Arkansas Police Officer Allegedly Films His Use of a Stun Gun on Cow

Arkansas Lt. David Mitchell is accused of filmed himself using a stun gun on a cow as his colleague laugh at the abuse of the animal. He will not be criminally charged.

Mitchell was so unconcerned about his depraved tastes in entertainment that he not only invited other officers to watch but allegedly distributed the film as a funny joke. However, since the event occurred beyond the statute of limitations for the criminal misdemeanor of cruelty to animals in Arkansas, City Attorney Ben Lipscomb declined to charge the officer. What is truly amazing is that Mitchell will not be suspended pending internal review but will remain active on the force.

First, it is not clear why there is no criminal charge to fit such an act. If the state law is this porous, it requires reform. More importantly, it is hard to see what it takes to be suspended in Arkansas.

There seems a strange group of people who find tasers and stun guns to be a source of great fun. At least the other such story today involved men shocking each other rather than a defenseless animal. Click here

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5 thoughts on “Arkansas Police Officer Allegedly Films His Use of a Stun Gun on Cow”

  1. I recently 4-9-11 lost a friend of mine more like a bro after he had been taserd by local officers. Their reports sound fishy and are much of an overkill and to know this also happened in AR leads me to believe my instincts are correct, I knew it!!!!!!

  2. What’s wrong with this? Can’t you take a joke?

    Boys will be boys!

    And thats a problem with our species.

  3. Oh Arkansas! Every time your reputation rises a notch, something happens to knock it down again. First, the Excelsior Hotel, now this.

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