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Reds Manager Under Fire After Profanity Laced Interview

Like many long-suffering Cubs fans, I have enjoyed this season immensely as the Cubs have found traction with our new line-up, including such news players as Kris Bryant and our new manager Joe Maddon. While our 150 million dollar pitcher, John Lester, appears better throwing his glove than the ball to first base, we are a lot happier with our second place position in the Central Division than our friends with the Cincinnati Reds — at least from the impressions left by Cincinnati Reds manager Bryan Price. Price gave a relatively brief interview about his team’s losing streak and managed to use the F-word 77 times as a noun, adjective, and what appears a conjunction. He added 11 versions of horse and cow manure. Some people are calling for him to be fired for the profane outburst but should a manager or player be fired for foul language?

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