Catholic College Bans “Yoga” To Protect Against “Hindu Mysticism”

Benedictine_College_seal-1200px-YogaClassBenedictine College has found a budding cell of Hindu mysticism in its small Catholic college in Atchison, Kansas.  The school has gotten rid of the “yoga” classes to avoid the taint of a Hindu association. A new course will be renamed as “lifestyle fitness” and involving “stretching” to sanitize the classes of exotic religious influence.

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Tunisian Islamic Head Calls For The Death Of Democracy

Freedom_of_SpeechWe have previously discussed the inherent conflict between Islamic governments and free speech and free exercise.  There is also a recognition among extremists that democracy itself is incapable with the dream of an Islamic caliphate.  The head of the Tunisian Islamist Hizb ut-Tahrir movement made this point vividly clear in calling for all good Muslim to “bury” democracy.

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Indiana Jones Was Banned From Washington Territory

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

Indiana Jones must have caused a great uproar against the peace and decency of the Pacific Northwest.

On February 27, 1854 the first Legislative Assembly in the newly organized Washington Territory ratified the Statutes of the Territory of Washington. While the criminal code is rather ordinary for the mid-nineteenth century, one has to wonder what kind of menace was to be found in the territorial capital of Olympia. It seems the likes of Indiana Jones was one of those menaces.

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San Francisco Police Threaten Lawsuit Over Pepsi Using Image of Badge Similar To Its Official Badge

3F14E1A000000578-4393886-image-a-74_1491682205478CA_-_San_Francisco_PoliceThere has been an abundance of discussion of Kendall Jenner’s “social justice” Pepsi ad that proved a disaster for the company after Black Lives Matter objected that (even though no signs in the commercial referred to BLM) the commercial trivialized BLM.  The commercial showed people marching with signs saying things like “Join the conversation” and Jenner giving a police officer a Pepsi. When I saw it, I just thought it was sappy and shallow.  It was an effort of another major company to sell its product on a social justice theme. Even if you want your Pepsi with a side of social justice, companies want to be praised as having a conscience without actually saying anything controversial or edgy.  To corporate and media officials, Jenner wiping off her make up was a brave and edgy moment. (Apparently a starlet taking off her makeup is a brave and inspiring thing to behold).  The commercial however has raised a legal question that returns to a prior subject discussed on this blog: copyright and trademark laws.  It appears that not only did BLM hate the commercial, so did the police.  The San Francisco Police have threatened a lawsuit stating the image of a badge looks like their official badge, and used without their permission.  Once again, I do not know how we allowed Congress to put us in this place where showing a police badge (or in this case a badge resembling a police badge) can get you sued.

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Elevating Irony: Two Elevator Mishaps Prove Poignant Points

200px-Sabbath_elevatorElevators were at the center to two ironic stories this week.  The first, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson’s two-day visit to Miami to discuss the challenges for public housing.  His most immediate challenge was getting out of the elevator at the Courtside Family Apartments in Overtown.  In the meantime in England, Australian tourists Browyn and Graham Cowan went to Court after suing over an elevator mishap with the Tower Bridge.  They then missed their court date because . . .  you guessed it . . . the court elevator trapped them.

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