“A 3.22 Threat”: Six-Year-Old Suspended for Using Finger Gun in Game of Cops and Robbers

J.B. may be the ultimate example of the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) pledge to give up their gun when it is pried from their cold, dead hands. In the case of six-year-old J.B., his gun is his hand.  J.B. this week became the latest child to be suspended for pointing a finger gun. In this case, the adults at the Bagley Elementary School in Jefferson County, Alabama believed that a finger gun violated their zero tolerance policy. We have previously discussed the lunacy of the zero tolerance policies under which teachers discipline children by exercising zero thought or judgment.

Jerrod Belcher says that his son was engaged in a game of “cops and robbers.” A notice of suspension shared with Fox News Digital states that Belcher’s son committed a “Class III” infraction on September 1 by “using his fingers to shoot at another student.” The fact that the district would put such an inane rule into the writing is particularly glaring.

Years ago, I wrote about the growing movement against toy guns  (here and here).

Since then, districts have disciplined toddlers and children for this harmless game (here and here and here and here and here and here and here) while also implementing buy back programs for toy guns.  Some teachers have actually called the police on finger gun felons.  Even drawing a picture of a gun can lead to suspension.

Apparently, J.B. not only engaged in a game of cops and robbers but actually added “bang, bang” to the game. It is shocking that such a menace was allowed to remain free in our society.

This absurdity is reportedly the product of Donna Page, Assistant Principal at Bagley Elementary School, who was given the report of a finger gun and immediately began a disciplinary process against J.B. Rather than use a modicum of discretion and common sense to protect this child, the school proceeded with formal disciplinary measures for a “3.22 Threat” infraction.

One can only imagine school security officers yelling “Code 3.22” into walkie talkies as adults scramble to face the threat of J.B.’s fully loaded finger guns.  After all, J.B. could imagine any calibre of weapon and has no limitation on reloading or ammo.

According to the Student and Parent Handbook for Bagley Elementary, Article 3.22 is “THREAT / INTIMIDATION (OF STUDENT)” includes “a threat to do serious bodily harm or violence to another student by word or act, cyber bullying, or intimidation that may induce fear into another.” Examples given are “a threat to kill, maim, or inflict serious harm; a threat to inflict harm involving the use of any weapon, explosive, firearm, knife, prohibited object, or other object which may be perceived by the individual being threatened as capable of inflicting bodily harm.”

What is striking about that rule is that it clearly does not fit a finger gun used in a game of cops and robbers. Yet, the school hammered this six-year-old because administrators  prefer to suspend a child than exercise logical judgment.

This ridiculous use of zero tolerance rules will not end until administrators  are held accountable. A few suspensions of staff would go a long way in restoring sanity to our schools.

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  1. The only thing that will restore sanity is to close all public schools and disband their accompanying unions.



      You just advocated that America strictly adhere to the clear meaning and intent of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

      You just recommended that America disband “accompanying unions.”

      You just advocated that America reject and repulse its mortal enemies, communists and communism, including the communist teachers and public workers unions.

      You must be an actual, patriotic, and constitutional American—persona non grata in America.

      Unions are illegal criminal organizations that commit crimes against, intimidate, and threaten free Americans who engage in free enterprise or who manage government-funded organizations.

      Unions are comm-unionist organizations, in diametric opposition to the American thesis of freedom and self-reliance, whose only tool and bargaining chip is violence and intimidation.

      The Constitution and Bill of Rights provided all citizens with the freedom to establish a business or accept employment as their individual “pursuit of happiness.”  

      The Constitution does not allow a violent, criminal organization to seize and effectively take control of a free enterprise or operational unit of government.

      The absolute 5th Amendment right to private property provides the power to hire, fire, pay, and direct employees ONLY to the owner.

      Only the officials appointed by elected officials are provided the power to hire, fire, pay, and direct their employees.

  2. I just noticed something i had not noticed before. When Joe is bragging about getting Shokin fired, he says “if you dont fire the prosecutor I – we’re not giving you the money”

    He starts to say “I’m not giving you the money.” He realizes what he’s saying and changes the story to “we”. This crook did this unilaterally, on his own, with no approval or authority whatsoever from the administration. He is going down hard.

    I wonder if he has come clean to his “war room” attorneys so they can properly prepare a defense. And if he has, would they be part of the future RICO case involving the conspiracy to cover it up???

    1. Didn’t old Joe make another verbal gaffe, shortly before the 2020 election, when he said something about being proud of the largest vote fraud, oops, strike that, get out the vote effort ever mounted by the Democratic Party?

      Wish I could remember his exact words — since those words might soon be recognized as damning as his little victory speech in front of the CFR over Shokin’s firing…

    1. “It’s the post covid economy” is their latest defense.

      They always have an excuse for the sh!t economy under dem rule. Always.

  3. I am glad I grew up when I did. My best friend and learned how to make a flame thrower using a yard stick, a candle and my grandmother’s canned hair spray. One touch of the nozzle and bam! It was impressive. We played hours and hours of war. It was cheap to go by the Army Surplus store and find all the gear, belts, canteen, mess kit, etc.

    If we fell off our bike and were knocked unconscious, it was imperative to be home by supper! :-). I can think of at least four of five times I was knocked out in some form of physical activity with the neighborhood kids. Our sport’s drink was the end of a garden hose. Starting in 7th grade, we had to shimmy up the rope in the gym at least 30 feet from the ground with no spotter, just having on for dear life.

    It is truly amazing any of us made it to adulthood. Times are so much different now. I am not saying one era is better than the other but I am glad I lived in the earlier era when we were allowed more freedom. One other difference was that we also learned moral lessons such as memorizing the Ten Commandments and regular church attendance. We know that our LORD was watching us and that to steal or lie was a sin and if we didn’t get into trouble by our parents or teacher, we would also have to face our maker. There was freedom but there was a line that we knew that we could not cross if we valued our lives.

    It is rather sad that it has come to this. I know that children have more “opportunities” than we did, but somehow, without the internet, iPhones, and gadgets, we managed to keep our time occupied and were relatively happy.

    1. I like your post E.M. My formative years as a kid were the the mid 6o’s to the early 70’s and life was a fun adventure. I chose your post to respond because I can’t figure out how to start an independent thread on this site (help please 🙂

      It seems to me that this case, and the many like it, has nothing to do with gun rights as so many posters seem to imply. It’s a pure and simple case of 1st Amendment violations. This child, like all children, was playing. Play is always about self expression — after all we use the word to describe stage theatricals. The school bureaucrats are agents of the state. And, as generations of Court president have have clearly showmen, the 1st amendment prohibits the state (or its agents) from imposing rules which limit free expression so long as that expression does not direct others to commit violence. How is it that school regulations such as this are permitted to even exist? Is there not one case on point where the courts have ruled that this sort of arbitrary restriction on self expression by schools is a constitutional violation? The last time I checked, even a six year old is protected by the first amendment.

      1. ” how to start an independent thread”

        Go to the blog and scroll to the bottom where it says leave a reply.

  4. As a 35 year veteran teacher this has got to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard! I’m a conservative and believer in our constitution which is being demolished before our eyes! Because of Restorative Justice kids who are labeled with “trauma” take classes hostage, bully kids in the playground with zero consequences while this kid gets suspended? What literal nonsense!

  5. Jonathan: What is the world coming to–when a kid uses a barrel finger to pick his nose. I did it literally hundreds of times a day when i was in school. No big deal back then in 1950. But times have changed and not for the better. I say this because picking your nose is no longer just a childs game.

    Recently, my wife and I went to a restaurant that serves the best boogers in the area. We live in an “open pick” state. We were at a booth looking at the menus when I noticed a couple seated right across from us. There was a bearded man wearing cowboy boots and a large cowboy hat seated with his female partner.
    He had the fattest nose pickers i’ve ever seen on a human. I was a tad turned on, so i asked him “can you pick cling-ons with those fingers, too?” He turned to me and shoved his finger so far up his nose, that i couldnt even breath. I turned to my wife but she was already out the door! She scolded me and told me to keep my fantasies to myself! Lesson learned.

    Alabama repealed its right to pick law this year and its a problem. I mean, they dont even have mask mandates like my town, so whats the big deal? Nothing in the way. Besides, you know I am a big proponent of green energy, and I think boogers could just be the answer. Think about it. They’re green, you know. (See how smart i am).

    The booger rate in Alabama is way higher per capita than new york. In fact, one out of every 6 boys in Alabama has the nickname “booger” according to Media-ite. Its gonna be the wild west all over again, with people sneaking around to pick their boogers. Its an existential threat to our democracy!!!

    Next thing you know, they’ll be suspending kids for picking their noses with their gun fingers down there. Which is bs, because they would just be imitating what they see from their school board members almost every day!

    This could have deadly consequences. Someone is gonna get shot with those fingers that are idle now when they could be picking noses. Thats the part you missed with your column.

    Check out the new lyrics today

    There’s a gun under my bed
    And there’s a little green thing in my head
    My wife said “You’re not going crazy, you’re just a bit sad
    ‘Cause there’s a finger there, up in ya, pickin’ ya one or two”

  6. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Ben Franklin, James Madison, John Adams, John Jay, George Mason, John Hancock et al.

    The American Founders were violent, far-right-wing extremist terrorists.

    They wrote and ratified the 2nd Amendment, the right to keep and bear arms, and the balance of the Constitution and Bill of Rights of the United States of America.

    Has America been “fundamentally transformed” into the communist “dictatorship of the proletariat?” 

    Whose idea was that?

    1. Firearms use was understood to be loosely supervised by an older, responsible militia captain. He had the discretion to disarm the mentally ill, the too immature, the habitual drunkard, the senile. It wasn’t a perfect system, but much better than zero supervision. Why do you think the preface “A well regulated militia…” was written in?

      The point is that kind of loose, decentralized supervision (with no direct line of accountability to federal government)
      was smart policy. We don’t have militia captains, but we could require young gun owners to have an older adult co-sign for criminal and civil liability — should the gun be used for illegal activities. Wouldn’t that put a damper on these frequent mass shootings at the hands of socially-disconnected young men?

      1. Did the Constitution establish and regulate militias?

        Was the Bill of Rights written to establish the rights of the government?

        Just makin’ sh!t up…

      2. Firearms use was understood to be loosely supervised by an older, responsible militia captain

        No, it was not. You are simply not telling the truth. Plain and simple. 95% of firearms use was expected to take place nowhere near any militia captain. The militia would only be called up as needed, or for the occasional training session. The rest of the time a person would use his firearm hunting in the woods, defending his home or his person, doing some private target practice, etc., with no supervision whatsoever.

        Why do you think the preface “A well regulated militia…” was written in?

        That’s not an honest question, because anyone who is literate enough in English to write your comment knows exactly why it’s there and what it means. It’s there to explain why the RKBA (which already existed, and is one of the fundamental rights with which each human being in the world is endowed by his Creator) needed to be singled out for explicit protection from Congress’s potential infringement. There are many rights, most of which are not specified, so why this one? And the reason is because a well-regulated militia is an existential necessity, and you can’t have one if people aren’t free to keep and bear arms as they please.

        1. I was taught that “well regulated” referred to “regular” vs. “ad hoc.” Yes, there should be local militias with the usual structure. A leader (Colonel), ranks, obedience to officers. Contrast with armed mob. Did my HS Civics teacher mislead me?

      3. “…was understood to be…” by whom? Where did you source that? What were people hunting their food with, defending their frontier homes with?

        Why can’t your government schools identify the “at risk” kids well before they become gun owners?

        “…a kind of loose, decentralized supervision…” lol, you are simply making crap up and pretending it was real.

        Back out hood rats (8-11,000 gun homicides a year) and the US has a typical homicide rate for any civilized state in the world. The fact that we aren’t a completely domesticated civilized state, like much of EU, AUS, CAN is because we have guns. Want to be a sheep, go move to a domesticated citizen state like those. Don’t want to be murdered with a gun, stay away form democrat infested places.

        The lack of foresight by these suburbanized, democrat sheep is stunning.

      4. “frequent mass shootings at the hands of socially-disconnected young men?”

        Oh, is that what we’re calling them now? Because I’m pretty sure the term “deranged psychopath” is more accurate.

        Seeing right through your not so subtle subversion. “Common sense” gun laws wont stop the deranged psychopath, hell bent on watching the life drain out of as many innocent children as they can, but it might stop poor johnny, the little picked on socially disconnected child who’s just crying out for help.

        1. Have gun control laws stopped gang violence?


          Charging people with a felony firearms offense was supposed to dissuade people from carrying guns, but “all it did was disproportionately impact Black people,” Siemon said.

          “While this law was enacted in 1976 to deter gun violence, it has never lived up to its promise of keeping the public safer,” according to the release.

          It is very telling that a prosecutor admitted this.




        You are in the United States of America you —— idiot.

        The ONLY thing you need to know is the 2nd Amendment – American fundamental law.

        Read it.

        Keep and bear.

        The right and freedom is that of and belongs to the American citizen.

        American citizens have no need to wait to have something bestowed by your Dear Leader ——- Communist General Secretary or Obama or any other ——- communist.

        Read it.

        I hear Peking is nice this time of year.

        2nd Amendment

        A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

  7. “Anyone who can make you believe an absurdity can make you commit an atrocity.” Voltaire

    This quote was included in recent email I received. While I haven’t checked the attribution, I think who said it doesn’t matter as much as this particular insight and its relevance to our times. If people can believe that men can be women, women can be men, life-alternating into about their children can be kept from parents, there are a 100+ genders, math is racist, putting criminals back on the streets keeps us safer, massive bureaucracies make us richer, a child’s “loaded” finger is a genuine physical threat, etc., etc., can the can the atrocities be far behind?

    1. The atrocities being committed as “gender affirming care,” CRT where children are sorted as the oppressed or the oppressors based off their skin color and “family friendly” drag queen shows are all evidence the atrocities are here.

    2. Wikiquote yields the original quote:

      “Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices. If you do not use the intelligence with which God endowed your mind to resist believing impossibilities, you will not be able to use the sense of injustice which God planted in your heart to resist a command to do evil. Once a single faculty of your soul has been tyrannized, all the other faculties will submit to the same fate. This has been the cause of all the religious crimes that have flooded the earth.”

      (Translation from Norman Lewis Torrey: Les Philosophes. The Philosophers of the Enlightenment and Modern Democracy. Capricorn Books, 1961, pp. 277-8)

  8. NEWS Host Faces Jail For Reporting the NEWS


    Sep 12, 2023
    Greg Reese
    Greg Reese

    The criminals who have highjacked our government are letting us know that America is over and we are now their slaves


    Elections have been rigged for centuries because government is a form of slavery. Which is why what the founding fathers of these United States gave us is so revered. They drafted a form of government unlike any other in history. A revolutionary form of governance based upon the foundation that all men are created equal and independent, and that all are born with the inherent and inalienable right to the preservation of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

    George Washington wrote:

    “If men are to be precluded from offering their sentiments on a matter, which may involve the most serious and alarming consequences that can invite the consideration of mankind, reason is of no use to us; the freedom of speech may be taken away, and dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep, to the slaughter.”

    Benjamin Franklin wrote:

    “Freedom of speech is a principal pillar of a free government: When this support is taken away, the constitution of a free society is dissolved, and tyranny is erected on its ruins”

    And this is where we are at today. Our first amendment states that:

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

    And it has been stripped away from us by tyrants.

    NEWS host, Owen Shroyer, is being charged with the crime of questioning the results of the 2020 presidential elections, the most blatant election fraud in US history. And he did so peacefully which is his god-given right under the US Constitution. But America has already been defeated. And while many haven’t noticed, others don’t seem to care.

    Shroyer isn’t being charged with conspiracy, incitement, or any actual crime at all. He is being charged for exercising his freedom of speech. The sentencing document goes on for pages quoting him for saying what Americans on both sides of the crippling two-party system have been saying for over a century. In short, that the government is tyrannical and criminal. Which should be obvious to just about everyone at this point. And this is not a crime. It is the first line of defense against tyranny, our freedom to call it out.

    The document mentions a simple misdemeanor that involves Shroyer being on capitol grounds. This was a violation of a court order that resulted from a 2019 arrest when Shroyer stood and protested a House Judiciary Committee meeting. But this is not the crime he is being charged with.

    The 30-page sentencing document is nothing but hot air being blown by a legal team held on the leash by tyrants who occupy the halls of our government. What Shroyer is actually being charged with is best summarized on page 20 where it states:

    “his statements and actions after January 6 illustrate his complete lack of remorse. To date, despite a number of opportunities he has taken to speak about the election and January 6, he has yet to sincerely demonstrate genuine remorse for his conduct.”

    In other words, he won’t shut up about the stolen 2020 election. This is his god-given right. But the criminals who have highjacked we the people’s government are letting the rest of us know that those days are over, and we are now their slaves to be experimented on, thrown in jail, and murdered.

    4 or 5 mins.

    1. Does freedom of speech go so far as to protect lying your way into power?….Does it give political candidates and govt. officials the right to wage public frauds?….to intentionally dupe the citizenry?….with help from sympathetic media?

      There has to be a limit on the freedom to deceive, because our system is predicated on “the consent of the governed”. This assumes informed consent. If that consent is obtained through trickery and deceit, then what is left of that ideal?…just a hollowed out, meaningless phrase.

      So people of goodwill ask: What recourse shall the People have to counter public frauds waged for political gain?
      What means do we have to even expose the lies if journalists take up activism and sympathetic infowarfare? Do we only have the next election to throw the bums out? What happens to public decisionmaking in the interim?…shall it be steered by deceptions?

      Surely, there must be other means than the taking up of armed revolt, for that extreme unleashes paranoid militancies of thought, and thoughtless injustices to life and limb that cannot be forgiven. After the fighting ends, we still have to govern ourselves. We still need to muster the tolerance and goodwill to solve conflicts peaceably. So why not just hone those skills now, and skip over the civil war, which wastes lives, time, energy and weakens our national security.

      Freedom of speech is not an absolute. It subserves a free people’s need to discover the truth, and to make public policy decisions based on it. It is the antidote to the one human frailty that can take down a great civilization — the impulse to deal with conflict by duping one another — and the wishful thinking that begets willingness to be duped.
      Under that logic, freedom of speech can not possibly go as far as to give wide berth to deceitful infowarriors and their campaigns of crafty misinformation.

      But, the means of deterring public frauds must themselves be precise, calibrated and uncorruptible so that powerful interests cannot capture them.

      1. Does freedom of speech go so far as to protect lying your way into power?


        .Does it give political candidates and govt. officials the right to wage public frauds?….to intentionally dupe the citizenry?….with help from sympathetic media?


  9. A clenched fist and bump represents aggression. The peace sign can be used to lob missiles. A raised open palm gesture is a socialist heil. A pointing finger is a scalpel, a blade wielded with the intent to commit abortion. An open mouth is exhaling excess carbon pollution, pathogenic viruses and bacteria. A kiss blown is a sure prelude to a “burden “. Zero tolerance. Abort.

  10. Times have changed, but not really. I had just moved to a new school (age 7, 1950) and the playground bully wanted my lunch money. I punched him in the nose and let him know I would do it again if he tried to bully anyone on our playground. Got called to the principal’s office, my parents were called to school. The principal and Mom agreed that I should take the rest of the day off. As I sat in the back, riding home, Dad let me know, “Good job, son.”

    1. Imagine if the Supreme Court had stopped that vicious bully and criminal of high office, “Crazy Abe” Lincoln.

      Imagine if the Supreme Court had punched that bully in the nose.

      The boycotted and ostracized CSA would have seceded, failed, and reunited with the United States.

      Reprehensible slavery would have simply “withered on the vine” of abolition advocacy, boycotts, divestiture, etc.

      The long-suffering, non-citizen foreigners would have ultimately been generously and compassionately repatriated and returned to the home countries of origin they had been abducted from.

      The Constitution and Bill of Rights would hold dominion, eliminating the current, extant communism and restoring American freedom in the free America of its Founders.

      1. Hey Dennis! Check out Dick Head’s post today, making you look like one.

        This may be some of his best stuff! I swear i dont know which of you keeps me laughing harder.

        Seriously, are y’all working together?

  11. Jonathan: What is the world coming to–when a kid can’t point a loaded finger at another kid and say “bang, bang”? I did it literally hundreds of times with the neighbor kids when we played “cops and robbers” or war games. No big deal back then in 1950. But times have changed and not for the better.

    I say this because pointing a loaded finger at some one is not just a children’s game. Recently, my wife and I went to a restaurant that serves the best breakfast in the area. We live in an “open carry” state. We were at a booth looking at the menus when I noticed a couple seated right across from us. There was a bearded man wearing cowboy boots and a large cowboy hat seated with his female partner. Strapped to his side was a large handgun–quite visible. I was a tad nervous so I asked the man, somewhat in jest: “I hope your gun is not loaded.” The gentleman turned and with his finger pointed at me made the same gesture as “JB”. Except he didn’t say “bang, bang”. I quickly turned back to my wife who remarked: “Don’t say those things, you never know where it might lead!”. The couple finished breakfast before us but as they were leaving the bearded man turned again and gave me the same loaded finger gesture. “See what I mean”, my wife remarked. Lesson learned.

    On Jan1 of this year Alabama repealed the permit requirement for guns. No permit is now required to carry a concealed handgun or to carry one in a vehicle. What is remarkable is that Alabama has the fourth highest firearms deaths per 100,000 in the country. With a population of about 5 million, its death rate from firearms is 26.4 per 100,000. In contrast, New York, with a population of 20 million, had a death rate of only 5.4 gun deaths per 100,000.

    So I can understand the concern by school administrators at Bagley Elementary School by even gestures of violence. They don’t want kids to imitate what they see around them almost every day in Alabama. Alabama has returned to “Back to the Future”–like the movie series where what appear to be insignificant choices can lead to long-lasting impacts. Alabama has returned to the “wild, wild west” and it is having deadly consequences. That’s the part you missed in your column.

    1. Lmao at Dennis. Sounds like your state is the one with the gun problem. I feel very safe in Alabama. You know where i dont feel as safe??? Fulton County Georgia!!! And i live both places.

      You might want to dig into those stats a little deeper. Or better you dont for your narrative. How many of those gun deaths are from “open carry white guys in cowboy hats”???
      Easy to plow right thru your bullsh!t, Denny.

      And only Dennis could somehow equate a six year old to a “menacing bearded gun toting red neck in a restaurant”


      1. Dennis’ source (easy to find because he plagiarizes without credits) also says that THE SINGLE BIGGEST factor in gun violence rates in AL is socio-economic status. Then in the next breath it says that “experts” blame Alabamas high rate on “lax gun laws”.

        U just cant make this sh!t up.

        Hey Dennis

        Did open carry cause the Dadeville mass shooting?

        1. “They don’t want (Bagley) kids to imitate what they see around them almost every day in Alabama.”

          Your hyperbole gets funnier with each passing day, Denny!

          You might wanna check those gun stats again for the town of Dora, AL. Are the rest of us to believe that the kids at Bagley see people around them shot “almost every day”? I wonder if you could find one child at that school who has witnessed a shooting. I’d say the odds are in my favor and you’re just a hack with an agenda, willing to lie to make the narrative fit.

          I’m telling you man, if you would just say this crap out loud before you post it, you could save me the trouble of making u look stupid every day.

        2. “Alabama has returned to the “wild, wild west” and it is having deadly consequences. That’s the part you missed in your column.”

          Alabama has the same problem as many states. Inner city gun crime. And has been shown in Chicago, Baltimore, and elsewhere, no amount of “gun control” is gonna fix it. Thats the part you left out, Denny.

    2. The “rate of firearm deaths” is a stupid and irrelevant statistic. No sane person would be concerned, or care to do anything to lower it. The important statistic is the rate of murders and accidental deaths, by any means; if you could reduce firearm deaths by shifting some to some other means, there would be no point in doing so.

      Also, most “firearm deaths” are suicides; if you are not suicidal and not likely to become so in the immediate future, then you are in no danger and it would be stupid for you to feel unsafe around guns just because they would be dangerous to you if you were to be suddenly seized by a desire to kill yourself. That would be like feeling unsafe around peanuts because if you were allergic to them they could kill you.

      The reason Alabama has a higher murder rate (by all means) than NY is because it has a higher percentage of its population that is black, and black people have a higher percentage of violent thugs among them. This is of course no reflection on the majority of black people who are not violent thugs, and who are just as trustworthy around a gun as anyone else. Indeed they have greater need for one than most people, precisely because more of the people around them are thugs so they’re more likely to meed to defend themselves.

  12. many years ago I worked for a woman who was anti-gun. She told me that when her two boys were young she forbade toy guns of any type. She knew she had lost the battle when she looked out the window one day and each boy was pointing a small plastic cow at each other and were going pew pew pew

  13. Of course there is no sympathy for the implications of this suspension regarding gun rights and censorship and the cult-like over reactions we see everywhere. However I good with not letting a kid point his finger at his teacher and other forms of disrespect in classrooms. It would help if we still had teachers that we could safely tell our kids to respect instead of having to protect our kids against the agenda that too many educators have adopted, using our kids as their emotional support animals in their own dystopia.

    1. That is now called “novel” as in “Fanni Willis’ novel use of the RICO laws”. Then again, I am sure she is one of the most brilliant legal minds of our time.

  14. Take a close observation at the leadership environment in San Fran, LA, Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, NY, Atlanta, et als, Now crime is rampant and they believe the only way to change it is “Take the Guns”. Now all these kool-aid drinkers in so-called education have joined the club and weak mindedly think they can change things. Well, J Biden and the Dems have directed and moved these environments into dystopian stages, and no turning back with the mentality now perceived by them. Only another UNCivil War II will change things. Many have come into the country under the Auspices of the Freedoms under the US Constitution. Their numbers eventually allow them to be elected or appointed into a position, and then they conveniently as they choose to ignore the Constitutional freedoms. Selah

      1. They keep telling us that diversity is our strength. I think that natural selection tells us something else. When people come to America, and can’t comprehend the elegant beauty of a system that invites all men to pursue justice for all, and that anyone can become an American, then they aren’t ready for the enlightenment.

  15. A 3.22 weapon? At least it’s not a 7.62 mm weapon like an M4!
    Probably shoots *spitballs*! The horror!

      1. It was probably a typo. He probably meant the M14, which of course is 7.62x51mm lol

        This was the gun that i used to qualify for my Expert
        Marksmanship Medal. Fond memories.

        1. Tom,
          I dont think he knows the difference between a 7.62×51, 7.62×39 and a 7.62×25 without having to look it up.

          1. I tell you i dont know how we did it. Open sights on a target i would have trouble hitting with a 3x scope now.

            I wasnt able to get expert pistol until they allowed us to use something other than the standard issue 1911 lol.

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