Sen. Stevens is Accused AGAIN of Earmarking Money in a Sweetheart Deal for Friends

Sen. Ted Stevens (R, Alaska) has long been criticized by good government advocates for his practice of earmarking money to help family and friends — not to mention his notorious fight to give hundreds of millions of dollars to build “the bridge to nowhere.” While he has been under continual scrutiny and criticism for some of his shady dealings, it has not stopped his effort to direct money from public coffers to friends. In 2005, Stevens forced through an earmark of $1.6 million that allegedly guaranteed the purchase of property by his former aide, Trevor McCabe, an Anchorage fisheries lobbyist.

McCade was assisted in this deal by another former-aide-turned-lobbyist, Brad Gilman. Notably, federal officials had previously rejected efforts by McCade to develop the property as a visitor center and office complex.Stevens is under criminal investigation.

Despite these complaints, he has been repeatedly returned him to Congress. These latest disclosures follow a well-known pattern for those of us who have been critics of Stevens for years. Click here and here Notably, Stevens has previously overridden government officials to force through sweetheart deals, such as his dealing with Jonathan Rubini, as noted.

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