Harvard’s Jacinda Ardean Calls on the United Nations to Crack Down on Free Speech as a Weapon of War

Jacinda Ardern may no longer be Prime Minister of New Zealand, but she was back at the United Nations continuing her call for international censorship. Ardern is now one of the leading anti-free speech figures in the world and continues to draw support from political and academic establishments.  In her latest attack on free speech, Ardean declared free speech as a virtual weapon of war. She is demanding that the world join her in battling free speech as part of its own war against “misinformation” and “disinformation.” Her views, of course, were not only enthusiastically embraced by authoritarian countries, but the government and academic elite.

In her speech, she notes that we cannot allow free speech to get in the way of fighting things like climate change. She notes that they cannot win the war on climate change if people do not believe them about the underlying problem. The solution is to silence those with opposing views. It is that simple.

While some of us have denounced her views as an attack on free expression, Harvard rushed to give her not one but two fellowships. While the free speech community denounced her for unrelenting attacks on this human right, Harvard praised her for “strong and empathetic political leadership” and specifically enlisted her to help “improve content standards and platform accountability for extremist content online.”

I actually have no objection to the inclusion of Ardern as a Harvard fellow. She is a former world leader who is leading the movement against free speech. It is a view that students should consider in looking at these controversies. However, Harvard has heralded her views with no acknowledgment of her extreme antagonism toward free speech principles. There is also little countervailing balance at the school with fellows supporting free speech as a human right. Rather, Harvard (which ranks dead last on the recent free speech survey) has become a virtual clearinghouse for anti-free speech academics and advocates.

Free speech is now commonly treated on campuses as harmful. Rather than the right that defines us, it is treated as an existential threat.

What is so chilling is to hear Ardean express her fealty to free speech as she calls on the nations of the world to severely curtail it to prevent people from undermining their policies and priorities. She remains the “empathetic” face of raw censorship and intolerance. She is now the virtual ambassador-at-large for global speech regulation and criminalization.

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  1. Just another leftist authoritarian no different than an old school communist. Climate, like everything is “racist”, is just another weapon in their arsenal to put everyone on the road to serfdom. We’ll all be okay as long as we have the 2A.

    1. If I may supplement your statement about the 2A, we need to keep that in tact, of course, but also need to have the will to use force in large numbers, if necessary as a last resort, to save our republic and preserve individual liberty.

  2. Should we have a right to hear the truth or should that truth be withheld so that people like Jacinda Arden can tell us how to live our lives?

    Feds thwarted probe into possible ‘criminal violations’ involving 2020 Biden campaign, agents say

    The FBI and IRS probed allegations that Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign may have benefitted from “campaign finance criminal violations” by allowing a politically connected lawyer to help pay off Hunter Biden’s large tax debts but agents were blocked by federal prosecutors from further action, according to new information uncovered by congressional investigators.

    The previously unreported campaign finance inquiry was first alluded to in transcribed interviews by House investigators with two IRS agents and a retired FBI supervisor, and the allegations since have been augmented in recent weeks by new evidence uncovered by the House Ways and Means Committee, the House Judiciary Committee and the House Oversight Committee.

    Cont: https://justthenews.com/accountability/political-ethics/fbi-irs-probed-possible-criminal-violations-involving-joe-bidens?utm_source=daily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter

  3. Just what warped life journey leads one to become an advocate for tyranny? If we could just eliminate this current life path we just might stand a chance of surviving on this planet.

  4. ” She notes that they cannot win the war on climate change if people do not believe them about the underlying problem.”

    How do we know that the people we are supposed to believe aren’t telling the complete truth? According to Steve Koonin, those in charge are not telling us the truth about climate change and state only half-truths for their benefit.

    In a video and audio, Steve Koonin says that people like Jacinda Arden are lying or are listening to others who do not tell them the truth. How do we know what the truth is unless we hear all sides?


  5. Anonymous, The Soviet Democrat’s apparatchik here to defend and promote their police state fascism, had to be delighted for the opportunity to pimp for and defend this particular police state fascist. And as a reminder that an identifying characteristic of the Soviet Democrats and their Marxist Useful Idiots is accusing others of what they endorse and practice themselves, Anonymous claims Turley is a proponent of censorship – while Turley allows him to continue posting every piece of bile spewing drivel on almost every article. Soviet Democrats and their cringeworthy apparatchiks – if they didn’t just blatantly lie, they’d have nothing to say in their defense or to push their police state fascism.

    About all that can be said in defence of Ardean’s police state fascism is she isn’t afraid to use her own name while pushing the police state fascism she practiced as Prime Minister, something that can’t be said about anonymous cowards.

  6. Denying that God exists is the ultimate misinformation and the ultimate hate speech.

    Jacinda Ahearn was right. We need to combat disinformation!

  7. Terrifying is it not?
    Here we have a group of people in power in different capacities that want even more power to allow or deny what may be spoken.
    They always use the it is for the greater good, or the good of humanity. The good for the planet, nevermind they fly around the globe more than the average American. All else fails it is for the good of the children!

    Disturbing thought, what if the day comes when they come for the good professor or least his blog? While most of us regulars will be alarmed, our DNC Brown Shirts will rejoice, not realizing that one day they will come for them too.
    The useless idiots are no longer useful.

  8. Hey Anonymous, when the drugs wear off, come back and try it again. But try to make sense like you have some clue what you’re talking about next time.

  9. I wonder what kind of punishment would she recommend? 30 years in jail like in Cuba? Ms. Arden is a dangerous person.

  10. Simply more evidence that Communism has taken over the west. Please refer. Yo the Msrian apparitions of Fatima, Garabandal, and Medjugorje for more insight as to what this portends.

  11. These people are shameless and the only solution is to eradicate them from society in no uncertain terms–and it will happen because we’re heading to a major civil conflict. Think Romanov.

  12. Another big fail for teachers. If K-12 students had been taught about the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and about how rare their principles are among nations, they wouldn’t be such useful idiots by the time they got to college. The one saving grace is that college enrollment is down, so fewer automatons will be graduating ready to serve in the Fuhrer’s propaganda army.

  13. And yet, if conservatives were to use that argument to prevent “misinformation” about liberal policies, they would be branded as fascists. Scrape away the rhetoric and what’s left is pure tribalism and authoritarianism.

  14. Jacinda Ardern is one of the most over-rated and under-performing leaders of the modern age. Little wonder she ends up at Harvard.

    Why would Harvard have her? Because she is not of true Asian decent?

  15. When tyranny has no place to go it tries to silence everyone. The free speech movement at Harvard died before it was born!!

  16. “The war on climate change.” Previously, we had the “war on poverty” We have also had “wars” on drugs, cancer, obesity, Terror, and probably others I can’t recall. There is even a kind of war against Trump and MAGA to “save” Democracy. The left-wing mind is addicted to wars of some kind or another. Maybe part of the problem is that unusually the West is living in a time of prolonged peace where the young men of one country are not trying to kill the young men of another country. Real war carries with it an air of excitement and purpose in life. Living with the possiblility of sudden death is itself exciting. That is why our computer games and movies are dominated by sudden and often horrible forms of death. We are bored by ordinary life. We want to suit up in armor on a horse, with a lance, like Hitler in a famous painting, and fight monsters.

  17. When I am Weaker Than You, I ask you for Freedom because that is according to your principles; when I am Stronger than you, I take away your Freedom Because that is according to my principles.

    The left only supported free speech when communists were being suppressed in the 1950’s.

    I love it when s@@tlibs support the suppression of speech they detest all while claiming to support free speech. Reminds me of 1984, very Orwellian. And you aren’t supposed to notice.


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