Iran to Kill Two Gay Men By Throwing Them Off Cliffs

According to Amnesty International, the good people in the Iranian justice system are about to add another outrage from their prehistoric legal system. The group says that two gay men, Tayyeb Karimi and Yazdan, will soon be killed by throwing them off a cliff. The group estimates that 4000 lesbians and gay men have been executed since the Iranian revolution.

In May 2007, six men were sentenced for allegedly stealing the property and abducting two young men, who were later raped.

Tayyeb Karimi and Yazdan will be thrown from the great height while the other received 100 lashes each.

Iran has of course been a world leader in such abuses of gays and lesbians, click here. Indeed, as noted here, it has taken the same harsh hand to women accused of adultery.

For the full story, click here.

29 thoughts on “Iran to Kill Two Gay Men By Throwing Them Off Cliffs”

  1. hi
    im from Iran and im gay 25 and student of MS.c.
    i life in Iran, my country has very very law about tihs issue.
    i wanna to leave Iran, but i cant.
    i need to sex with bear gay, but it is very dangerous
    i hope Iran become free for all of the people, because my country is very very very good i love my country.
    i wanna have relationship whit a bear gay,for speak or chating cau u help me??

  2. Above, I meant to say that human rights under the Shah were ALSO abominable.

    I believe it is a cultural thing informed by centuries of lack of education and Sharia, whether formal or informal. My parents were highly educated Iraqi Jews born in the 1920s who lived in London and New York from their 30s on, yet they never lost this horrible mindset.

    I am so immensely grateful to have been born in the US.

  3. Tragically, this is part of a cultural mindset in this region. Human rights under the Shah and his secret police were abominable.

    When I was around 4-5 years old, my mother, a well educated Iraqi, would tell me that if I didn’t behave, ‘elders’ would throw me off a cliff for disobedience. We lived in New York at the time.

    Other people’s lives are seen as lesser and disposable, whether women, gays, lesbians, children, the ill and disabled… And the list goes on.

  4. i was beeten and raped by a gay man when i was at a mentale hospitle in the usa ……i told the police and thay dident do eney thing…,,,

  5. I think they should abolish death penalty
    it is as wrong as being gay . all of this is hapening
    becouse people belive their grandpa was a monkey
    so you can behave like an animal.
    people, should start listening to the other side of scientist who expose evolution and then realise
    that nothing canot come from nothing

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