Video: Lion Embraces Rescuer

I cannot find any reason to post this video of an African lion greeting his rescuer in Columbia. There is not a single legal, social, policy or political element. It is just pretty darn cute.

Six years ago in Columbia, a woman reportedly found a lion, nursed it to health, and brought it to a zoo. This video shows how the lion responded when she came to visit him for the first time.

8 thoughts on “Video: Lion Embraces Rescuer”

  1. The link is now fixed on this lion video for those having problems.

  2. I hope I’m not simply anthropomorhizing (wouln’t be the first time), but it sure looks to me like an overt expression of deeply held lion love. What a wonderful video.

  3. Patty, the wink in the name was meant to signal that I was being facetious. Two of my passions are John McCain and the legal aspect of Scientology’s machinations. I got into the latter after the Tom Cruise video JT posted. This is an organization that won tax exempt status after filing thousands of suits against the IRS, getting them to cow. Wow.

  4. JT, not sure what the previous post is about, and not sure I want to either!

    But I, for one, enjoy your ‘puff pieces’. Thank you.

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