“Try That in a Small Town”: CMT’s Tone Deaf Censorship of Jason Aldean Cannot Stand

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Below is my column in the Hill on the censorship of Jason Aldean’s hit single “Try That in a Small Town” by Country Music Television (CMT). Advocates are taking credit for the cancel campaign and, like CMT, appear tone deaf to the implications (and the response) to this censorship.

Here is the column:

Country music singer Jason Aldean’s hit single “Try That in a Small Town” secured two distinctions this week. It hit number one on the country charts, and it was pulled by Country Music Television (CMT).

Putting aside CMT’s effort to become the Bud Light of music networks, the decision to yield to the intense cancel campaign is an abandonment of principles of artistic freedom and free speech.

The song became the focus of many groups on the left for its criticism of violent protests and criminal acts. The song contrasts the culture of small towns with that of big cities. Aldean sings:

“Cuss out a cop, spit in his face
Stomp on the flag and light it up
Yeah, ya think you’re tough.

“Well, try that in a small town
See how far ya make it down the road.”

Aldean took to Twitter to alert fans of the CMT censorship.

“In the past 24 hours I have been accused of releasing a pro-lynching song (a song that has been out since May) and was subject to the comparison that I (direct quote) was not too pleased with the nationwide BLM protests. These references are not only meritless, but dangerous.

There is not a single lyric in the song that references race or points to it — and there isn’t a single video clip that isn’t real news footage — and while I can try and respect others to have their own interpretation of a song with music — this one goes too far.”

Gun control advocates were also outraged by references to the use of a gun to deal with these problems:

“Got a gun that my granddad gave me
They say one day they’re gonna round up
Well, that shit might fly in the city, good luck.”

I can certainly understand why those lines caused objections. Frankly, I also found them disturbing. However, I also find a lot of anti-cop and gang-banging lyrics disturbing, yet I would oppose any effort to censor such music.

These artists are expressing their view of contemporary events. Protest songs have long played a critical part of our political dialogue, from “Yankee Doodle Dandy” to “War.”

This controversy only helps highlight how the corporate effort to control what people hear or consume is backfiring.

For centuries, the adage that “you can bring a horse to water but you can’t make it drink” has been a warning to those who seek to compel others to live or act in particular ways. Today, that adage could well be “you cannot make them drink Bud Light, eat Ben & Jerry’s ice cream or shop at Target.”

We are seeing an intriguing rise of consumer politics as average people express their opposition through their purchases and market choices. It is Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” at work, but on a political level. These days, that invisible hand seems to be giving a middle finger to corporate censorship and social agendas.

Corporations have long known that their social and political agendas were unpopular with many consumers. But they gambled that consumers would not boycott Disney theme parks or NFL games. They are a captive audience — people will want to ride Space Mountain or watch the Bears play.

However, that is not the case when there are fungible or alternative products. Bud Light is an example. The company is still in free-fall with customers after Alissa Heinerscheid, vice president of marketing for Bud Light, pledged to change the beer companies “fratty reputation and embrace inclusivity.” She succeeded beyond her wildest dreams. After the company celebrated the transitioning of transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney, beer drinkers opted for other brands.

For many consumers, the rejection appears as much about corporate social activism as transgender politics. Every time irate beer drinkers pick up Modelo Especial instead of Bud Light, they feel a sense of satisfaction — a political chaser with their beer. (Modelo has now passed Bud Light as America’s most popular brand.)

Ben & Jerry’s reportedly lost $2 billion after celebrating the July 4th by shaming the United States over “stolen” Indian lands and demanding the return of Mount Rushmore. The same phenomenon appears to be playing out with corporations like Target, which has lost billions after a similar controversy.

CMT may be closer to the NFL than Bud Light. There are few alternatives for country music listeners. However, there are some, from YouTube to direct purchases. The latter seems to be the choice of many, as the song skyrocketed to the top of the charts after CMT’s censorship.

For many, CMT (which has its headquarters in One Astor Plaza in New York City) is out of touch not only with the small town culture of Aldean, but also with its consumer base.

As consumers tank brands such as Bud Light, and as companies such as Disney experience significant drops in profits, shareholders may become vocal about these decisions. Even if they are agnostic about free speech, they tend to be devout when it comes to profits.

CMT is unlikely to be as defiant as Disney. While many families objected to Disney’s social agenda, the size of the corporation is so large and it is sufficiently diversified that it can take a market hit that would crush most other companies. CMT is neither diversified nor insulated to the same extent. It is closer to Bud Light. It sells country music, and consumers can find other outlets for their tastes.

By pulling the song, CMT tied its brand to censorship, even if only temporarily. What Bud Light showed is that companies cannot attempt nuanced half-measures. If it is going to avoid a “Bud Light moment,” it has to offer more than a “my bad.”

Jonathan Turley is the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University.

228 thoughts on ““Try That in a Small Town”: CMT’s Tone Deaf Censorship of Jason Aldean Cannot Stand”

  1. I can’t help but notice that when one of you thinks lynchings are acceptable sometimes and another denies them as lies, nobody here corrects them. I guess everybody needs a safe space where their views are accepted. Guess who feels safe here?

    1. Who was lynched?

      There were, by most accounts, about 3,000 blacks lynched over a 100-yr period in the US. Blacks kill other blacks every year by well over that number, every year, not every decade, not every 100 years. Plus there are way fewer blacks.

      Yeah, if I were black, I would not be too concerned about being lynched. Raped or murdered by another black, though, is a much more real potential.

      But you go ahead and clutch those pearls.

      Frankly, people like you and that young TN politician and the rest of the attempting race-based profiteers can go to hell. Seriously, you are what is wrong and any pushback you feel is not because you are black but because you are a fraud.

      1. We’ll put you in the category of those erasing history (your numbers of lynchings are way off the recorded ones let alone those not recorded). Claiming I am the problem lets you continue to ignore/support your racist friends.

        1. Yawn. I am not erasing history. Make the number 2x, so what. Blacks kill blacks more every single year than were ever lynched. EVERY YEAR. In the 21st century.

          You are full of crap, you know it, and you can’t say anything that is not lies to confirm your bias.

          Hey, wanna talk about rape, other violent crime, property crime?

          Look anywhere in the world where blacks are, same story – not an American phenomenon.

          Deal with it.

        2. I’ll put you in the category of race-based snake oil profiteers.

          Just look at Detroit pre and post white flight, look at Baltimore City afterward, look at Baltimore County after “flight to opportunity” … Look at RSA, look at Zimbabwe, …

          Find me a place anywhere in the universe where blacks are the new majority and it became a safer place for anyone. Even if you can find one, there are a hundred where the opposite is true.

          Yeah, whitey is truly terrifying.

          Your lies are disgusting and what is worse, they continue the rot. That is the tragedy, if the black community were able to face reality, they may be able to help themselves, buy snitches get stitches…

          You should be ashamed, but enjoy lining your pockets with the 1,000s of dead blacks every year – none of whom were killed by whites.

    2. No one has in any way approved of any lynchings. That’s an absurd claim.

      There is no reference to lynching or skin color or anything of that nature in the lyric, and the songwriter stated unequivocally that all footage was NEWS footage. AFAIK, none of which occurred since the last lynching in the US.

      1. Stack Pointer, You obviously haven’t been reading the comments.

        “What does it matter that a lynching took place at the site? Are all lynchings illegitimate, as it was used as a punishment for crime by any race and used in other nations as well as a punishment for crime.”

        As far as the song, the video was filmed at a site when where an estimated 21 Black people have been lynched over the years, it sent a message the words didn’t say. When Ronald Reagan went to Philadelphia, MS and gave a states rights speech, that sent a message as well.
        Now we could take Aldean at his word that he had nothing to do with the selection of the site. But he didn’t apologize, he doubled down. Note that I haven’t called for censoring the song, but some of the criticism is warranted.

        1. Do you know why they chose that court house? Because it was closest to his house! End of story. We are supposed to learn by history and for some reason people want to erase it. It’s insane!

          1. It’s true Jason Aldean lived for three years in Columbia, TN near the Maury County courthouse where over 20 people have been lynched. He sold that home in January 2019, over three years before his video was released.
            Aldean says he had nothing to do with the site selection and he was living in Nashville when the video was made. Please try again, and know a little history before you accuse anyone else of erasing it.

              1. I wasn’t making an accusation, I was responding to AB that made a false claim about the Maury County Courthouse being the closest to Aldean’s home. Aldean had moved from the county three years before the video.
                I don’t know and could easily believe Aldean didn’t know about the lynching at the courthouse and the twenty lynchings in Maury County. I’ll bet it’s not a thing they brag about and Aldean didn’t go to school in the county. Aldean also said he wasn’t involved in the site selection and I have no reason not to believe him.
                However, standing in front of that courthouse and questioning in the song, “See how far you make it down the road,”has been interpreted by some as bringing up memories of those lynchings. Try telling a surviving family member or anyone whose families have a lynching in their history that their feelings are invalid. I can accuse Aldean of being insensitive and hardheaded but he’s chosen to handle it differently. Clear enough?

      1. I feel safe because most people here are much braver on the Internet, especially the anonymous ones, than they are in person. That doesn’t mean my views and opinions aren’t challenged and that I haven’t been called names and had my real name (which is readily accessable), location, and occupation published which could be worrisome but I ignore it.
        The ones who are not only safe but emboldened here are the ones who are never challenged or corrected no matter how vile or racist they are.
        I’m an irregular visitor, there used to be a few open minds here and I’m always willing to have a discussion. I used to be a regular visitor, I think I stick around to spite those who have asked me to leave and claim I’m ruining the party of like minds.

  2. For truly great, anti-left, patriotic songs that are country and not mediocre pop, you can’t do better than Merle Haggard.

    1. Johnny Cash’s Ragged Old Flag, too.

      “I love the freedoms we got in this country, I appreciate your freedom to burn your flag if you want to, but I really appreciate my right to bear arms so I can shoot you if you try to burn mine.
      From “Ragged Old Flag” on The Great Lost Performance”

      Boy, he’s ornery! 🙂

  3. Jason Aldean’s song is not about lynching but no one would be blamed for wishing it were for lynching the Deep State members in DC

    *** Prosecutor who investigated Hunter Biden is son of crooked IRS agent ***

    “A Department of Justice attorney who led a years-long investigation into Hunter Biden is the son of a crooked Internal Revenue Service agent, records show. Meyer Weiss — whose son David served as the US Attorney for Delaware — was convicted in 1985 of taking more than $200,000 from businessmen looking to skirt federal tax laws”


  4. Neither CMT nor Aldean show any interest in making good music. They are to music what McDonalds is to hamburgers.

    1. “They are to music what McDonalds is to hamburgers.”

      Which have sold some 300 *billion* since the company’s inception. That’s a lot of people voluntarily deciding that those hamburgers (and that music) are good.

      But if you’re a cultural snob, the “unwashed masses” should be compelled to eat tofu while listening to Wagner.

  5. Overthrow Ukraine in 2014, squeal F the EU and get caught on tape and admit it, Gloria Nuland. Push NATO to the border of the former cold war enemy, pretend it doesn’t matter. Arm up, to Start The War with the lie, the Minsk Agreement. Get caught admitting it. Lie about the Cold War enemy and claim it gave you your political opponent a win in 2016. Declare that horrible and illegal, but call for the overthrow of the Cold War enemy’s Leader who rejected your looting of his Nation and rebuilt it with Patriotism post 1992.
    Did a better job than you, for decades. Engage in the war and get your butt kicked while you drain the treasury, loot money and get kickbacks, lie to the world and say you’re winning, displace and murder tens of millions and destroy another nation the size of Texas while being the guilty party and blaming the nation you openly hated for 7 years of lies. Do it right after destroying Afghanistan for nearly two decades before fleeing with 90 Billion in arms left for kickbacks and treasury scams.

    After all that, whine a country music song artist is dangerous speech.


    Go to H E double toothpicks. You can’t get there fast enough for the overwhelming majority of the world.

  6. I fully support the right of businesses to support or oppose any message they choose – political cultural or otherwise.
    I fully support the right of consumers to express their support or opposition to the messages that businesses choose through their own speech and through there own legal actions such as picketing or boycotting.

    Prof. Turley – I think you are very wrong about the extent to which some larger businesses are isolated from the consequences of their choices.
    Disney’s stock value has tanked and is not recovering. That is a real loss of real money to real people.

    While the impact is not as short run dramatic as what we have seen happen to Anheiser Busch, it is as large possibly larger and very real.

    Small Niche market businesses can actually profit by taking strong stances on controversial issues – and that is as it should be.

    But most businesses do not gain enough by appealing to one market compared to what they lose by offending others.

    I post here as John B Say – because I own multiple small businesses. Most of my clients have some awareness of my views on controversial issues.
    Though I do not address those in business settings unless I am very sure that doing so will not effect my business relationships.

    But some of my clients or their staff would cease doing business with me over politics or other issue advocacy.
    And I err on the side of caution.

    I would note – all the above is true – whether I am on the left, or the right or somewhere else on the spectrum.

    People are and should be free to avoid businesses that openly oppose their values or that support values they oppose.
    No matter what those values may be.

  7. “Got a gun that my granddad gave me [that] They say one day they’re gonna round up
    Well, that shit might fly in the city, good luck.”

    This appears to refer citizens in a small town resisting gun confiscation in violation of the second amendment. I.e. good
    Luck trying to round up guns in a small town. The thought of people having to resist, potentially forcefully, an illegal violation of their rights by the government is quite disturbing, but I don’t understand what potential objections are being referenced, nor how else this lyric would be disturbing. Am I missing something?

    1. No, the article keeps the objection absolutely vague. It fits right in with the social doctrine of vague feelings idiocy or playing the correct word games in today’s culture. The “agreement line” was used as a ploy to insert ” rap music is bad “.

  8. Nashville in 2023 is comprised of business executives who cobble together teams of formula-following songwriters, formula-following musicians, and cowboy hat-wearing singers with auto-tuned voices. Once in a blue moon, a great singer with a great song will sneak through. Just not today.

    1. You’re right in saying the song is not great. (Its only virtue that I can see is that it speaks the things many people are thinking and feeling after the bloody riots of 2020 and the defund-the-police movement resulting in soaring crime rates.) The song would have gone unnoticed if CMT hadn’t censored it.

      1. omfk:
        “You’re right in saying the song is not great. (Its only virtue that I can see is that it speaks the things many people are thinking and feeling ….”
        Er … the parenthetical is the exact definition of a great song.

        1. Mespo – I mean that’s definitely a plus but I would think the quality of the music counts for something too. To me that’s the thing that’s missing.

            1. I dunno, maybe to some degree. But there is objectively good art and bad art too. There’s a reason Ennio Morricone’s music is so popular. The music in this song? I don’t think it’s objectively good music. I think it’s so-so, but not great.

        2. mespo……….I send this link to all of our Francophile friends every July 14. Some of the extras (including, I believe, the singer) in the film were actual refugees who had fled the Nazis. Honest and I used to host a Bastille Day party. We also made a home movie in 1978 with friends, in downtown Austin, acting out “the storming”. NO ONE in downtown Austin stopped to ask what in the hell we were doing —except for a drunk guy who asked if we had a light for his cigarette. THAT’S how laid back and mellow Austin was back then. We called it “the Willie effect”. LOL
          Thank you for playing the video. It’s so powerful!!

            1. Oh and here’s another great song by any measure – this time, from “that little ol’ band from Texas.” God, I love those Texans!

              1. mespo! Thank you! Ya know Billy Gibbons went to the high school that was a spin off from my high school when I was there. I’m a little older than he. Yeah, there’s something about Texas musicians. My favorite was Townes Van Zandt, a Ft. Worth boy. I met him in a bathroom in 1977 when we each had a singing gig at a local Austin dive..a real dive…The bathroom was the “green room” for singers waiting to go on stage…That night it was just the two of us waiting. Townes was so shy, very sweet and a hell of a songwriter!. Honest was in the audience with the drunks and the dogs (yes, dogs!) to cheer me on..LOL.
                Austin in the 1970’s was paradise, especially for local musicians…

  9. Don’t stop with Bud Lite or Anheuser-Busch. Boycott EVERY In-Bev product if you really want to make a difference. Thing is, tho, you’ll have to quit drinking beer since they own virtually all of it.

    1. Well there is always communion wine available on Sunday….just saying.

      Seriously, boycotts work….but only if the Shareholders hold the Board and CEO accountable….or the Federal SEC taking them to Court for failing to fulfill their fiduciary duties under the law.

      But…with the Biden Administration even bribery, tax evasion, gun crime gets ignored.

    2. One can skip the big corporate breweries altogether and drink local brewery beer or make it yourself. I tried my own brew years ago. It was easy to make, fun, and had a great taste.

  10. The vast majority of modern-day country music played on the radio is awful. It’s not even country. Tom Petty referred to it as “bad rock with a fiddle”. Lyrics aside, this new Jason Aldean song is no exception.

  11. “Got a gun that my granddad gave me
    They say one day they’re gonna round up
    Well, that shit might fly in the city, good luck.”

    I can certainly understand why those lines caused objections. Frankly, I also found them disturbing. However, I also find a lot of anti-cop and gang-banging lyrics disturbing, yet I would oppose any effort to censor such music.”
    That’s the basic problem with liberal mentality. They forget that freedom always comes at the barrell of a gun and is protected with the barrell of that same gun. It’s cold, hard reality. And it’s precisely why the libs loathe it. They think they can just intimidate and shame people into capitulating to their will. They can’t. It’s against human nature. That was the fundamental flaw of the French aristocracy just before the French Revolution. Their utter comtempt for the plight of the commoners who they likewise dubbed “deplorables.” They took their jobs, took their bread and tried to take their dignity. It’s why the women bakers rebelled and it led directly to storming the Versailles Palace. Aldean just taps into that sentiment and they hate him for it.

  12. I could find no condoning of violence in the lyrics, obviously they were written to go up to the line but not over. The gun portion simply says he supports 2A. I didn’t watch the video frame by frame but did watch it a couple times. All I saw were news clips from the BLM riots.

    America never has had a reckoning with those riots. They were widespread and they were violent and they were very anti police. I’d like to see more videos of those riots on social media.

    1. That the Dimarchy allowed riots but not church services during the Covid scam tells you everything you need to know about their demonic rule. Their reckoning truly comes in the next world not here.


    William “Mr. Deep Deep State Swamp” Barr knew all about the evidence of Biden bribery and corruption BEFORE 2020.

    – Newsmax

    1. Sure Barr knew. Like I said here when he was appointed, Bart’s an affable swamp creature. Ready to look the other way and preserve his power base. They don’t care about faceless peons; they care about power, prestige and social standing. You know all of the Proverbial deadly sins; “ arrogant eyes, a lying tongue,
      hands that shed innocent blood,
      a heart that plots wicked schemes,
      feet eager to run to evil,
      a lying witness who gives false testimony,
      and one who stirs up trouble among brothers..”

  14. In other news: “CMT celebrates “Small Town Hero” rapper “Ice-T” by playing 24 hour loop of his 80’s gangsta rap video “Colors”.”

    Country Music Television CEO said yesterday in a statement “Ice-T shows us a true reflection of Country Life that we at CMT all relate to.”

    He and his staff then invited reporters to an upscale bakery in Manhattan for knishes and lattes.

  15. We get it. Objecting to BLM and Antifa mobs looting, arson, assaults, antisemitism, and anti-cop rhetoric is bad. BLM, which said, “Cops are pigs; fry ’em like bacon”, is good. See where that gets you with country music fans, CMT.

  16. With this act, CMT will anger it’s base, and travel the same road as Bud Light and Target.

    Music is an expressive art form. It can evoke emotions ranging from disturbing, to the floating peace of Tibetan flutes. Singling out a conservative song for cancellation is contrary to free speech, and hypocritical. Lil Nas X produced a music video where he gave a lap dance, and simulated $ex, with (himself) as Satan. It appears that rap songs cannot be produced without the N word. Most also glorify pimping hoes, fighting, robbery, fighting cops, and shooting people. Rap artists regularly make the symbol for shooting someone in their videos. Eminem released a song, “Stan”, about an obsessed stalker fan (shortened to “stan”) repeatedly writing to the artist he admired, until finally penning his last letter with his pregnant girlfriend screaming in the trunk, as he prepared to drive off a bridge. The lyrics end with the singer’s regret that he hadn’t responded, realizing he just saw a news story about a Stan’s murder suicide. All of this gets awarded by the music industry. Applauded.

    Apparently, one can sing about sex trafficking women, selling drugs that ruin lives, disparaging women as “hoes”, and murdering people, but you can’t criticize BLM riots or looting, or say people will defend their communities, without national outrage. Conservative people expect this from the Left, but when the CMT participates, that’s their heart.

    The entire premise that Aldean’s song about small communities protecting their own is racist is absurd. The wealthy seem to segregate more than small towns. Whites, blacks, Latinos, Hmong, and a great many other cultures may be found in small towns. They look out for each other. When my husband was hurt, our Latino friend was at our place all the time, helping out. Because why? Because that’s the culture in a small town. We take care of each other. When another friend of ours, who’s Middle Eastern, had his store robbed, my husband helped fix the damage, and my son and I helped unbox and restock his shelves while he ran the front. Because why? That’s how small towns work. We send casseroles in times of grief, check on the elderly, help clear rattlesnakes, use tractors to groom the dirt roads, and since police response time is generally 45 minutes, we’re on our own.

    If rioters arrived to destroy the small businesses of our people, you bet many of us would object and do our best to protect each other. Self defense is not disturbing. What’s disturbing is a mob descending on a town to loot, assault people, and torch businesses and homes. How very strange that the instinct to protect and defend would be targeted as a several moral failure, rather than the assailants and looters. That’s the core of the cultural decay, right there.

    1. And God forbid you make a movie about the horrors of child sex trafficking – Rolling Stone and The Guardian will denounce it as a “Q’Anon-adjacent conspiracy theory.” I guess they see child sex trafficking as a good thing.



  17. “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

    – Barack Hussein Obama, October 30, 2008

    The ongoing Obama Coup D’etat in America will destroy America and “fundamentally transform” it into a satellite nation of Communist China.

    The communists will obtain their New World Order out of chaos.

    Will Obama awaken a sleeping giant?

    Not likely.

    Make America Chaotic Again!

    – Barack Hussein Obama

    “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

    – Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto

  18. CMT New York. All hat no cowboy.

    Things are gonna be alright
    There’s gonna be another boycott here tonight.
    Like the man sang.
    Your runnin down my country boy
    Your gettin on the backward side a me.

  19. If only us Good ole American boys would Compromise & agree to allow those Satin Worrsiping Pedos & Pedo supporters to Azz Rape & Murder just half of the 3 to 9 years olds. Well, they will burn in hell 1st.

    I like this version:

    Banned Video: Try That In A Small Town Infowars Mix


    Jul 21, 2023
    Toxic Culture
    Toxic Culture

    Infowars Mix of ‘Try That In A Small Town,” which sparked criticism after its release Friday.

    The TV network pulled the video from rotation, a CMT spokesperson confirmed to USA TODAY in an email Wednesday.


  20. Is it always okay to step in and intervene when there is wrongdoing going on in front of you? What if the wrongdoers are the cops, as was in the case of George Floyd? Is it okay for the people in the crowd to take matters into their own hands and violently take care of the cops? Is it okay for them to bring their guns to do so?

    Anyway, that is the ongoing problem that led to the black lives matters protests. I do not think Mr. Aldean understands that problem, because he is more concerned with someone who might cuss out a cop.

    1. How is that not apples and oranges? Preventing crime, or apprehending the offender is one thing, the summer 2020 riots were something else entirely.

      It’s like justifying the Oklahoma City Bombing because the federal cops at Ruby Ridge criminally shot and killed two innocent people. The cops became the offenders at Ruby Ridge, but that doesn’t mean the Oklahoma City bombing was an act of vigilantism.

    2. You’re talking about Saint George Floyd? The one who caused, resisted and escalated the situation he was in? The police didn’t wake up one morning and say, let’s kill Saint Floyd.

    3. Well, hello, BLM. Thanks for coming. Perhaps you can answer why looting small businesses, torching buildings, lobbing bombs at federal buildings, and driving jobs out of black majority communities for generations helped in any way? Do you feel any sense of shame or guilt for the skyrocketing violent crime, including murder and rape, that was the direct result of defunding police? Do you feel at all bad that you made black communities more dangerous for black residents? Or are you going to keep blaming the white patriarchy for the consequences of your behavior? Do you feel any remorse that there was no accountability for the millions of dollars funneled through BLM, and that it’s leaders preached antisemitism, and anti-white racism, only to buy mansions in white-majority neighborhoods? BLM created food deserts, medication deserts, and jobs deserts, as grocery stores, pharmacies, and myriad small businesses and corporate chain locations closed permanently. Blacks are worse off. Will you accept responsibility?

      Mad? Just torch neighborhoods. It’s all good, because you’re mad. You’re not expected to follow laws or standards of behavior. You’re BLM, so you’re exempt.

      1. On the one hand assuming they didn’t know how to direct their rage properly is racist and stupid.
        So they were directed improperly by those controlling them, and allowing and promoting it.
        That’s the demoncrat party, the oligarchs of the USA, demoncrat mayors and governors, and the MSM.

        It is pathetic that this far into the tragedy the lefty looners haven’t figured it out. They were played. If they had it figured it out and liked it anyway, after all “destroy capitalism to bring in communism”, it’s even worse.

        I think it’s both as usual, and thus, will happen again.

      2. Hi Karen S,
        “Perhaps you can answer why looting small businesses, torching buildings, lobbing bombs at federal buildings, and driving jobs out of black majority communities for generations helped in any way?”
        If you added lynchings you’d be describing the history of white supremacists for most of American History. Are you one of those who turned Timothy McVeigh into a hero?
        FYI food deserts existed long before BLM and medication deserts are mostly due to Red States refusing expansion of Medicare/Medicaid. Your linking BLM to violence is unfounded though I do congratulate you for managing to say BLM without linking them to ANTIFA as they have no known relationship. Yes, some Black people (relatively few compared to white ones) have been involved in violent protests but that’s different than the organization which has had how many people arrested for violent crimes? Try saying the same thing for the Proud Boys, Boogaloo Bois, and Oath Keepers. There have also been a few people that support BLM that have shouted things like, “Kill the Pigs,” but again that’s not the organization. Your criticism of the BLM finances cause me to wonder if you have similar complaints about the NRA, or the now-defunct Trump Organization for that matter. Please get that plank out of your eye.

        1. I meant the Trump Foundation, not the Trump Organization, or I could have said Trump University, or the still active Trump PAC’s paying his legal bills and supporting the family.

    4. I don’t see a single democrat stepping in to intervene to prevent the 9,000 blacks murdered every year, predominately in democrat areas of voters and elected people.

      In fact, we see democrats enabling and often, like in baltimore and detroit, profiting from black criminality. So you can create this fantasyland where evil cops are running around hunting down innocent black accountants and engineers and whatever else you think those hood rats do on a day-to-day basis that happen to get mixed-up with the cops, but we all see clearly the reality and laugh at your confirmation biases, lies, and obfuscations.

      George Floyd – lololol. The number of idiots that obama and crew were able to create pavlovian responses of outrage against cops reacting to black criminals is equal parts sad and hilarious. Since st floyd killed himself, blacks have murdered over 40,000 other blacks, and likely 5x that many have killed themselves with chinese fentanyl run over the MX border enable by democrta lax border policy. But yeah, you drool over the one or two cops a year that finally lose their crap and kill someone they shouldn’t. LOL. You are so obviously being manipulated.

      You have entire schools in black communities where no one, no one is anywhere near grade level in reading and writing, and you think st george is an issue in the black community. SUCKER. you don’t give a crap about blacks, you simply want your abortion, free money, and any irritant you can give to whitey.

      You and your ilk simply want to “Detroitize” the entire nation. You want to turn something that was great into a shioathole, because that is all you know how to do. Psychopaths, the lot of you.

    5. BLM:

      “ I do not think Mr. Aldean understands that problem, because he is more concerned with someone who might cuss out a cop.”
      Or burn a building or murder a retired cop helping his friend defend his livelihood or tear down public art or loot a family business or block an ambulance on a freeway and on and on. Yeah that concerns him, too.

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