Rushing To Judgment: Officers Declare Icing From Krispy Kreme Donut To Be Meth and Arrest Orlando Driver

250px-Krispy_Kreme_logo.svgThere is a bizarre case in Orlando where Daniel Rushing was arrested after a police officer declared that she recognized meth on the floor of his car from her extensive experience.  It not only turned out to be icing from Rushing’s Krispy Kreme donut but Rushing told the officers what it was when they asked.  To make matters worse, a field test registered positive for meth — another false positive in a long line of such cases.

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NC GOP Attacks Kaine For Wearing Honduras Flag Pin . . . Which Turns Out To Be His Service Pin For His Marine Son

1447331_630x354Few of us are happy with the poisonous and dysfunctional politics today. With the two most disliked candidates in history securing the two main nominations, tensions are rising as each party seeks to make voters hate the other candidate more than their own candidate. One particularly low moment came with an attack from the North Carolina GOP which accused Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) of inexplicably wearing a flag of Honduras on his lapel rather than an American flag. Not only did the pin share little with the Honduras flag, it was a Blue Star Service pin for Kaine’s son who is serving as a marine.

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West Virginia Man Arrested For Posting Call for Police To Be Killed

Matthew-Furby-03102016There is a controversial arrest in Elkview, West Virginia where Matthew Lane Furby, 26, was arrested after posting a video on Facebook allegedly calling for police officers to be killed.  The police say that they were alerted to a video where Furby said “the only good cops out there are dead cops.” However, the anti-police comments raise questions over protected speech under the first amendment.  He has been charged with making threats of terroristic acts.

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Bore Out: French Executive Sues Over Boring Work Conditions

185150_3007554There is a rather bizarre lawsuit in France that is likely to reaffirm the view of many that the French labor force is noncompetitive due to long-standing expectations of employees about mandatory work conditions, vacations, and protections.  Frederic Desnard wants 360,000 euros (£300,000) under a claim of a “bore out” or boredom’s equivalent of burnout.

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Video: White Protesters and White Reporters At DNC Demonstrations Told To Move To The Back To “Make Room for the Black and Brown Brothers and Sisters.”

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 8.54.17 PMWe have discussed past protests where organizers have engaged in open racial discrimination in the name of fight discrimination.  We have another such example out of the Black DNC Resistance March in Philadelphia with a twist: the racial segregation of reporters.  The question is whether reporters should be disciplined for agreeing to such racial discrimination either as beneficiaries or victims of such discrimination.

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Couple Call Police After Wife is Squirted By Toy At Japanese Steakhouse

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 9.06.13 PMMany of us have been in Japanese Steakhouses when the chef pulls out and squeezes the little rubber toy of a boy. The result is a stream of water that makes it look like the boy is peeing.  I have seen it happen a dozen times to the delight of kids.  Isabelle and James Lassiter clearly did not get the joke.  Instead, Isabelle exclaimed “It peed on me!”and the couple called police and claimed that Isabelle Lassiter was sexually assaulted when hit by water by the prank.

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Brown University Under Fire In Documentary On the Denial of Free Speech On Campus

imagesBrown university is the subject of intense criticism in the wake of a documentary from one of its graduates on the evisceration of free speech on campus. The elite school has followed the same course of other schools in declaring speech or symbols “micro aggressions” and allowing students to prevent speakers from appearing on campus or addressing other students. The film by Rob Montz is scathing and embarrassing as he shows students successfully barring people from uttering opposing views or shouting down a man because he is a white heterosexual.

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