Terror Tots II: School Suspends 7-Year-Old Boy For Shooting A Wall With Make Believe Finger Gun

We have yet another example of the mindless enforcement of zero tolerance for gun play at school. Seven-year-old Patrick Riley used his finger to form a pretend gun and went bang toward a wall. He was promptly suspended from Parkview Elementary in Oklahoma City.

School officials observed ominously that “a student has repeatedly used his hands to simulate a gun and act as if is shooting fellow students.” However, witnesses said that there was no imagined blood bath but rather an imagined wall shooting.

The principal stood by the decision but the school eventually lifted the suspension after the boy was disarmed.

By the way, this is not first finger-gun felon found in our schools. The fact is that across the country child are carrying around finger guns ready to be pulled out for walk-by shootings and lunch line hold-ups.

What is striking about this story is the lack of any demand that the school re-train its staff, including the principal, on the rationale enforcement of his policy. I frankly do not understand why kids cannot play such games at school. I can understand telling kids not to bring toy guns, but, as I have previously written, this is innocent play by children.

Source: Koco

Jonathan Turley

20 thoughts on “Terror Tots II: School Suspends 7-Year-Old Boy For Shooting A Wall With Make Believe Finger Gun”

  1. If a bully points his finger gun at another student and “shoots’ that student in the context of other acts of bullying the student that has been shot it is an act of intimidation, and should be disciplined sot that it will stop.

    Should school teachers, or employers walk away smiling knowing that a person they supervise engages in threatening to kill other people, under that teacher’s or employer’s supervision, in moments of anger?

    There are students who have brought guns to school and shot other students. Has that act been proceeded by play shootings? Do we want to research that for decade and maybe find out that this answer is yes?

    Is any parent comfortable with the idea that the adults in their child’s school actively or tacitly condone pretend acts of violence, knowing that a certain percentage of those individuals will eventually perpetrate a real act of violence, intimidation or bullying against their child?

  2. Cowboys and Indians Quintus?!

    We can’t be having that!!!!

    It’s racist don’t you know.

  3. Is this story real? It’s Oklahoma, fer chrissakes. Isn’t it a law that every child born in the state gets a certificate of live birth and a gun?

  4. HenMan

    first tase, then beat, then lockup.
    you don’t want to get the ok police in trouble for going out of sequence

  5. I hope they’ve added him to the Terror Watchlist where he most certainly belongs.

  6. Just think. Within a few short years the same mindset that generated this absurd policy will be encouraging the kid to take a weapon with him to the college of his choice.

  7. I hope they searched his desk for the ammo. You can’t be too careful with these terrorists. Did they determine the caliber of his index finger? If it’s .45 or larger, they should lock up the little hoodlum and throw away the key. No, first beat a confession out of him and then lock him up.

  8. I sure am pleased that I grew up in the times that I did…stupid…is stupid……….

  9. So… I guess you’re not allowed to play cops & robbers on
    the playground at recess.

    No cowboys & indians either, since imaginary bows & arrows
    fall under the zero tolerance rule too… and in Oklahoma
    no less.

    what would Buffalo Bill do ?

  10. I had to read this again to make sure it wasn’t in the UK – then I realised that no SWAT team had been called out, so it can’t have been the UK.

    When I was at skool I had a stick that was just the right proportions to be used as a pretend tommy gun. I was a dangerous dude and that’s for sure. No doubt one day I will “do a dunblane” or something. Well, stands to reason doesn’t it?

    Oddly, my 15 year old nephew often walks through town with a 18″ machete dangling from his belt. No-one seems to notice the “danger” as he goes to his Dads coconut plantation to do a little harvesting.

  11. Currently I’m reading Mark Twains autobiography and have found that somehow the citizenry was more intelligent in the 1800’s then today’s. The point is that the absudity of this action cannot be over emphacized. This is either the case of an idiot teacher and school administration, or that this child was disliked for some reason (possibly race, OCD, ADD)and they decided to make an example of him. Either way the action was unforgivable and there should be negative consequences fot the perpetrators.

  12. What a monumental waste of school and administrator time. Blouise, you are correct tha this administrator deserves the same attention that the fountain texter received!

  13. The school officials responsible should be tarred and feathered in a war against stupidity.

  14. I went looking for the name of the Principal … I found a link but because I am not 100% certain this is the guy, I won’t put the link here. (I’m only 99.9% certain)

    I’d just love to give him the attention he’s earned.

  15. “What is striking about this story is the lack of any demand that the school re-train its staff, including the principal, on the rationale enforcement of his policy.”

    It’s Oklahoma.

    Being capable of rational thought is a contraindication for employment as a teacher.

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