Lions Gone Wild: Another Video of Big Cat Bonding with Humans

I know that I am a sucker for this stuff, but this video rivals the early bonding scene in Columbia. This could well become an alternative to When Animals Attack. I am not sure if When Lions Hug will hold as much of an audience, but I am sure there is some television producers working on that question at this very moment.

This new video shows a lion recognizing the men who helped raise it and release it into the wild. I know that I will hear from some advocates about how such scenes are horrible examples of humans trying to domesticate wild animals and deny them their natural wildness. Recently, such charges led some environmentalists to say that a German bear cub named Knut should be killed after bonding with keepers. (Click here)

These scenes, however, do not suggest that giant cats should be given big balls of yarn and made playthings. (Though my two-year-old daughter does want a lion for a pet after seeking the video out of Columbia here). The fact is that with all of the harm that we are causing the environment, there is something warming about a bond with another species — as simplistic and sappy as that may be. Thanks to LindyLou for sharing this link (it is her fault).

For the new video, click here

6 thoughts on “Lions Gone Wild: Another Video of Big Cat Bonding with Humans”

  1. As someone else said recently, JT, I’m “in the solutions business
    – the solutions business…” 😉

    There’s is that, but I figure you would still be technically ‘adopting a lion’, while remaining ‘King of the Jungle’, you see.

    p.s. DW, fyi – it’s called “thinking out loud”… 🙂

  2. [Dialogue with Self]

    DW, now don’t wreck this inter-species love-fest with one of your snarky, cynical comments!

    Oh, come on DW! These people are too sentimental! Just ask Roy what he thinks of cuddling up with one of these man-eaters! Get real, DW!

    Now, now. Interspecies bonding is very important and if we had cuddled up with more sabre-tooth lions, why that species might still be around with us!

    Good riddance DW! Anything big enough to eat us should either be in a zoo, or mounted on a trophy wall!

    Oh, you’re hopeless! I am going out to find a cuddly carnivore to make friends with!

    I hope you’ve executed your advanced directive DW!

  3. Thanks, Patty, that is a much better solution than adopting a Lion. I was concerned about the animal’s welfare and the continual PETA protests.

  4. From one sap/sucker to another, who knows all the Orangutans on the Island by name and ‘fiz’, I hope you and your wife take the boys and Madie to the National Zoo soon and then find the biggest fluffiest stuffed cuddle lion you can 🙂

    Animal Planet is ONE of my fav channels and there is a lot of animal rescue programming. The type that that LindyLou sent is a sample of the latest type depicting returning animals to the wild. If you are not familiar with big cat expert Dave Salmoni, check out,’Tiger Week’, if you get a chance, about a three year project teaching two zoo raised Bengals, Ron adn Julia, how to hunt, kill, and live in the wild
    -in South Africa, no less.

    A great story with yet another happy ending-full of possibility.

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