winquist, who was aware of his stalking complaints. That proved to be untrue as well.

Nevertheless, Senate President Dominick Ruggerio, a top Rhode Island Democrat, defended Miller to Fox News and said it was just one unfortunate moment. He neglected to address how Miller lied to the officers long after the property destruction.

Miller pleaded no contest to the two charges and was ordered to pay $2,850 in restitution to the vehicle owner and to donate $250 to the Rhode Island Community Food Bank. If he does not commit any more crimes for the next year, the case will be expunged from his record.

After the collapse of Miller’s false account, what was left was something all too familiar today: a sense of license to destroy property as an act of rage. Because he found the anti-Biden sticker triggering and upsetting, Miller sought to punish the. man for having opposing views. To Miller, having an anti-Biden sticker was “daring” him to take action. It is the license of the age of rage.

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  1. In Boston, one of our “let em loose” lefty Massachusetts judges has let a city councilor go loose after she drove her unregistered, uninsured car — without a license — into a house while driving 55 in a 30 mph zone… with her kid in the back without a seat belt on. Hey at least the kid was in the back, right. https://www.wcvb.com/article/body-camera-crash-video-boston-city-councilor-kendra-lara/44604500#

    Anyone that claims there isn’t one justice system for them and one for we real people is just plain nuts.

    1. She said she knows as a public official, she has to hold, herself, to a higher standard, and she gonna do that.
      10 years suspended license – driving and parking in the boston city lot all the time…
      a 2013 traffic deal 2015 and apparently more

      no seat belt no drivers license car unregistered no child safety seat no insurance – well beyond the trifecta

  2. Matt Taibbi reports that his colleagues have poured through the many emails and slack messages of scientists who denounced the COVID lab leak hypothesis in their 2020 Nature journal article, The proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2. It has been cited 2863 times and accessed 5.8 million times, which are staggering metrics for a nonscientific, opinion piece. It turns out, per Matt Taibbi and his colleagues, that the authors lied:

    Covid’s Origins and the Death of Trust

    Taibbi’s article provides links to his colleagues analysis of the scientists secret unpublished communications.

    Trust no longer exists in America, per Matt Taibbi. The Rhode Island State Senator who keyed the SUV, then lied about it, confirms why Americans do not trust politicians. It appears even scientists are not any better. A country full of inhabitants that trusts no one is a sure way to foment civil war.

  3. Miller falsely disparaged his victim. It’s like a white person doing a crime, but claiming they were just afraid because of some made up black criminals. (Racist). Jussie Smollett orchestrating a racist hate crime hoax in which he paid black men to beat him up and put a noose around his own neck, blaming imaginary white MAGA hat wearing men. (Racist) A woman getting out of work by claiming she was stalked by a made up man. (Misandry).

    To Miller, law abiding, 2nd Amendment supporting, gun owners were the boogeymen he blamed for his own lawless act. He not only victimized a total stranger, just for having a bumper sticker that criticized Biden, but he targeted the victim with false allegations that can gain steam and ruin his life. Ruining his car’s paint job was insufficient. He had to destroy him, in order to avoid being held accountable for breaking the law himself. It’s a microcosm of the larger problem in Democrat politics. Impeaching Trump for inquiring about Joe Biden’s video admission of a quid pro quo with Ukraine, distracted the public from Biden’s pay to play scheme that allegedly netted the family $10 million, plus the exorbitant salary Hunter Biden enjoyed at Burisma. Worked quite well.

  4. These libs are bonkers. My car has both a “Let’s Go Brandon” magnet and a “FJB” emblem on the tailgate. While the emblem is metal and is fixed with adhesive, the magnet can be removed — and it keeps triggering libtoons, who steal it. At least three have been stolen so far: twice in Florida and once at the Jersey Shore.

    One particularly triggered leftist slapped a baby-killing sticker over my magnet. Thankfully, I saw it maybe a half-hour later, so was able to peel it off without issue and into the round file it went! For the rest of the deranged crazies who think they can censor me: I keep a backup stash in my glove box. YOU LOSE, RAGING LIBS!

  5. Shortly before the Miller keying there was the city councilor who was found passed out in his car on the side of the road holding a crack pipe. The latest outrage finds a Democrat operative working for the Lt Governor and candidate for congress filing nomination papers with forged signatures, which included the names of living and dead people. You can’t make this stuff up. Typical Democrat Party behavior in this pathetic state. They are out of control.


    1. Leave the lying to the smart people, dumbass. “I keyed the car because I thought it belonged to the sociopath who was stalking me with a gun”. This was “later determined to be untrue”. Later??? It’s not believable on it’s face. Typical lefty lack of awareness, self or otherwise.

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