Ohio Couple Charged After Staging Gruesome Murder As Family Prank


Micah Risner, 29, and his fiancée Nataleigh Schlette are accused of a truly bizarre crime in Ohio.  Family members received pictures of a grotesque murder scene of Schlette.  Risner then texted his sister to suggest that he had murdered Schlette.  When police were called to the home, they found Schlette alive and the couple admitted that the whole thing was a moronic prank.  The police were not laughing and the couple was charged with “inducing panic.”

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Gross Criminal: Kentucky Man Pleads Guilty To Scalping His Girlfriend But Tell Judge To Spare Him “The Lecture”

WCPO_Zachary_Gross_1450430175123_28605000_ver1.0_640_480Zachary Gross, 31, may be the least repentant criminals to face a judge at sentencing.  The Kentucky man interrupted the judge during his hearing and told him to spare him the “lecture.”  It was a particularly curious position for a man to take after telling his pit bull to attack his girlfriend,Marilyn Stanley — leading to her being partially scalped by the dog. The horrific attack and its equally horrific aftermath was caused by Gross anger over Facebook postings by  Stanley. If there was anyone in need of a good lecture, it would seem to be Zachary Gross.

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Hawaiian Airlines Diverts Plane After Passenger Becomes Irate Over Being Charged $12 For A Simple Blanket

Hawaiian_AirlinesThere was a news story this week about a Hawaiian Airlines flight that was diverted to Los Angeles because of an unruly passenger.  Frankly, the most important aspect of the story was not the diversion but the reason:  the airline charges $12 for a passenger to have a simple blanket.  We have been discussing how airlines are stripping away basic human comforts and turning flights into cattle calls.  On top of that, the airlines are charging fees for every possible comfort, including reducing leg space to virtually zero and then charging for small increments of space in coach.  However, a $12 blanket truly represents a new low — particularly on a long flight to Hawaii.

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Pants on Fire: Lawyer Defending Accused Arsonist Suddenly Has Pants Catch Fire

Claudy CharlesStephen Gutierrez was in the middle of defending Claudy Charles (left), 48, when an odd thing happened: his pants spontaneously caught on fire.  It did not help that his client is accused of intentionally setting his car on fire in South Miami-Dade. Gutierrez was arguing that the car spontaneously combusted when his pants did so.

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Mein Meth: German Arrested After Posting Hitler Toast

The United Arab Emirates Arrests Vacationing Couple For Sex Outside Of Marriage After Doctor Discovers That Ukrainian Woman Is Pregnant

The United Arab Emirates have supplied the most recent example of the Sharia legal system in the Muslim world.  South African Emlyn Culverwell‚ 29, and his Ukrainian fiancée Iryna Nohai, 27, were arrested after Nohai wemt to the doctor over stomach pains.  In the UAE doctors appear to have no notion of confidentiality (or humanity) and informed the police when he discovered that she was pregnant.  Since she had not yet married Culverwell, that meant that they had violated the Islamic code against sex outside of marriage — even though the impregnation occurred outside of the UAE.  They are criminally charged.

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