TERF War: Artist Canceled at Northeastern University over Gender Identity Views

“Today I was supposed to speak to an animation class via video. College I’d never heard of, teacher I’d never heard of, small thing, figured they knew who I was. Made plans, blocked space in my calendar. Barely an hour before I’m supposed to log onto their zoom link, I get this . . . I will never accept another speaking invitation unless they promise not to do this. Every time I think, ‘good, they don’t care, it’s blown over,’ and EVERY TIME this happens.”

Paley has been a critic of transgender ideology since 2017 and posted this explanation:

“A few years ago, when I shared this article about Caitlyn Jenner and another one  about Rachel Dolezal, many angry liberal friends called me “transphobic,” and told me to “educate myself.” They apparently didn’t know I had spent many years deeply involved in various queer scenes in San Francisco, and had trans friends, and was gender dysphoric myself (it resolved in my mid-20’s, which is not unusual.) Since I couldn’t “educate myself” much more on trans people and queer theory, I considered what I really hadn’t educated myself about: radical feminism. Like everyone else, I had been denouncing “TERF“s without reading anything they’d written. So I started reading, and quickly realized I was a gender-critical radical feminist. (If you’re wondering why, I suggest you “educate yourself” about radical feminism. This video is a good place to start.)”

Again, from a free speech perspective, the issue is not the merits but the defense of the diversity of viewpoints needed in higher education. Many of us would have the same objection to a pro-transgender artist being cancelled, though that is far less likely in today’s academic environment.



46 thoughts on “TERF War: Artist Canceled at Northeastern University over Gender Identity Views”

  1. Right.

    This was never about being kind and supportive of people suffering from the mental illness of gender dysphoria. It was always about pitting yet another group against another. It’s not enough to accept that there are people who suffer mental anguish about their bodies or their gender. Acceptance has to mean you allow a biological male to change in a women’s locker room, and you harass and silence any woman who feels unsafe or uncomfortable getting naked against her will in front of a nude male. Acceptance means a biological male gets to play in women’s sports, breaks their records, and takes their scholarships, and any woman who refuses to clap politely is condemned.

    Acceptance of trans people’s existence now means the persecution of anyone who disagrees that a male human can become a female human, simply by changing their outward appearance, even to the extreme of surgery.

  2. “[W]e at Northeastern University stand for inclusion and diversity. We stand against your stance with TERF as expressed on your website and will therefore have to cancel our lecture . . .”

    Remind me, again, how universities do *not* have an ideological litmus test.

  3. Today, they only applied 100 volts to my head, instead of the usual 120.
    We’ll see how things go.
    Seize the day!

  4. The Biden regime coerced YouTube to censor the video referenced in your article. Democrats are the fascists.

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