Master and Commander: What is the Liability for President Biden in the Latest Dog Attacks

Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz

We previously discussed the controversy over President Biden’s prior German shepherd, Major, biting people at the White House. Now it appears that Major’s replacement, Commander, has continued to nosh on Secret Service agents. The question is not the responsibility of Commander but his master in this pattern of dog attacks.

In the prior dog attacks, President Biden effectively called an agent a liar in allegations of being attacked in the White House. Major was eventually sent to the farm and the media, again, did not press the White House on the lack of transparency over the long pattern of dog attacks.

Major was then replaced by another photo-ready dog, Commander. These dogs are not only featured often in home shots of the Bidens, they actually warranted Christmas stockings over Navy, the granddaughter that Joe and Jill Biden refuse to acknowledge. It turns out the vicious dog is undeniably a Biden but not their granddaughter.

What is striking is the response of the White House. Elizabeth Alexander, who serves as communications director for the first lady, blamed the “unique and often stressful environment for family pets.” White House Spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre repeated that defense that Commander was simply dealing with the stress of office.

John Adams even had a dog named “Satan” who did not have the record of the Biden dogs.

There were presidential dogs with bad demeanors, but they were quickly removed. For example, Carter’s Border collie Grits just snapped at a couple visitors and was sent back to Amy Carter to avoid any problems.

Under the common law, the Bidens could claim that Major and Commander were entitled to “one free bite.” They are well beyond that threshold.

The “one free bite rule” is a commonly misunderstood torts doctrine — suggesting that you are not subject to strict liability until after the first time your dog bites someone. In fact, you are subject to strict liability whenever you know or have reason to know of the vicious propensity of your animal. That can be satisfied by conduct such as frequent snapping or aggressive behavior.

However, even with Major, the Bidens failed to protect agents and others. Now they have shown the same failure with Commander.

Indeed, a family with this history of dog attacks (with successive pets) would face a highly skeptical, if not hostile, court in a tort action.

The Biden case is more analogous to  the infamous case from San Francisco involving lawyers and dog owners Marjorie Knoller and Robert Noel. They were found both criminally and civilly liable after their two Presa Canario dogs killed apartment neighbor Diane Whipple. Various neighbors complained about the dogs. The dogs had not bitten anyone but were known to be aggressive. That was sufficient.

In one account involving Commander, an agent had to defend himself from the dog with a chair. That was after prior biting incidents. As many as ten people were either bitten or threatened by the dog.

In other words, the Bidens would likely be viewed as knowing the vicious propensity of Commander and subject to strict liability. They showed a pattern of knowledge and a lack of precautions not just with regard to this dog but all of their dogs.

For Secret Service agents, one could understand if they felt that they were high-priced chew toys for the Biden pets.

51 thoughts on “Master and Commander: What is the Liability for President Biden in the Latest Dog Attacks”

  1. What do you expect from a man that raised Hunter Biden?
    If the dog was given to him from his brother then it comes bad bloodlines.

  2. When the dog has a higher IQ than the master, this sort of thing is to be expected. Joe needs to go back to the basement; he’s clearly not house trained.

    1. The German Shepherd dog is highly intelligent, tends to gravitate to one individual and is very protective of that person. They also need to have strict rules imposed upon their daily behavior. This
      is especially true when they exist in an environment with many strangers in close proximity. Training
      and socialization is extremley important, starting from 8 weeks onward. If you ignore training/boundaries in behavior you invite trouble. If you punish your GSD physically or verbally for unwanted behavior, you invite more of it. If what one reads in the press of Joe Biden’s behind the scenes temper, it’s no wonder he has an inability to control his dogs’ behavior. He should not own
      any large breed dog. I’ve had GSD’s in my life for over 50 years and they are a wonderful companion
      when raised properly. Not so much when raised poorly.

      1. 100% agree. Sheps are great dogs in the right hands. With larger breeds comes greater responsibility on the part of the master.

  3. We may as well have a cardboard cutout with ‘PROPERTY OF THE DNC’ stamped on the back as president. In fact, that could be true of every dem representative currently serving. They are ridiculous and they are concerning.

  4. What about Republican attack dogs like Marjorie Taylor-Greene? I bet she bit a lot more people than Commander did.

  5. “There were presidential dogs with bad demeanors, but they were quickly removed. For example, Carter’s Border collie Grits just snapped at a couple visitors and was sent back to Amy Carter to avoid any problems.”

    Um, Amy Carter is Jimmy’s daughter. She lived in the White House. So sending the dog back to Amy Carter means the dog was still in the White House.

  6. Well. Considering his master is a half wit buffoon I think we can fully understand why Joes dogs act the way they do.

  7. “For Secret Service agents, one could understand if they felt that they were high-priced chew toys for the Biden pets.”

    It fits. The nation is a chew toy for the treasonous Bidens.

  8. “They showed a pattern of knowledge and [flimsy] precautions” in their international bribery and extortion schemes.

    “Indeed, a family with this history of [grifting and lying] would face a highly skeptical, if not hostile” media — if we had a media.

    If the family can get away with vicious behavior, why can’t the dog?

  9. Dogs often take behavior cues from their owner. This seems an appropriate match for a grumpy, disgruntled old man.

  10. Try that in a small town!

    Out here in reality, a dog that bites does, not get a second chance. It is put down by the owner. Period.

  11. First there was Cocaine Bear,
    Then there was Cocaine Shark,
    And now -= ‘Cocaine Dog’ =- coming soon to a Theater near You !!!

  12. Major and Champ, the New Stars of the White House Dog & Pony Show!

  13. Very little substantive information is known about either dog. Commander apparently was a gift to Joe from his brother, Jim, in December, 2021. That makes this dog less than two years old. In German shepherd terms, he’s still a pup because the growth plates on a GS don’t close for at least 18 to 24 months. If he’s been neutered, a
    premature action frequently taken mistakenly to “calm” the animal, you make just encourage this reactiveness. Further, companion animals have a sense about the humans around them. If these dogs are aggressive toward the agents “protecting” the Bidens but have not bitten the Bidens themselves or their acquaintances, it suggests that the dogs are picking up on the agents’ dislike and mistrust of the Bidens themselves. Almost nothing is known about each dog’s training or how each spends its days. In a crate until walked by the White House groundskeeper or trotted out for the D.C. photo op? Each dog knows instinctively how toxic D.C. can be.

    If this had happened to a GS owned by Joe Blow, the dog would have been taken by animal control and put down just as if Social Service knew that Joe Blow was showering with his underage daughter, he’d have been
    arrested for child abuse. As a family the Bidens are immune from good sense.

  14. Nothing to see here, just move along and shut up otherwise you’ll get the same treatment as the secret service agents. Nobody F’s with the Bidens

    1. You’re close…..’otherwise you’ll get the same treatment as President Trump’ is closer to accurate given the last 7 years of history.

    1. [Huh? Who else is from Delaware ??? – Ahhh The President !]

      Bar proved himself a Deep State actor. Chistie is the one that sabotaged Trump . By recommending Delaware AG Wiese, and office of Delaware staff, it was assured to be packed with staff loyal to Biden. That’s just what we see with the results unfolding. Since no activity under investigation took place in Delaware, Wiese was forced to get other jurisdiction to prosecute, because he lacked authority, outside of Delaware. Before the trolls trot out the old lies. Wiese was selected by the two Democrat Senators from Delaware, Trump, like most Presidents honored the selection with the appointment.

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