Susanna Gibson Alleges that Critics Committed a “Sex Crime” In Exposing Her Alleged Streaming of Sex Acts

The bizarre story of Susanna Gibson and her running as a candidate for the House of Delegates has occupied much of the conversations around Virginia, where I live.  The Democratic nominee was exposed recently by the Washington Post in streaming sex acts on a site called Chaturbate for money. The tips, she reportedly pledged, would go to a “good cause.” Leading Democrats have rallied around Gibson as had the group Emily’s List. I had little interest in the story until Gibson, 40, alleged that the disclosure of her online solicitations is an actual “sex crime” and a violation of her privacy.

According to the Post, Gibson posted more than a dozen videos in September 2022, after she had officially entered the race in suburban Richmond. Virginia State Sen. L. Louise Lucas and other Democrats have defended Gibson of being the target of a hit job by Gov. Glenn Youngkin and the Republicans. However, it was the Post that ran the story.

Other Democrats are silent. Sen. Tim Kaine had just appeared with Gibson at an event but insisted “I really do not know her that well.

However, what caught my eye was Gibson’s statement that the exposure of her alleged online solicitations constitutes a “sex crime” and “an illegal invasion of my privacy” by Republicans.

The Privacy Claim

Let’s start with the privacy claim. The Post revealed that Gibson has been offering to perform sex acts with her husband for “tips” online. This reportedly included more than a dozen videos in September 2022, after she had officially entered the race in suburban Richmond for the House of Delegates in the 57th district.

There are a couple torts that could be raised but neither would be compelling in this circumstance. There is the tort of public disclosure of embarrassing private facts:

652D Publicity Given to Private Life
One who gives publicity to a matter concerning the private life of another is subject to liability to the other for invasion of his privacy, if the matter publicized is of a kind that (a) would be highly offensive to a reasonable person, and (b) is not of legitimate concern to the public.

However, this was not a private fact. To the contrary, Gibson was allegedly seeking a public audience to exchange performative sex acts for money.

The second tort is the inclusion upon seclusion. Under the Second Restatement, citizens may sue for violations of the intrusion upon seclusion:

652B Intrusion Upon Seclusion
One who intentionally intrudes, physically or otherwise, upon the solitude or seclusion of another or his private affairs or concerns, is subject to liability to the other for invasion of his privacy, if the intrusion would be highly offensive to a reasonable person.

However, this is not an deprivation of “seclusion” when Gibson is seeking public exposure.

Indeed, the site shows a long-standing anomaly in our criminal law. It would be illegal for Gibson to offer sex for money on the street under our prostitution laws. Yet, it is not illegal to seek money to have sex on film or on live chat rooms.

The Criminal Allegation

Daniel P. Watkins, a lawyer for Gibson, supported her claim of a criminal violation, citing the state’s revenge porn law. As shown below, the law makes it a Class 1 misdemeanor to “maliciously” distribute nude or sexual images of another person with “intent to coerce, harass, or intimidate.” This case does not suggest malicious dissemination or the sale of any videographic or still image. These images were made public by Gibson and these critics are largely describing the pictures rather than disseminating the image. The site is not even password protected for access to Gibson’s images.

She and her husband had almost 6000 followers.

Indeed, even the service provider itself is protected under the law.

The use of the law to target the Washington Post or political critics would clearly run afoul of the First Amendment.

Watkins cited Ronnie Lee Johnson v. Commonwealth of Virginia as the basis for Gibson’s claim that she is the victim of a sex crime. It is true that the case involved a consensual sexual encounter that was later made public. However, it was a secret recording and the women did not consent to the distribution to others.

I could not find any claim by Gibson that her husband secretly recorded these encounters or that she was not aware of (or knowingly participated) in the publication of the sexual acts. Indeed, the Post reported that

“In multiple videos, Gibson interrupts sex acts to type into a bedside computer. Speaking directly into the screen, she urges viewers to provide tips, which are paid through “tokens” purchased through the site. In at least two videos, she agrees to perform certain acts only in a “private room,” an arrangement that requires the viewer to pay more.”

Watkins pointed to a 2021 Virginia Court of Appeals ruling that found it was unlawful for a man to secretly record his girlfriend during a consensual sexual encounter even if he did not show the video to others.

I am far more concerned about Gibson’s view of criminal and constitutional law than I am her alleged online fetish. I am also concerned that Gibson has assumed the status of a victim of a sex crime on this basis. Actual victims need both judicial and legislative support.

Those concerns are relevant to Gibson as a legislator. As many on this blog know, I have long defended the right of people to have controversial speech and associations in their private lives. Engaging in online porn is a lawful act for Gibson. The political repercussions of such a fetish rests with the voters of the 57th District.

However, the matter will be resolved in the political not the legal system.

N.B.: This column was updated to remove a reference to an endorsement by Sen. Kaine. While an endorsement has been referenced in some of the Gibson coverage, it does not appear that such an endorsement was ever requested by Gibson or extended by Kaine.

139 thoughts on “Susanna Gibson Alleges that Critics Committed a “Sex Crime” In Exposing Her Alleged Streaming of Sex Acts”

  1. For decades I observed far more Republicans as irrational than Democrats when it came to politics. I don’t know what happened in recent years but since Trump came into the picture it now appears to be the reverse. This woman chose to post sex acts online for money. It’s legal but it’s probably not wise if obtaining votes for political office is your goal. How she can claim she is the victim of a sex crime is beyond my understanding. Who specifically is she claiming to have committed this crime against her? Is a D.A. filing charges against someone or some group? This appears more like someone yelling “sex crime” and hoping the public won’t look into the facts to the accusation. It’s a disgrace to those that built this country that the media has become a Party Media and no longer has the interests of the general public as their highest priority.

  2. Hey!! Princess Pervert (allegedly) lives in my neighborhood (adjoining subdivision) here in Richmond and you should see the parties she throws!! On a serious note, this woman has no business being in public office or even being in public. She’s a typical noveau Dim – perverted to the core, wrapped up in power and willng to say or do anything (obviously) to get a head (pun, sort of). Here’s hoping the district doesn’t elect her to anything but given our Sodomite proclivities nowadays I wouldn’t put anything past the soccer moms who seem to dominate around here. In any event, her oh so public displays of sexual tomfoolery are anything but revenge porn under Virginia law. If you hear about any fire and brimstone raining down in Central Virginia any time soon know it’s likely my neighborhood. Oh and we’re not looking back as we race to the river no matter how many tokens they promise us. I don’t like salt.

  3. Dennis McInlyre says:
    “And who is the real misogynist here? When you say “Seeing that Gigi never got a rack like Lauren” is proof positive you are the MISOGYNIST in chief on this blog!”

    The only thing that is proven here is that you are a humorless dweeb and that 15 minutes on a submarine and you woulda been mummified in EB green.

    “Hey, how did a guy like you land a looker like this one?” —-Joe Biden, on video at least 20 times to young couples at official gatherings. How would you characterize that, Denny???

      1. I gotta admit, I just tried to watch the whole thing again, and got sick to my stomach.

        Imagine how this guy acts when the cameras aren’t rolling.

        I invite “THEY” to jump in here and justify this behavior (and DJT isn’t justification)

  4. Jonathan: Well, it’s Sunday and time for me to go off topic like a tool and get BBQ’d again by your faithful readers. But before i drink my rimmed coffee and pull my thong out of my crack, i would be remiss in my duties as the resident dunce if i didnt talk about my favorite orange guy. Here is part of what DJT told the crowd.

    “I hear that he cant stop lying about me. He’s never listened to one of my speeches, so you can rest assured that everything he will spew with his keyboard plagiarized diarrhea Sunday will be a lie.”

    He went on to say

    “Like a good little Nazi he will ask you to not believe your own eyes and ears and accept that Pedo Joe Briben isn’t suffering from sundowners and dementia. He wont tell you that Biden is being kept somewhat alert by drugs that have the side affect of causing the slurred speech he has now.”

    Then he resorted to personal attacks.

    “This guy eats boogers and wears those swimsuits from Target, so he can tuck it and run after he spreads his lies and pats himself on the back for his “brilliance”. But mark my words, Tom and Dick Head will finish the job he will start, and make him look like the moron he is, again. He must like virtual wet willies is all i can guess”

    Historians have chosen their “most likely to make an a$$clown out of himself on Turleys blog”. Drum roll please….well, lets just say its Gaelic for tuck tail and run.

  5. Is the IRS looking into the money received from the sex tips? Either as personal income or does she have evidence of it going to charity ?!

  6. Jonathan: Well, it’s Sunday and time for one of the last BBQs of the season. But before I put on the gloves and grab the tongs I would be remiss if I didn’t mention DJT’s speech on Friday night before the DC “Pray Vote Stand” summit. Here is part of what DJT told the crowd:

    “We have a man [Biden] who is totally corrupt and the worst president in the history of our country, who is cognitively
    impaired…We would be in World War 11 very quickly if we’re going to be relying in this man”.

    Beside the fact that historians view Warren Harding, Richard Nixon and DJT as probably some of the most “corrupt” presidents in American history, did you notice any problem with DJT’s statement? You got it right. World War 11 lasted from 1939 to 1945–well, well before Biden became President. Just a small gaffe? Not really. In his speech DJT also implied he was beating Obama in the 2024 polls: “You take a look at Obama and take a look at some of the thing’s he’s done…”. Former president Obama served two terms between 2008 and 2016. Obama is barred by the Constitution from running next year.

    DJT’s speech was a “cognitively impaired” and confused “word salad”. Former NBCUniversal exec Mike Singleton posted this about DJT’s speech: “Trump has lost it, he’s demonstrating how cognitively impaired he is. Watch him ramble, stumble on his words, black out, then turn to reading the teleprompter to save himself, reading it intently. And he still misspeaks”. DJT should look in the mirror if he wants to see someone who is really “cognitively impaired”.

    1. Might wanna make sure that coffee is piping hot. Just warm and there is a good chance someone stuck their wick in it, and not just rimmed.

      1. Hey Dennis, did you watch the video yet?

        It’s funny, Joe still seems to know the difference between boys and girls.

  7. Allow me to be the first to propose a Fetterman – Gibson ticket for 2024. His competence and articulateness combined with her ethics and moral values are like a crystallization of Leftist aspirations and would be a sure winnee. Plus it would actually be a step up from what’s in there now.

  8. I can’t believe you had to actually write that down. The internet is a portal to everyone on the planet so privacy is never a factor. This behavior and her response to it is one more indication that this country is done.

  9. “The Democratic nominee was exposed recently by the Washington Post . . .”

    Her complaining is odd.

    Since she’s chumming for money, you’d think she’d be grateful for the free “exposure.”

  10. Gibson should update her tagline:

    Mom. Nurse Practitioner. Public Health Expert. Online Sex Worker.

  11. I cant say it any better than my friend Dennis, so here is some wisdom from Tom

    As I related yesterday, it’s a good thing they weren’t in the military. Guys like them on a submarine, ended up taped head to toe in what we called EB Green tape. Its a cloth impregnated tape, that is extremely tacky and strong. It has been said to hold submarines together before. When removed, their naked bodies would have not one hair left on them. If that attitude correction wasn’t sufficient, they would be taken to the aft workbench in the engineroom, their thumbs placed in a vice, a handful of grease applied, and an 18″ breaker bar shoved halfway up the orifice where their heads currently reside.

    You see, we fought for their freedom to act like embeciles, but in the Navy, you didn’t have that freedom.

    Dennis, on the other hand, because he is too cowardly to stand up for himself, would not have gotten this treatment. We had another one for the galactically stupid. He would have been given a wet willy and sent to the torpedo room to ask for a TM punch.

    (TM= Torpedoeman’s Mate)

    And trust me, he would have gotten it.

    1. Richard Head McGillicutty: First, if you served in the Navy I thank you for your service. Second, if I were “galactically stupid” why is it I was stationed at the Presidio in San Francisco in an Army PR unit–9 to 5, M-F with weekends off? But, hey, I’m ready to “Dive, Dive, Dive” anytime you are.

      1. Those were Toms words, dum dum.

        Easy to see why you dont engage much, you just look foolish. Might wanna go back to eating boogers and tucking.

        1. “But, hey, I’m ready to “Dive, Dive, Dive” anytime you are.”

          No idea what that means, but it sounds creepy, so I’m gonna leave it alone.

        2. Tom, you have to stop telling the truth about my son. It makes him hide under the bed and wet it at night. You are picking on a mentally challenged individual.

          1. Sorry, Dennis’ mom. I swear, I had no idea he even had one. Trust me, he woulda had mess decks refuse joining him in his wetted rack on the boat.

        3. Richard H McGillicutty: Dum, dum. When are you going to use your OWN words and not just regurgitating what Tom says? When are you going to have an original thought?

          1. Bwahahahahaha, oh Dennis, you poor neglected boy. If you read closely and understand the satire, it’s your words that I typically regurgitate. And although they taste like vomit coming out, I will keep on helping you in your attempt to reform JT and his minions. Maybe they can all aspire to getting that swirlie in the sanitary tank.

            1. Look everyone, Dennis stuck his head up for 5 seconds!

              I bet its back where he normally stores it now.

              Remind me to tell everyone what a TP shower is.

      2. Hey Dennis, how’s that coffee?

        Yep, civilians on board were our favorite targets for wet willies and TM punches, so that checks out. Those army guys, they police their own, but they dont really mess with the imbeciles out of uniform. In the friendly confines of a submarine, every slimy little dweeb is game.

        And its not an “if”, so you’re welcome. Enjoy your freedom to be a tool.

        1. Oh, and far be it from me to steal your valor, denny. Please tell us more about your cushy little gig, protecting us all from the commies. Were you spreading plagiarized keyboard diarrhea (PR) back then as well?

          While you’re at it, please explain how that is a defense for being stupid, particularly in light of what we see you post day in and day out.

          Truly, you are a legend in your own mind.

          1. By the way, just curious. Didnt you think it was odd that those soldiers were so eager to bring you coffee every morning???

            1. You DO realize, don’t you, that if you did serve in the military, DJT thinks you are a “sucker and loser”. From the Military Times 9/3/2020: “DELRAY BEACH, FLa. — A new report details multiple instances of President Donald Trump making disparaging remarks about members of the U.S. military who have been captured or killed, including referring to the American war dead at the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery in France in 2018 as “losers” and “suckers.”

              Trump said Thursday that the story is “totally false.”

              The allegations were first reported in The Atlantic. A senior Defense Department official with firsthand knowledge of events and a senior U.S. Marine Corps officer who was told about Trump’s comments confirmed some of the remarks to The Associated Press, including the 2018 cemetery comments.

              The defense officials said Trump made the comments as he begged off visiting the cemetery outside Paris during a meeting following his presidential daily briefing on the morning of Nov. 10, 2018.

              Staffers from the National Security Council and the Secret Service told Trump that rainy weather made helicopter travel to the cemetery risky, but they could drive there. Trump responded by saying he didn’t want to visit the cemetery because it was “filled with losers,” the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because the official was not authorized to discuss it publicly.”

              From Vox: “The Atlantic story also details other disturbing incidents: that Trump railed against lowering American flags after Sen. John McCain’s death because McCain “was a f***ing loser,” and that during a Memorial Day visit in 2017 to the grave of then-Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly’s son, who was killed in Afghanistan in 2010, Trump asked why anyone would volunteer to serve in the military. “I don’t get it. What was in it for them?” he asked the fallen Marine’s father.”

              How on earth any servicemember or member of their family could support Trump, a well-established loser, is beyond me.

              1. “speaking on condition of anonymity “

                That is what is evidence to Gigi. We had that evidence from the Washington Post proven false repeatedly, but does Gigi learn? Of course not.

                Rule 1: If you think Trump said something bad, quote the entire statement in context. You never do that Gigi because you prefer to make things up and lie. Misquoting public figures is a habit you inherited from the left.

                Trump is one of the biggest supporters of the military and its personnel. One can see that based on what he did. Biden doesn’t give a damn. He would sell our military and the country down the drain for a few yen, kopecks, or rials. We have seen that many times.

              2. “How on earth any servicemember or member of their family could support Trump, a well-established loser, is beyond me.”

                Did I say anywhere that I support Tump? You are the biggest loser I am aware of. And you ARE a LIAR. I have told you several times I am not a Trumper. You insist otherwise simply because I call you out on your blatant lies about him. 8% inflation indeed.

                Should I support Pedo Joe instead? The guy who checked his watch as REAL flag draped coffins passed by?

                Joe, the guy who told grieving Gold Star families that his son came home in a flag draped coffin? We call that STOLEN VALOR, Gigi, and service members and their families consider that DISQUALIFYING to be commander in chief.

                You gonna stick around for the rest of this or are you gonna tuck tail and run like Dennis?

                “If” I served??? Did you get that line from Dennis? I believe you meant to say “since” I served. Are you questioning my valor, similar to what you accuse Trump of? You would have gotten multiple TP showers, for sure.

                Enjoy the right we fought for, for you to act like a tool, Gigi. You’re welcome.

  12. Jonathan: This is the only time I am agreeing with Tom: “Move along, JT. Nothing to see here”. So permit me to move on to a related sexual content matter involving Lauren Boebert and her new boyfriend who were booted from a Colorado theater performance of “Bettlejuice”. Patrons complained that the two were sexually groping each other, vaping and singing loudly. Boebert thinks with power comes the right to do such things in public. When Boebert and her partner finally agreed to leave the theater, she shouted at management “Do you know who I am?”

    Boebert and her partner could be charged with committing lewd acts in public. Under Colorado’s criminal statute, Section 18-7-301 “Public Indecency”… “a persons commits public indecency by having sex in public, lewd fondling someone….” Apparently, when Boebert refused to leave, the theater called the police but the couple left before the police arrived. It is unknown whether patrons have filed a criminal complaint. They probably should.

    Boebert apparently thinks the laws that apply to everyone else don’t apply to her. Wonder where she got that idea? Maybe it’s because she is a MAGA supporter of DJT and has spent way too much time with him. DJT also thinks groping women in public ( See E. Jean Carroll cases)–even grabbing them by the “pus–” is perfectly OK.

    And what about the Republicans who claim to represent “family values”? That went out the window when DJT and Boebert took over the party. I would imagine voters in Boebert’s Colorado Third District are beginning to have second thoughts about their representative’s judgment–or lack thereof.

    1. Lauren was groped by Democrat bar proprietor, Quinn Gallagher, who owns a gay bar in Aspen, and features drag shows, so it is perfectly acceptable in what he did. Seeing that Lauren was obviously intoxicated, expect Christine Blahblah Ford to speak on behalf of Lauren’s sexual assault while under the influence ala Kevin Kavanaugh, and look for Hillary Clinton to run to Lauren’s side chanting, #BelieveAllWomen.

      You’re such a misogynist, Dennis. Bring out Gigi from your troll combat information center so that she can berate you for not sticking up for the dumb chick with the big tatas seeing that Gigi never got a rack like Lauren.

      Democrats = Republicans

          1. The DNC Paid Trolls like Dennis and Anonymous Saul Alinsky acolyte have no meaning in their lives. The following is an example of an historical figure, who died at the hands of the brutal Roman Emperor, Valerian, because he had meaning and purpose in life

            From the proconsular Acts of the martyrdom of Saint Cyprian, bishop
            (Acta, 3-6: CSEL 3, 112-114)

            On the morning of the fourteenth of September a great crowd gathered at the Villa Sexti, in accordance with the order of the governor Galerius Maximus. That same day the governor commanded Bishop Cyprian to be brought before him for trial in the court of Sauciolum. After Cyprian was brought in, the governor asked him: “Are you Thascius Cyprian?” And the bishop replied: “Yes, I am.” The governor Galerius Maximus said: “Have you posed as the pontiff of a sacrilegious group?” The bishop answered: “I have,” Then the governor said: “Our most venerable emperors have commanded you to perform the religious rites.” Bishop Cyprian replied: “I will not do so.” Galerius Maximus said: “Consider your position.” Cyprian replied: “Follow your orders. In such a just cause there is no need for deliberation.”

            Then Galerius Maximus, after consulting with his council, reluctantly issued the following judgment: “You have long lived with your sacrilegious convictions, and you have gathered about yourself many others in a vicious conspiracy. You have set yourself up as an enemy of the gods of Rome and our religious practices. The pious and venerable emperors, the Augusti, Valerian and Gallienus, and Valerian the most noble of Caesars, have been unable to draw you back to the observance of their holy ceremonies. You have been discovered as the author and leader of these heinous crimes, and will consequently be held forth as an example for all those who have follow you in your crime. By your blood the law shall be confirmed.” Next he read the sentence from a tablet: “It is decided that Thascius Cyprian should die by the sword.” Cyprian responded: “Thanks be to God!”

            After the sentence was passed, a crowd of his fellow Christians said: “We should also be killed with him!” There arose an uproar among the Christians, and a great mob followed after him. Cyprian was then brought out to the grounds of the Villa Sexti, where, taking off his outer cloak and kneeling on the ground, he fell before the Lord in prayer. He removed his dalmatic and gave it to the deacons, and then stood erect while waiting for the executioner. When the executioner arrived, Cyprian told his friends to give the man twenty-five gold pieces. Cloths and napkins were being spread out in front of him by the brethren. Then the blessed Cyprian covered his eyes with his own hands, but when he was unable to tie the ends of the linen himself, the priest Julian and the sub-deacon Julian fastened them for him.

            In this way the blessed Cyprian suffered, and his body was laid out at a nearby place to satisfy the curiosity of the pagans. During the night Cyprian’s body was triumphantly borne away in a procession of Christians who, praying and bearing tapers and torches, carried the body to the cemetery of the governor Macrobius Candidianus which lies on the Mappalian Way near the fish ponds. Not many days later the governor Galerius Maximus died.

            The most blessed martyr Cyprian suffered on the fourteenth of September under the emperors Valerian and Gallienus, in the reign of our true Lord Jesus Christ, to whom belong honor and glory for ever. Amen.


      1. Estovir: Question. Why is Boebert going out with a guy who owns a gay bar and where drag shows are performed? He supports the very people Boebert opposes. She has made a name in Congress opposing LGBTQ+ rights. Boebert has said: “I am fighting to protect families from extremists telling our children that it’s ok for them to get a sex change and take puberty blocking drugs. It is wrong to sacrifice the safety and wellbeing of our children on the altar of radical leftist ideology”. If Boebert is really concerned about the “safety and wellbeing of our children” why did she grope her partner in full view of children? What would Boebert have said had two gays been groping each other right in front of her during the performance at the Colorado theater? Boebert is a hypocrite!

        And who is the real misogynist here? When you say “Seeing that Gigi never got a rack like Lauren” is proof positive you are the MISOGYNIST in chief on this blog!

        1. Translation:

          “Dennis” begrudingly agrees that the Democrat gay bar owner who groped Mamacita while drunk should be prosecuted as a sexual predator just like others have like Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Andrew Cuomo, Al Franken, Anthony Weiner, David Wu, Eliot Spitzer, John Edwards, Neil Goldschmidt, Brock Adams, Robert Menendez, Al Gore, John Conyers, Charlie Rose, Glenn Thrush Donald Trump.

          The reason he agrees begrudingly is because if he did so publicly, it would be like having his pants down in front of Peter Shill, Svelaz, Natacha, Enoch Poor, Wally, bug, Concerned Citizen, Bob, Sealioning Anonymous Gigi

          God gifted women with breasts to feed their newborns and attract men, just like flowers attract bees to pollinate. The bigger the flowers, the more bees. That you can not appreciate this likely means adverse events from your gender affirming hormones and nip/tuck surgeries when you were 5 years of age that your mother felt was necessary to keep you from terrorizing young children as a paid tool for the DNC

    2. Glad you see my posts, denny. And now that we agree that you as predictable as a skid mark after a wet fart, we can also confirm that you run scared from post to post.

      But didnt you post your Beetlejuice wet dream yesterday?? Running out of material, or out of meds???

      1. “beginning to have second thoughts about their representative’s judgment–or lack thereof.”

        Yea, i bet they wish they had
        Eric Swallowell
        Adam Schitt
        AOC me act like an idiot
        Maxine Waa Waa Waters
        Ron Goldfinger
        John Hoodie Fetterman

        1. What is the over/under on the combined IQ’s of the democrat congresspeople and senators from california??? I am gonna say, 400.

    3. A qualified psychologist could probably explain to you aspects of the mental DEFECT that leads you to connect Boebert’s date-night behavior to Trump when it has NOTHING to do with Trump. This may come as a shock to your consciousness, so you might wanna sit down before reading on to my next sentence.

      Trump played no part whatsoever in Boebert’s rowdy-teenager behavior in public. Whether Boebert was lying when she denied vaping or was just TOO STONED to remember has ZERO to do with Trump OR his supporters OR his political policies, any more that Billy Carter’s drunken antics almost a half century ago had anything to do with President Jimmy Carter. And Billy was Jimmy’s BROTHER. They were raised in the same household, presumably to have the same values. Boebert has no familial connection to Trump.

      And aside from all of that, none of this has anything to do with partisan politics. PERIOD.

      The woman clearly likes to have a good time. Good for her. She might wanna tone it down a bit in public, but the FACT is that most often, the problems of the world aren’t caused by people who enjoy having a good time. It’s the others — the fake ministers and grouchy Ayatollahs and their ilk that cause most of the misery. If I lived in Colorado, I don’t think this incident would influence my vote or my politics one bit.

      1. Boebert’s mistake was her failure to post the video online in exchange for “tips” to fund her campaign. What a missed opportunity for sure. Dennis and the other Biden-bots would have repeatedly paid to watch such a performance and Boebert’s campaign expenses would have been paid in full!

    4. Fashion victim Boebert appears to paint her silly face with a trowel. And now she’s behaving like the clueless twit that she is.

      1. Setting aside your catty fashion-police nonsense, Boebert’s behavior on THIS occasion was that of a young woman having fun on a date. I guess you people that have been chased by civilized people out into the “Wilderness” don’t go out on too many dates, but what you witness in the video recording isn’t especially different than the way many young people behave when they’re out HAVING FUN on a date.

        People sometimes forget themselves while having fun. That’s actually WHY people have fun. What I see in the video is a young woman having fun — good, clean FUN — nothing to be ashamed of. God help those who didn’t occasionally do something of the kind when they were her age, because they’re the one’s that turn into the tight-assed judgmental a-holes that NOBODY likes to be around.

        1. Naw – she was acting like an a hole and she did admit she was an a hole i her funny Twitter post. ( she does have a sense of humor) ( and I’m pretty sure she won’t be wearing that dress again in public.

  13. Democrats are immoral, hypocrites, and true liars.

    Lauren Boebert: ….but I simply fell short of my values on Sunday

    Lauren, sweetheart, you behaved precisely according to your values, and it shows. By the way, that’s quite a rack on you.

    Democrats = Republicans

  14. Can you say “publicity stunt”? To me, it seems most-likely that Gibson doesn’t really care about the lawsuit, politics, OR public office. Rather, this all appears to me to be merely a vehicle for immeasurable FREE publicity for her “performances,” which will distinguish her from thousands of other naked bodies online and certainly translate into big bucks.

    Think what you want of her morality or politics (if any), but this is a world in which MONEY talks, and it’s pretty clear that Gibson is a marketing genius. The other politicians are probably jealous that they didn’t think of this first and/or that NOBODY wants to see THEM naked.

    It’s an interesting variation on the related scheme that Hillary Clinton had, whereby she received payments to keep her clothes ON — a scheme that was a natural extension of Hillary’s earlier brainstorm whereby instead of demanding large speaking fees she offered to speak anywhere, anytime for free, without mentioning that she required enormous fees to STOP speaking.

    1. Ralph
      This reminds me of my days as a sugar daddy. A friend might ask me “arent you paying women to hang out with you”? My resonse was ” No, we hang out together because we enjoy one another’s company. I “pay” them to go away when we are done.

    2. @Ralph

      No, Ralph, a whole lotta people in that generation really are that dumb/entitled/narcissistic. You give too much credit. She really did think there was nothing wrong with her actions, she would never be chastised, anyone who disagrees is a mean fascist, and that only a certain demographic would ever see it. Such are the heights of the particular privileged and insular bubble the likes of her inhabit everyday. You read far too much into it. We really need to accept this reality, however it shocks the senses. These people really are simply that vapid.

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