Fani Willis Fights for a Mass Trial As the Georgia Defendants Scatter

Below is my column in The Messenger on the early struggle of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis to preserve her strategy of holding a mass 19-person trial over the 2020 election case involving former president Donald Trump. Not only are defendants scattering, but some are seeking to go to federal court where the trial would not likely be televised, as the Georgia prosecutors reportedly want. The hearing on the removal gave a glimpse into the case. Regardless of the ruling of the court, it is likely to be appealed.

Here is the column:

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis appears in federal court in Atlanta today to fight for the ability to try her massive racketeering case against former President Donald Trump and 18 other defendants in a state court in Fulton County, Ga. Trump’s final White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows, has filed to remove the case to federal court due to his prior federal office and duties. There are good arguments on both sides of the motion.

However, more is at stake for Willis than a change of courtrooms.

Willis used a sweeping racketeering theory to snare Trump and others in an alleged conspiracy that is the aggregation of more than 160 insular acts, ranging from tweets to speeches to specific actions. Some of these individuals face tough charges involving alleged access to voting machines and other specific crimes. However, Willis is trying to hold together a case to try them en masse and in state court. As her defendants try to scatter, Willis will be running between federal and state courts to herd them back into one collective trial.

Trying 19 people in one case is never easy. It is like a potato-sack race with 38 legs and everyone moving at different paces. While linked in this alleged conspiracy, these defendants are loosely grouped together. Large racketeering cases are nothing new, but they generally are linked by more sturdy connections, such as an organized crime syndicate, or other more conventional criminal elements.

For some of the defendants, the framing of the case may be a greater threat than the alleged crimes. Collective prosecution can encourage a jury to mete out collective punishment. Willis clearly wants to paint all of the defendants with the same brush. That is more difficult if they are tried separately or in small groups.

Willis already faces two challenges.

First is the desire of defendants like Meadows and Trump to remove the case to federal court. Here, the political character of their alleged actions works in Willis’ favor. In his brief, Meadows concedes that “all the substantive allegations in the Indictment concern unquestionably political activity.” That raises an obvious challenge that the Hatch Act bars many political activities by federal officials and thus moves them outside of the official duties of figures like Meadows. However, White House chiefs of staff have always addressed political issues, from Capitol Hill to state legislatures. For a person with that portfolio, what constitutes a campaign matter and what constitutes an official matter can become blurred. Moreover, Willis’s inclusion of a wide array of actions and statements makes it more likely that some arguably official duties may be raised at trial.

Second, some defendants are not keen on being tried in gross. They are willing to give up the time needed to prepare a defense in exchange for putting themselves on a different trial schedule. Defendants like attorneys Sidney Powell and Kenneth Chesebro have demanded their constitutional right to a speedy trial, and Willis has proposed an October date. That is roughly five months before the proposed date for the mass trial.

The combination of defendants seeking speedy trials and those seeking removal to federal court could make Willis’s original strategy unwieldy, if not unworkable.

The division of the cases also could make the prosecution more fair for the defendants, since some of them could be prejudiced by a mass trial. Many are the type of low-hanging-fruit defendants that prosecutors often charge in the hope that they will cooperate to avoid financial ruin or potential incarceration. For example, Stephen Cliffgard Lee, Harrison William Prescott Floyd and Trevian C. Kutti are charged with attempting to influence Fulton County election worker Ruby Freeman’s testimony before the grand jury; Lee is specifically charged with traveling to Georgia and knocking on Freeman’s door in an attempt to influence her testimony. Likewise, other defendants like Scott Graham Hall are charged with seeking illegal access to voting machines.

The indictment does not establish particularly strong connections to such individual actions as part of this conspiracy. Yet trying them together allows the prosecution to give them a more sinister, conspiratorial patina.

Willis also faces the reality that, even if the federal district judge is sympathetic, the removal motions will need to be reviewed on appeal. They involve challenging questions over the scope of not just laws like the Hatch Act but the duties of federal officials like Meadows. That could place those cases on a different trajectory for months.

The trial courts will have to render decisions on major constitutional challenges, including free-speech claims, before trial. However, defendants are generally forced to go to trial before they receive a full appellate review of such questions; since they have not been convicted, it is often viewed as premature to render an appellate decision. These are certainly unprecedented cases that could prompt review, but the defendants cannot count on such an intervention. Yet, while the appellate courts may allow the criminal cases to proceed to verdicts, these severance and removal motions could result in more narrow reviews on the appellate level.

Of course, Willis is not the only person with a challenging calendar. It remains controversial that Willis waited more than two years to bring this prosecution just before the next presidential election. Trump potentially faces four major prosecutions in the District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia and New York before the 2024 election. Some trials are scheduled for just before major Republican Party primaries. In Washington, U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan has already indicated that the court will not treat Trump differently because he is running for office.

However, there is a separate due process question raised by the daisy-chained trial schedule. Even without a national political campaign, any defendant would be hard-pressed to prepare for all of these trials before the general election — and that is not even counting the civil cases pending against him. In one federal case alone, the government has 11 million pages of evidence that will have to be shown to the defense team.

It is often fun to debate whether someone would rather fight one horse-sized duck or a hundred duck-sized horses. However, the almost 100 counts now facing Trump in four different criminal cases are all horse-sized charges, and he has comparatively little time to fight them all in rapid succession.

Trump and his co-defendants must stand trial for these allegations, but criminal cases are supposed to be tests of evidence, not of endurance or exposure. Something has to give in this schedule — not in the interest of Trump, but in the interest of justice.

Jonathan Turley, an attorney, constitutional law scholar and legal analyst, is the Shapiro Chair for Public Interest Law at The George Washington University Law School.

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  1. Jonathan: The race baitors are coming out of their country club lounges. Dennis says Whatcha talkin’ bout Willis? is racist. Pretty sure its only cultural appropriation since it was a black kid that said it originally. He apparently thinks he is being anti-racist and that calling someone a racist is not a violation of your civility rule, because he is the arbiter of what is and is not racist.

    I guess his quote, she “gonna show Donald how we do it down heah in Jawja” is not racist.

    “That said, DJT is running out of other people’s money to pay his lawyers. Blah blah blah…”

    There we go. His latest plagiarism. This time its Newsweek. Ya know, he’s going to have to start changing some of the words if he doesn’t want me to find the text he’s stealing in 30 seconds.

    “All this means DJT will have very little to spend on his 2024 campaign.”

    Which is kinda the point, isn’t it JT?

    Now Dennis suggests that all of your “ignorant Trumper’s” somehow call up the Don and ask him to make a deal. Brilliant work there Dennis. So clever!!

    I know I’m saving my donation for Salon! Because they polled 600 Dennis McIntyre’s. Next to Media-ite, Vox and Huff P, they are the source for all of his brilliance.

  2. Is there really a UNIVERSAL Get Out Of Jail For Free Card??

    Well, yes, there IS such a thing! But it is kept well hidden and is known about by only a very few though, due to various reasons. The main one, is the populace is kept ignorant, dumbed down, as some like to say, via the public fool system. No one is taught real history or how to think about things anymore. Virtually no one knows what logic is or how to use it. Nearly everyone is taught only the mantra of “go along to get along”. Another one is “Why tell the truth, when a lie will serve almost as well?”. As if truth is a rare commodity that must not ever be wasted on trivial things, being saved for only the most momentous of occasions!
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    When one looks at the legal system as just a few snippets of it here and there, one at a time, it is difficult, if not impossible, to know what the entire picture looks like! But after looking at enough of those tiny little bits and pieces, recognizing how they overlap and interact with each other, remembering the importance of each one and its complexity and its location, the bigger picture can be seen to emerge from all of the chaos and confusion.
    Consider now the reversal of a land mark case called Roe v. Wade, in 2022. Back in 1973, the USSC/SCOTUS made a decision about the life or death of unborn babies. Then, 49 years later, a whole new panel of “judges” said that it was an egregious mistake that had been made, without ever bringing in any new evidence, witnesses or legal theories! How is that possible? One day the decision of 9 men was totally valid, as it had been for 49 years, and then suddenly, the next day, it was not! What almost no one noticed there, was that the USSC/SCOTUS announced to the whole wide world on that very same day, that it is incompetent, irrelevant and immaterial when it comes to making sound and logical and correct legal decisions! If those men in what is considered to be the highest court in the land could not render a correct decision, then how can ANY court in the 100% corrupted legal system, make correct decisions at ANY time? Are we to wait around for 49 years to see if it was right or not?
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    1. So Dennis, was your comment “Fani gonna show DJT how it’s done down heah in Jawja” racial or racist?

      But hey, we are all just dumb rednecks, so we don’t see through the fact that you put “racial’ in quotations but not the word you added—“slur”. There is no difference when you throw in that word. You added the word slur. You decided it was a slur, without any basis or argument other than “i said it is”. So now you know the distinction AND the difference. Irony….its a funny thing isn’t it.

      Instead of obfuscating, why don’t you explain how it was a racial slur? You are obligated by reason to say exactly how, because you called this person a racist, which actually IS a slur.

      I see now why you don’t respond much, and just choose to sling your plagiarized keyboard diarrhea around instead of engaging in discussion. You suck at it.

      1. “face an intelligent Black woman”—-Dennis

        I’m curious why you felt compelled to describe her as “an intelligent” black woman.

        Is that something like a “clean and bright” African American running for office?

  3. Jonathan: The racists are coming out from under their rocks. Anonymous (the lesser) says this: “When the judge addresses Trump in the court room, Trump should say ‘Whatchu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?'”. (3/31/23 @ 10:04 am). Trump has made simila racist attacks on DA Fani Willis. So Anonymous has gotten in line. He apparently thinks he is being funny and that your “Civility” rule doesn’t apply to him. Racist comments have no place anywhere and, I would think, especially not on your blog.

    That said, DJT is running out of other people’s money to pay his lawyers. His Save America PAC is almost broke–from $150 million down to only $3.7 million. He got an infusion of about $7 miion after his indictment in Fulton County. But how far is that going to go? DJT’s 4 criminal trials are going to cost tens of millions–especially if he appeals any convictions. A two or three week trial in Fulton County alone could cost as much as $10 million. All this means DJT will have very little to spend on his 2024 campaign.

    So why does a self-described “billionaire” have trouble paying his lawyers? Maybe, because he is not as rich as he claims? Or, maybe, DJT is just a grifter who wants his MAGA suckers to foot the bill. Now I know there are MAGA supporters on this blog. So when you get the next solicitation from the Trumpster here’s my suggestion on how to respond. Tell DJT this: “OK, Donald, I’ll give you another $50 on one condition. If you are convicted in any of your cases you have to return the money”. See if he accepts that condition.

    1. Know what is sad? Real sad. The number of people who do not know, comprehend, or understand the difference between raciAL and raciST and raciSM. Willis statement is certainly racial as it’s about a black kid, but nothing said can be racist or favor racism on either side.

      1. Thomas A SWINNEY: Know what is sad? Real sad. The number of white people on this blog who refuse to recognize their own racism. So they hide behind attempted humor to hide their racism. Anonymous (the lesser) tried to do that with his racist attack against Fani Willis. And you got it wrong. It wasn’t a statement by Willis. It was words Anonymous tried to put in the mouth of DJT when he has to face an intelligent Black woman in the courtroom for the first time. No one should be fouled by Anonymous’s racist slur. But do tell me the difference between “raciAL, and raciST and raciSM”. That is a distinction without a difference! If you make a “racial” slur that’s racism and you are a racist!

        1. Fani Willis is ABUSING the power given to her (so is the Republican governor who hates Trump and KNOWS the Georgia election was rigged and stolen)….
          Fani Willis deserves to not only be removed from her position, but mocked, ridiculed, dissed, disrespected and criticized until kingdom come…..THAT is the fact of the matter that stupid racist people like yourself will never see.

        2. So Dennis, was your comment “Fani gonna show DJT how it’s done down heah in Jawja” racial or racist?

          But hey, we are all just dumb rednecks, so we don’t see through the fact that you put “racial’ in quotations but not the word you added—“slur”. There is no difference when you throw in that word. You added the word slur. You decided it was a slur, without any basis or argument other than “i said it is”. So now you know the distinction AND the difference. Irony….its a funny thing isn’t it.

          Instead of obfuscating, why don’t you explain how it was a racial slur? You are obligated by reason to say exactly how, because you called this person a racist, which actually IS a slur.

          I see now why you don’t respond much, and just choose to sling your plagiarized keyboard diarrhea around instead of engaging in discussion. You suck at it.

          1. “face an intelligent Black woman”—-Dennis

            I’m curious why you felt compelled to describe her as “an intelligent” black woman.

            Is that something like a “clean and bright” African American running for office?

            1. Or, lets give it more context…

              “…an intelligent Black woman in the courtroom for the first time.”—-Dennis


              1. Her physical appearance lends itself to her being called Black, it could support the description of “Woman” , but as to the intelligent part….we need far more evidence before we can assume that to be true.

                As a Lawyer might say….”I shall stipulate to the fact Fani is a Black Woman.”. The intelligent part needs to be debated further before I accept that as a fact.

      2. “That said, DJT is running out of other people’s money to pay his lawyers. His Save America PAC is almost broke–from $150 million down to only $3.7 million. He got an infusion of about $7 miion after his indictment in Fulton County. But how far is that going to go? DJT’s 4 criminal trials are going to cost tens of millions–especially if he appeals any convictions. A two or three week trial in Fulton County alone could cost as much as $10 million. All this means DJT will have very little to spend on his 2024 campaign.”

        And there it is…the Dennis plagiarism of the day….this time it was Newsweek, word for word.

    2. Mc DT should say; let me ax you dis judge just guessing you are an expert on ebonics, as you are on all else?

    3. O-o-h. Let’s try Trump for racism too! How about white supremacy? Any other Marxist/Democrat bugaboos? As long as we are wrecking the justice system and the Constitution to get him. Let’s go for it.

  4. When the judge addresses Trump in the court room, Trump should say “Whatchu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?” That would be hilarious.

    1. Agreed, it would be funny, but not quite as funny as when Biden asked Se. Chuck Graham to stand up a fundraiser, but, unfortunately, Chuck is is in a wheelchair. Or perhaps just as funny when Biden asked if the late Rep. Jackie Walorski, who died in a much publicized car accident eight weeks earlier, was at a White House event. Or when Biden told Charlemagne that he isn’t black if he doesn’t vote for a democrat. But my favorite, and I’m sure you will agree, since you seem to have a keen sense of humor, was in August 2020 when Biden told a gathering of black and Hispanic journalists that “unlike the African American community, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly different attitudes about different things.”

  5. Jonathan: You are having a hard time finding support for your claim that DJT was only seeking a “recount” during that Jan. 2nd phone call with Brad Raffensperger. I haven’t been able to find anyone–a former judge, former prosecutor or professor of law–who supports your theory. Eric Seagal, Professor of Law at Georgia State University, calls you “a disgrace to my profession. Man, Turley, Eastman, the Dersh…Ugg!” Even your conservative brethren, Michael Luttig, William Baude, Michael Paulsen–even you close friend Bill Barr– have deserted you. Your petty fight with WP writer Philip Bump doesn’t help your case.

    And you have been unable to point to any recent poll for support. A new Salon poll shows 66% of Americans “strongly approve” of DJT’s indictment by Fani Willis. Full disclosure, I participated in the Salon poll. I won’t disclose how I voted–but you can guess. I have only only one Q. Is that big paycheck from Fox really worth it?

    1. “You are having a hard time finding support . . .”

      Appeal to majority is not an argument. It’s a fallacy.

      “Is that big paycheck from Fox really worth it?”

      Ad hominem, psychologizing is not an argument. It, too, is a fallacy. (And a particularly vicious one.)

      You are now free to continue your blathering.

      1. ATS,
        The good professor wrote this column for The Messenger.
        You cannot even get small facts right.

      2. Hey Dennis, you do realize that Arnold was black and Willis was white, right???

        Apparently, you get your research on legacy TV from the same place as your sports, law and politics. Salon and Media-ite. Nice work.

    2. Hey Dennis

      Is that small check from Media-ite worth being made to look like a fool every single day by Dick Head?

    3. Dennis: Only a learned scholar such as yourself would conclude, without evidence, but with much confirmation bias seeking validation, that:
      (1) “recount” does NOT include a revised count of votes, after investigation and inspection for claims of illegality and fraud, –and not just recounting the same votes that were originally cast (as at least several whom you reference were referring to);
      (2) Philip Bump, like Marc Elias, is a trustworthy purveyor of truth and objective review;
      (3) the Salon poll contributors were basing their answers on the issue relating to a “recount.”
      (4) the persons cited by you are as well known, published, sought out for commentary, and respected as much as the good professor.
      Thanks anyway. Nice try.

    4. Good thing for Johnathan that that’s not what he’s been saying.

      The election was all fraudulent. We all know that. You might reasonably argue WHICH of the fraud techniques most affected the argument, but no sane honest person can still maintain it was legitimate.

      Trump was not asking for a recount of the votes. Trump was asking Raffensberger to DO HIS JOB and go look for fraudulent ballots we all know are in there. Brad refused, becoming complicit in the election theft. Brad’s crime, not Trump’s.

    5. “A new Salon poll” great reference. Maybe we should also use unbiased bastions like News Max or Info Wars?

    6. Salon poll Now Know that is a hoot. What they apparently do is poll the Dem (DNC) voting lists. For you and Eric Segal (among others) comments are disgraceful, despicable and to me reprehensible. You need to walk out from your pseudo-superficial self-righteous Facade and apologize to the the Prof and mankind. In the meanwhile, you need to be setting up appointments with you psychiatrist for the forthcoming disclosures against Joe Biden and his removal from office. There will be great Dem dissonance, and distress, Prior to 12-31-23 Selah

    7. Turley who before his cancellation by Trump haters like you for being objective was the second most often cited law prof in the country is a disgrace? Seriously?

      If Turley has erred, it is by putting lipstick on a pig in attempting an objective review of the Georgia indictments which in an earlier era would have correctly been branded as prosecutorial misconduct.

      Since we’re talking polls have you seen the polls revealing that half or more of the voting population believes the 2020 presidential election was rigged or flawed?

    1. “someone dies storming the Capitol for someone who raised her taxes.”

      The bug is afraid of a small woman because she stands straight while he slithers in the dirt.

      1. Yes killing an unarmed worman at a riot always seems justified. 90% of that crowd were just normal americans that felt their vote had been compromised. At least they went to the source and didn’t go loot the Nike store down the street. You can call J6 anything you want but it wasn’t an armed inserection. There was no reason for any deadly force that day.

    2. The bug boy, here to spread his lies until they are taken down. You have no idea how much that young lady paid in taxes before or during trumps tenure. I know i didnt pay more.

      In fact, show of hands for anyone here who felt this supposed tax hike at all??? Red Herrings don’t swim here, bug boy.

      Wanna know why i paid less tax in 2022 than i did in 2021? Because i made 10% less thanks to Bidenflation. Same revenue, TEN PERCENT higher costs. Thanks for the tax savings, Pres!

      1. Maybe you’d like to join GiGi in telling us all not to believe our lying a$$ banker, we really do have more money in our accounts than we did in 2018.

      2. Tom,
        We have a good friend who did pay more in taxes.
        BUT! She was also in a much higher tax bracket, no dependents, no tax havens.
        So, it worked just as it was intended to.
        We, in a much lower tax bracket compared to her’s, got money back.
        So, it worked just as it was intended to.
        However, you are correct, Bidenflation is impacting all the lower 90%. Bloomberg news is reporting that,

        “Among households using the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program’s boosted pandemic benefits, 42% skipped meals in August and 55% ate less because they couldn’t afford food, more than double last year’s share, according to a Wednesday report from Propel Inc., a benefits software developer.”

        “The data also highlight that households were worse off in August from just a month ago. Since July, an increasing share of low-income households had utilities shut off, couldn’t afford the prior month’s utility bill or couldn’t afford rent. More than two-thirds of those surveyed who were receiving boosted SNAP payments said they had some form of debt.”

        That is real economic pain the poor are feeling.

        1. Upstate, the Trump tax cut lowered taxes for many in the middle class. Those more affluent and have more than one home in highly taxed states can no longer deduct their property taxes above a certain amount.

          That is fair. Why should a person subsidize another because his state has high real estate taxes and he owns more than one home? Many New Yorkers complain a lot because they want handouts from others. Metropolitan NY prices are outrageous. They voted for it, so it should be their problem.

        2. Yeah, getting bad out here. I’ve noticed being in the landlord business there is getting to be a pretty large sub-culture of room renters out there. Reminds me of the boarding house days of the depression era. Take a gander at some of the rent-a-room sites online, there are some desperate souls looking for affordable shelter for rooms going for pretty close to what used to be house/apt rents not so long ago.

      3. Another lie.

        And as if we should care more about that than what our savings looks like, the fact some people can no longer afford a home, and $4 gas. Keep shoveling.

        1. In fact, hug, why don’t you tell the class the difference, on a $240,000 house, between 3% interest and 7% interest? Would it surprise you to know that it’s $270,000 difference??? Did anyone you know lose that much money on the trump tax “hike”?

  6. When vote-counting was inexplicably halted on Election Night, Trump led all these states by six figures. A combination of any three of these states holding would have secured him a second term, which is why Democrats fought so hard to steal them.

    But even putting state-specific statistics aside, a basic analysis of election history signals the improbability of Biden receiving the number of votes he allegedly did.

    Every general election since 2004 has seen between 120–130 million total votes. The 2020 election reportedly saw 155 million votes. There were roughly 168 million registered voters in 2020, which means that voter turnout in 2020 was an astonishing 92%.


    1. “Trump lost. The world is round. “

      Bug, the uneducated, the world (earth) is closer to an ellipsoid and somewhat irregular in shape. A basketball is round, but a deflated one is not. You resemble the deflated basketball.

      1. Ellipsoid is the word, not flat. You are somewhat flat representing the deflated basketball that cannot bounce.

  7. In March of 2022, former Wisconsin Supreme Court justice Michael Gabelman’s investigation unearthed a nursing home exploitation scheme so egregious that his suggested remedy was decertifying Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes. Even Assembly speaker Robin Vos, previously an election fraud denier, conceded that “widespread fraud” had occurred. Later, the state Supreme Court determined that the absentee ballot drop boxes through which 2 million votes were submitted during the election were actually illegal. The majority opinion described the outcome as “obtained by unlawful procedures,” as Wisconsin was decided by just 20 thousand votes.

  8. Da Judge is carrying out Democrats “wrap-up smear’ strategy as Pelosi articulated in 2017


      I agree (though more strongly than Turley communicates here) that Meadows sb specifically exempt from the Hatch Act as CoS.

      BUT, before any Court even considers the merits of that view, I would think that any FED “Hatch Act” issue could only be considered: IN A CASE THAT’s ACTUALLY IN FEDERAL COURT, NO?



      I see so many obvious problems with Team Fanni (& many activist pundits) all suddenly & simultaneously trying to feverishly apply the Hatch Act as some kind of weapon against Meadows here, & I’m surprised that Turley isn’t addressing any of them. So, I’m truly interested especially in any lawyer’s thoughts on any of them, including:

      1) In last weeks Ruling, Judge Jones listed the threshold requirements that Meadows would have to meet in order to eventually get the case moved to FED Court, and nowhere did Judge Jones even once mention that NOT violating the Hatch Act was 1 such requirement. How could the Judge suddenly add it now, then, as part of his Removal Determination?

      2) Is the Hatch Act even a normal consideration for Removal? If not, has there been a single instance in US Case History where the Hatch Act was ever considered by a FED Court in deciding whether to grant removal to FED Court?

      3) Wouldn’t any potential Hatch Act violation have to first be investigate by the OSC, per 5 U.S.C. § 1216 (a)(1)(2)? If so, then how can any FED Judge consider it without the appropriate investigation, and without the appropriate persons or body having even made the violation claim?

      4) Can a FED Hatch Act Violation even be raised by State Prosecutors as part of their case? Has this ever been done before?

      5) Has the civil-remedy Hatch Act ever been used to remove color of office from someones alleged criminal actions, in order to also, eg, keep Immunity or other defenses off the table?

  9. Jonathan: Just when you thought I couldn’t possibly spew any more senseless drivel than I already have, I am here to prove you wrong again!

    We know Joe Bidens favorite pasttime is making crap up. He does it every day. He was really upset he had to interrupt his sniffing little girls hair to make some more crap up. It appears Pedo Joe will skip falling off his bike on 9/6 so he can go make some more crap up. For him, making crap up comes before tripping on sandbags or grabbing an 8 year olds breast.

    And Biden is proud of his stories. He got Strom Thurmon to vote for the civil rights act in his latest. Then, for thoise who care, and most don’t, he made up a flag draped coffin story about Beau for the gold star parents of Kabul.

    Now I will demonstrate my total ignorance about golf and conflate “Pro Championships” with a “Senior Club Championship”.. yikes…I guess I got my info from the same “in the know” people that I get all my other scoops from.

    Now everyone knows Biden cheats at life. Don’t distract me, I’m on a roll proving my ignorance about golf and “athletes”. Anyone ever seen Craig Stadler or John Dailey play golf??? They must be cheating to have had all that success as professional. What’s that you say?? I should stick to looking like an idiot with my politics instead of my complete and utter failure at commenting on sports??

    The only reason I bring this up is I am a complete embecile and needed another avenue to demonstrate that to everyone here.

    If Joe Biden lies about well, just about everything, frankly, I don’t care. I still think he’s telling the truth about his dealings with Hunter…all 3 of his stories.

    Theres a red under my bed
    And there’s a little ORANGE man in my head
    And he said, “you’re not going crazy, you’re just a bit sad”
    “‘Cause there’s a man in ya, gnawing ya, tearing ya into two”

    I’ll be back with more keyboard diarrhea later!


  10. Jonathan: We know DJT’s favorite past time is golf. He plays it every day. He was really upset he had to interrupt his golf game to surrender and be booked down at the Fulton County, GA jail. It appears DJT will opt not to make an appearance for his arraignment on 9/6 so he can concentrate on his golf game. For him golf comes before criminal indictments and arraignments.

    And DJT is proud of his golf game. He just announced the results of the recent Senior Club Championship at his Bedminster golf club: “I am pleased to report, for those that care [ and I doubt many do], that I just won the Senior Club Championship…shooting a round of 67”. Those in the know say senior championships are easier–a shorter cut rough and different tees from those used in pro championships.

    Now everyone knows DJT cheats at golf. Just ask Tiger Woods and Oscar de la Hoya. So give DJT his due if he actually played a 67 round. Nevertheless, DJT was defensive about his cheating: “Some people think that sounds low…I don’t [cheat]…I am a good golfer/athlete”. I hear some chuckling in the background on that claim–so I looked up the ideal weight for a 6′-3″ male athlete. Between 176 and 216 lbs. When DJT turned himself in for booking at the Fulton County Jail he self-declared his weight as 215 lbs. Fishy? You’re right. From his past medical exams as any guide he weighs somewhere between 230 and 250 libs–and that is being generous. Anyone seen a video of DJT playing golf lately? All that fat around the middle is proof positive he ain’t no “athlete”.

    The only reason I bring this up is if DJT cheats at golf, lies about his weight and claims he is an “athlete”, is there any reason we should believe his claims the 2020 election was “stolen” from him and that all the prosecutors and judges are part of a conspiracy of “election interference”?

    1. I don’t know Dennis. Lets use your barometer for Joe biden.

      He lied about Corn Porp
      He lied about College
      He lied about law school
      He lied about the train conductor
      He lied about Nelson Mandela
      He lied about his son Beau’s death
      He lied about his kitchen fire
      He lied about Strom Thurmond

      But you belive him about his dealings with Hunter. All 3 of his changing stories.

      1. “I’m pretty sure Tom is an intern at fox news.”

        It’s your prerogative to be wrong little bug boy, but man, you seem to enjoy it.

        Care to name which Biden lie YOU believe?

        1. LMAO forgive me for pivoting from your useless drivel, bug face, but if you’ll note, that was my post, because yours went to the sh!thole where it belonged. But just to satisfy your wet dream i’ll say it again. I am a retired Navy Submariner and successful business owner in the power generation industry. I make people like you look stupid as a hobby.

          And in another bit of irony, you actually think that in the context of this particular blog, that “works for fox news” is a put down. LMAO Keep swinging, bug face!

          And by the way, i thought that once i said you were wrong that would put that to rest for you (it would for any intelligent person). So not really a pivot given that you asked the question in reply to my post about which Biden lie Dennis believes. Maybe you’d like to answer now, sir piviots-a-lot?

      2. LMAO at Dennis complete and utter failure at commenting on golf.

        Get this everybody…News Flash!!!

        The tees and rough are shorter at the Bedminster Senior Club Championship than at the PGA Championship.

        I bet the Don couldn’t shoot a 67 at Torrey Pines South (7,765 yards) when it’s set up for the US Open (4″ rough).

        And don’t believe your lying eyes. Those fat a$$es Craig Stadler and John Daly did NOT win 3 major championships between them. No way you can be overweight and be an athlete!

        Brilliant commentary, D!

        1. I just found Dennis’ source for his latest nose picking attack on DJT.

          Media-ite LMAO

          Nice to see that his peeps “in the know”, know about as much about golf as they do about the law or politics.

          Copied and pasted the story near word for word, eh Dennis? The next time you plagiarize, at least include the credits, will ya?

          I mean, is this what we have to look forward to? You just regurgitating the tedious rambings of lazy, biased “reporters”?

          This is the same source Gigi used for her lie that Rudy gave the loptop to the FBI and that the inflation rate when Trump left office was 8%.

          Have you even had an original thought the last month? I see now why you wont engage in actual converstation. You can’t cut and paste your responses.

        2. And I really love this one.

          “so I looked up the ideal weight for a 6′-3″ male athlete. Between 176 and 216 lbs.”

          Oh really? Did you look that up on the Media-ite website? Or was it the “Everything you wanted to know about the ideal male athlete” website? Or did you find that in your subscription of Vogue?

          Tell me, whats the ideal weight of a 6’3″ shot putter? Darryl is 6’3″ and weighs 320 pounds.

          How about a 6’3″ power lifter? Don Reinhoudt was 6’3″ and weighed 380 lbs.

          The Pro golfers that Dick Head mentioned…

          Craig Stadler- 5’10″/250 lbs, 31 championships world wide, 13 on the PGA Tour
          John Daly-5’11″/250 lbs, 21 championships world wide, including 2 majors

          I wonder what the ideal weight for a 6’3″ jockey is??? LMAO at this guy.

          1. Tom brought facts to the table.
            Seems like it is you and Dennis are the ones that are going nuts about Trump.

          2. For those of us who have common sense, logic, critical thinking skills and a sense of humor, we all knew the 6’3″ jockey was a joke.
            The fact you missed that shows how idiotic you are.
            Go buy yourself a sense of humor.

            1. Thanks for saving me the trouble. Upstate. Jokes arent as funny when you gotta ‘splain ‘em to the dimwits. His IQ may actually be lower than i suspected.

              And even though you told him it was a joke, he probably still doesnt realize that it was ridiculing Dennis for his asinine assertion. And that he brought even more attention to it with his asinine comment. LMAO
              Poor Dennis. With boot lickers like the bug boy, who needs critics?

              1. Its funny that we gotta do this every morning. Bug face comes in, starts spouting his drivel, gets his A$$ handed to him over and over, and then all his crap gets taken down, leaving only the replies that would embarrass and shame any self respecting human.

                And the irony is, he thinks WE’RE all upset. LMAO

              1. Thanks Tom for keeping me all proper with my ad references!!!

                Why would we expect you to get that right, when the only useful contribution you’ e ever made to this site is “There are no 6’3” professional jockeys!!” Lmao

                And then you gave real bones to that exclamation with “Full stop”


                “I didnt get the joke, so the JOKE is idiotic”—-bug face

            2. Upstate Farmer: “Go buy yourself a sense of humor.”
              Not for sale.
              We’re keeping all forms of humor in our back pockets, so that we can address some of the comments here with fun and poignant table-turning. Many kitchen sinks have been so emptied.
              Supply and demand.
              Humor is cheaper. And feels better than being forced to buy hatred, divisiveness, and personal attacks.

            3. Again you delve into what got you terminated from the blog, though more indirectly. That represents your level of intellect. Shall we call it the bug locker room level of intellect? You couldn’t recognize a 6 foot 3 inch jockey as humor. You are as dumb as a pile of bricks.

          3. A new high water mark in lack of self awareness by he TDS plagued bug.

            Lmao that he thinks i am motivated by fondness for trump instead of the pure joy of showing he and dennis for what they are.

            1. That one landed like a lead baloon yesterday. Did u really think it would fly today? Might want to look for some new material bug boy.

    2. Thank you, Dennis. Stormy Daniels said it best when she saw the report of DJT’s alleged weight: she said she has been “under” many men who weigh 215, and DJT is NOT one of them.

      1. And Gigi is too dumb to realize that that means she was on top the whole time…LMAO

        Told any good lies lately Gigi?

      2. “Thank you Dennis (gug gug gug) for that sad commentary on your lack of knowlege of golf and sports in general (gug gug gug). Did I do it right Daddy?”—–Natacha

        1. Desperation?
          If you want to read desperation, read Dennis and Natasha’s comments.
          Tom is just owning them.

          1. You’ve got ‘em rolling in the aisles with that one bug face.

            Is it just that you dont have time to waste coming up with something clever to say?




    BIDEN – 72.65%

    TRUMP – 26.16

  12. Jonathan: You raise a number of issues in your column that needs some clarification, from the smartest person I know….me!!

    1. SEVERANCE: Judge McAfee granted the severance and Chesebro is scheduled for trial on 10/23/23. Fani Willis just filed a motion with McFee to have him clarify his order because his ruling conflicts with her foot stamping fits!!
    Remember the brilliant argument in A Few Good Men? “But your honor, I strenuously object!!!” LMAO Fani is brilliant!

    2. HATCH ACT: Mark Meadows has filled (or maybe I meant filed)to have his case removed to federal court. Meadows has a steep climb for several reasons. #1—He got Fani on his fanny and she a brilliant prosecutor. She gonna show him how it done down heah in Jawja! That is, until his case is moved to Federal court LMAO. #2— my good friend Jabba the Libtard Lawyer said that they gonna charge Meadows with the Hatch Act. You get that??? Man he in trouble fo sho!
    Now I’m gonna spend 30 lines explaining what the Hatch act is, on account of I’m a brilliant lawyer type who makes $850 an hour, and you don’t know jack.

    Now let me tell y’all what really went on at that hearing, because it’s not what’s been reported. It’s something else altogether. Meadows didnt hand Fani her fanny, like many say. I found 3 other hacks who disagree. She gots an email he never wrote!!! Don’t bore me with facts! He is gonna fry!

    3. RICO CONSPIRACY: You need to read the indictment again. Because we all know that INDICTMENT=EVIDENCE. Don’t believe your lying eyes!! Listen to me!! It’s not all falling apart on Fani. The only “sinister” part here is the way you people try to shout me down and don’t appreciate my keyboard diarrhea.

    Theres a red under my bed
    And there’s a little Orange man in my head
    And he said, “you’re not going crazy, you’re just a bit sad”
    “‘Cause there’s a man in ya, gnawing ya, tearing ya into two”

  13. I’m sure every Judge is gleefully anticipating this steaming pile showing up in their court. I mean, this “novel” use of the laws.

  14. Jonathan: You raise a number of issues in your column that needs some clarification:

    1. SEVERANCE: Ken Chesebro (along with other defendants) has requested a “speedy trial”–trying to sever his case from the rest of his co-defendants. Judge McAfee granted the severance and Chesebro is scheduled for trial on 10/23/23. Fani Willis just filed a motion with McFee to have him clarify his order because his ruling conflicts with GA law on severance. Willis is saying there is no good reason to sever Chesebro’s case from the rest. She wants to try all the cases together on 10/23. We’ll see how Judge McAfee rules

    2. HATCH ACT: Mark Meadows has filled to have his case removed to federal court. Meadows has a steep climb for several reasons. As you pointed out in your column Meadows made an inculpatory admission that “all the substantive allegations in the Indictment concern unquestionably political activity”. Meadows has other problems.

    The Hatch Act specifically bars federal officials from involvement in political activity. In his testimony on Monday in the hearing on removal Meadows took a very expansive view of his duties as DJT’s chief of staff. And you falsely claim the separation of what is official and what is political is “blurred”. No, it is not. For example, federal and state prosecutors can’t engage in political activity while on the job. They can’t use their offices, emails or telephones to get involved in campaigns. If they want to support a candidate for office they must do that from home, on their own personal time using their personal phones or computers, etc. Meadows clearly crossed the line as Fani Willis’s indictment shows. In the infamous Jan. 2 Oval Office phone call Meadows set it up and participated in DJT’s effort to get Brad Raffensperger to change the vote count in Georgia. There were other acts of political activity Meadows was engaged in that were squarely within the Hatch Act prohibitions.

    On Monday at the hearing on the removal issue, Meadows made other incriminating admissions. Meadows admitted he recommended DJT call Georgia’s Secy. of State Chief Investigator, Frances Watson–the purpose of which was to try to get her to change the vote count. That was not within Meadows “official duties”–it was a crime. A number of legal experts have weighed in on Meadow’s testimony. Ryan Goodman, NYU professor of law, says: “He’s toast… Meadows in some respects has even more criminal exposure than Trump”. Marc Short, top legal advisor to VP Pence, says the same thing. Randal Eliason, law professor at GWU where you also teach, says: “Meadows position boils down to a claim that if Trump robbed a bank while president and Meadows helped him, that would be part of his official duties as chief of staff…I don’t think that’s gonna fly”. So if you think Meadows has a good case for removal you need to consult with your colleague at GWU!

    3. RICO CONSPIRACY: You claim the indictment “does not establish particularly strong connections to such individual actions as part of the conspiracy. Yet tying them together allows the prosecution to give them a more sinister, conspiratorial patina”. You need to read the indictment again. All the overt acts listed in the indictment by each and every one of the defendants were part of an illegal effort, a conspiracy to overturn the election in Georgia. That’s what conspiracy is all about and that’s the beauty of a RICO indictment. The only “sinister” part here is the illegal scheme by DJT and his 18 co-conspirators and how they tried to carry it out!

    1. >”The Hatch Act specifically bars federal officials from involvement in political activity.”

      They might as well bar water from running down hill, the sun from shining, the birds from chirping and the flowers from growing.

      I don’t think the Democrats want to go there. Goose/Gander. Everything Joe Biden does is a calculated political activity. .. including his appointment of Merrick/Weiss over the Hunter Biden case.

      *Biden=political activity

    2. I’m sorry, did I miss something, and Meadows has been charged under the Hatch Act??


  15. Turley says: “Willis clearly wants to paint all of the defendants with the same brush.” I disagree. Whenever you have piecemeal litigation involving an overall scheme to bring about an objective like what’s here, Defendants present in the court room will point to the empty chairs of those not present to deflect blame away from their conduct. Since the empty chairs aren’t present to defend themselves, there’s no push-back, and Willis shouldn’t be placed in the position to try to defend those not present and then turn around and try to prosecute them, too. Piecemeal litigation also makes it more difficult for a jury to connect the dots so as to get the big picture–and there IS a big picture here. It’s not a series of unrelated incidents at all. And, I disagree with “Ogre” that most of the 19 didn’t know they were engaged in a criminal enterprise. What did those who signed false Electoral College documents think they were doing when they averred, under oath, that Trump DID win Georgia? How about those who harassed Ruby Freeman and her daughter, whom Trump accused of bringing “suitcases” of fake ballots to be tabulated? It’s absurd to argue that they didn’t understand that these actions were to try to give Georgia to Trump even though he lost. This conduct is pieces of a bigger puzzle, all designed to help Trump cheat to stay in office.

    As to the “11 million pages” argument–many of these documents are repetitious–like attachments to emails and the like and many were authored by or came from the Defendants themselves. There aren’t 11 million pages of unique documents.

    As to the argument that Willis somehow “waited” to bring charges: the grand jury in Fulton County meets only twice weekly. Willis began grand jury proceedings in February, 2021, the month after Jan 6th. She wasn’t dragging her feet, but, instead, made sure she had a full quantum of evidence and locked in the testimony of key witnesses before indicting Trump and the others. Trump announced his candidacy before leaving office, so no matter what timeframe for indicting him, he’d argue election interference. The 2024 election is over a year away.

    1. Gigi, back with more lies. It’s never enough is it? Let’s just start with the one you left off with yesterday. You claimed that the inflation rate when Trump left office was 8%. Have you ever told a bigger lie than that? And the irony is, you were at the time protesting being called a LIAR about inflation rates, LMAO.

      So state now for the record please. What was the actual inflation rate when Trump left office?

      And how long did it take Biden to get it to eclipse 8%?

      Its no wonder you think things are better now than under Trump. Wowsa!


        1. “There aren’t 11 million pages of unique documents.”

          Because you’ve seen them, right??

          When you state something as fact, you better have a better source than your previous ones.

          Why don’t you tell us the exact number, since u seem to,know so much (as if the exact number even matters)?

          Freakin’ hilarious….its not 11 million, its only 3 million…LMAO

    2. Fanni Willis is certainly one of the most masterful legal minds of our time. I can’t believe people think she was “put up to this” novel use of the laws.

      1. “Fanni Willis is certainly one of the most masterful legal minds of our time.”

        Pretty sure she’d be working at The Varsity or The Clermont Lounge, were it not for affirmative action. LMAO

      2. cunaeus: What’s “novel” here is someone in the office of POTUS who tried to cheat to stay in office. THAT’s never happened before in our history, and unless Trump and the others are prosecuted for trying to cheat a second time to give him power contrary to the will of the American people, it WILL happen again.

        1. Thanks for another opportunity to call you out, Gigi. Do you really think your opinion carries any weight when it’s based on lies? The person you responded to likely believes that it was your party that cheated, and you aren’t gonna convince anyone otherwise when all you do is lie. ‘Fess up your lies, and you’ll have some moral authority to accuse someone of cheating. Or don’t and continue to look like an idiot and a LIAR.

          1. Guess you better start thinking of a new screen name Natacha. Looks like you’ve worn this one out too.

          2. Tom: do you think anybody believes you to be anything other than a troll? A Republican-controlled Senate Committee investigated and found that Russia helped Trump “win” in 2016. He lost again in 2020.

            1. Another lie. Stack that one up next to the inflation rate. I’m not taking the bait on stuff thats arguable, nice try. I like facts, not opinion.

              It’s a fact that the inflation rate was ONE POINT FOUR PERCENT when Trump left office.

              It’s also a fact that you lied about it. You said it was EIGHT PERCENT. Did ya get that from watching Rachel Maddow???

              I am a retired Navy Submariner and a succesful business owner in the power generation industry. If trolling your lies makes me a troll, so be it. Not gonna stop either, Natacha.

              1. I also enjoy plaing baseball, golf and tennis. But my favorite pasttime has become pointing out the dishonesty and idiocy of you and your cohorts.

  16. Only Trump will go to trial. The rest will take plea bargains. They love Trump, but they don’t want to go to prison for him.

    1. This message brought to you by the Psychic Democrats Hotline, accuratedly predicting the future since “Hillary in a landslide.’

    2. “Willis shouldn’t be placed in the position to try to defend those not present and then turn around and try to prosecute them, too.”

      Guess little miss brilliance has another regret for bringing a RICO charge.


    1. What is your point? Are you trying to deflect from the fact that your statements contradict one another and cannot be trusted? Are you trying to prove you can link? You can, but can you think?

  17. Democrats have opened a whole new vista of lawfare in recent years, which presumably could come back to haunt them.

    The Democrat House impeached Trump after he had left office, which presumably means the current Republican House can impeach Biden after he left office as Vice President for his money laundering, extortion using U.S. funds (the $billion for firing Shoikin), and tax evasion.

    Now a Democrat prosecutor has put 19 people under a RICO umbrella, most of whom had no connection with each other and did not even know they were engaged in a criminal enterprise. That presumably leaves Biden, his family members, bankers and the “Big Guy’s” business associates joinable by RICO.

    “Presumably” and “inevitably” are universes apart, but the basis is there for Republicans to do unto Democrats as Democrats are doing unto Republicans. The “do unto” is unlikely, to say the least, since most of the Republican Party leadership loathes Trump as much as the Democrats do, maybe more.

    1. >”The Democrat House impeached Trump after he had left office,”

      No, but you’re close. Iirc, the impeachment officially began Jan. 16, just 10 days after Jan. 6. I believe that’s why Turley calls it (the 2nd impeachment) a ‘snap impeachment’.

      *Speaking of Jan. 6, Special Counsel Smith’s pending case and the 14th amendment .. .

      “”We have to have a final certification of eligible candidates [for the primary ballot] by Dec. 14 for Arizona’s presidential preference election,” Fontes told NBC News. “And because this will ultimately end up in court, we are taking this very seriously.” story

      1. The same day, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave Vice President Mike Pence an ultimatum to invoke Section 4 of the 25th Amendment to assume the role of acting president within 24 hours, or the House would proceed with impeachment proceedings.

      2. he was “impeached” on February 13, 2021, and removed from office, the punishment for impeachment, AFTER he had already left office.

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