Federal Court Declares Trump a Flight Risk in Secret Subpoena Decision

The disclosure of a subpoena of Twitter by Special Counsel Jack Smith was surprising in a number of respects, including the hefty $350,000 fine imposed by U.S. District Court Beryl Howell (left) for a three-day delay as the company sought to address the demand. However, the two most surprising, and concerning, elements were that the subpoena was secret and Howell justified it, in part, on Trump being a flight risk. Neither seems warranted in this case even assuming that the subpoena was in other respects warranted.

Special counsel Jack Smith subpoenaed and obtained a search warrant related to former President Trump’s account on Twitter, now X. However, he also sought the information with a nondisclosure order that prohibited X from disclosing the existence or contents of the search warrant to Trump or anyone else. However, Trump already knew he was under investigation, so why was there a need for nondisclosure?

The court found that Trump might change his course of conduct but that seems unlikely. If anything Trump has been most consistent in his social media practices. Indeed, while some of us have criticized him for his posting, he has remained entirely undeterred.

The lower court stated that “The district court found that there were ‘reasonable grounds to believe’ that disclosing the warrant to former President Trump ‘would seriously jeopardize the ongoing investigation’ by giving him ‘an opportunity to destroy evidence, change patterns of behavior, [or] notify confederates.'”

It is not clear how Trump would destroy the evidence in possession of Twitter, particularly after the company is informed that it must preserve and disclose the meta data.

Then there was the added rational that was tucked into footnote 2 of the D.C. Circuit opinion: Trump might flee.

Judge Howell actually agreed that the former President was a flight risk.

Process that for a second. Trump has 24/7 security. So Howell agreed that he might shake his sizable security detail, evade them, and go on the lam. He is one of the most recognized figures in the world. He would have to go to Mars to live incognito.

It is facially absurd. Trump has been sued and criminally charged across the country. He has never made a break for it. Where would he go? Cuba?

The finding of a flight risk undermines the credibility of the court’s order. This is not to question the ability to force the release of the information. However, the need for secrecy is far from evident. Rather it succeeded in preventing any challenge.

Here is the D.C. Circuit opinion: Trump-Twitter Opinion

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  1. Our Achilles heel has been discovered by the left: They have proven the constitution and the rule of law to be meaningless. Our constitution is now a meaningless relic for academics to write postmortem books about.
    When Trump is boxed up and done, the government is not going to back down and announce: “Okay. We did what we came to do, Trump is gone and we won. Now we are going back to the way it was.”
    The fight for domestic hegemony does not work that way. The democrats are energized and on a warpath that no one has the ability to stop. If you dare try, you will find 50 federal charges stacked on you before you get your shoes on.
    As Aristotle said: “My fellow citizens, we have finally screwed the pooch!”

  2. Why are we surprised that the Leftists who’ve burrowed into and then taken over our institutions are delusional hate-fueled ideologues?

    Not a rhetorical question.

  3. All this does is prove how corrupt these investigations of Trump are.

    First we have tghe entirely illegal and unconstitutional Crossfire Huricane investigation predicated on a known hoax by Clinon and followed by a special counsel who issued warrants and subpeonas based on WHAT ?

    I doubt many are surprised at further lawlessness by federal prosecutors and federal judges.

    This is what happens when politics clouds your judgement.

    If you are incapable of the simple logic necessary to grasp how stupid much less unconstitutional this is,
    then you should not be a judge or even a lawyer.

    Does the Judge really beleive that not only all social media services, but all archival services on the internet are going to conspire with Trump to destroy evidence ?

    Again if you do not have the logical skills to understand that – you should not be a lawyer much less a judge.

    We certainly do not want judges with the power to trample peoples constitutional rights who do not have to cognative skills to grasp their own stupidity.

    Even more troubling is that this occured in such a high profile case.

    One of the benefits and terrors of the Trump prosecutions is that these people could do this to ANYONE if they wanted.
    And unlike Trump millions of people would not likely find out and be shocked.

    It does not matter whether you beleive Trump is getting specail – favorable treatment, special – unfavorable treatment or the same treatment as others.

    What we are seeing is WRONG

  4. Why the F wasn’t the warrant & non-disclosure leaked? It would have been front page news. Jack Smith is an ass. T45 should sue this jerk immediately….I really don’t see any reasonable grounds or probable cause for the search warrant. Any Judge would instantly see that this was only a *fishing expedition* & would immediately dismiss the application.

  5. The ruling demonstrates that Howell is simply a nincompoop whose decisions are devoid of credibility.

  6. Supposedly one of Trumps trials is going to start on January 2nd. That would carry it right through election season. It will be all Trump all the time. Any publicity, is good publicity.

  7. Perhaps something in the water? I heard that the Romans used lead plumbing to distribute the potable water to their homes, and there has been some suspicion that mental madness overtook many of them due to this exposure? Perhaps there is another such environmental reason for what justifies the abject insanity that appears to displace rational thought flowing out of Washington DC?

      1. Elementary, My Dear Watson!

        Where else do you suppose NUTCHACHACHA, aka Gigi, got it, other than, shall we say close, personal contact among comrades with a virulently “contagious” area?

    1. Perhaps something in the water?….abject insanity that appears to displace rational thought flowing out of Washington DC?

      Definitely not the water. Dennis isn’t the only troll exhibiting irrational thought. Dennis’ clinical features include progressive cognitive decline and behavioral changes over the past several months. Neuropsychological examination revealed mild to moderate dementia (Mini Mental State Examination score was 16/30) with impaired memory and attention, and executive dysfunction. Pyramidal, and extrapyramidal signs, as well as dysarthria and impairment in coordination, were documented. Brain magnetic resonance imaging would likely show cortical atrophy with noticeable bilateral hippocampal atrophy.

      Diagnosis: Neurosyphilis with dementia

      Treatment: Run as a Democrat for Congress.

    2. Yeah it’s called Satan… luciferianism.
      It’s time to wake up to what’s going on it’s a spiritual battle we’re facing Satan’s Legion that’s why their side is always coordinated together.




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