Shocking Video Shows U.S. Soldier Throwing Puppy Off Cliff

Animal rights advocates (and virtually every other human being) are in shock over this video showing U.S. soldiers showing a puppy off a cliff for fun. Bloggers have allegedly identified the culprit as a David Motari, but this has not been confirmed by the military and there remains the identity of the other soldiers. It is also not the first such video of animal cruelty by our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This video has been racing around the Internet and shows two U.S. soldiers cooing over a cute puppy and then throwing him a great distance as the puppy is heard whining. This type of cruelty to animals would violate a host of military rules and could (and should if true) lead to a court martial. The question is whether the Department of Defense has investigated, as it should. This is something that Congress can do to force action. Inquiries from members about the video and identity of the soldiers would be enough to trigger an investigation.

Unless this is somehow doctored, these are obviously two soldiers who have no place in the service — particularly if they are (as it seems) stationed in the Middle East where we are trying to reduce any unnecessary use of force.

This is not the first such shocking video showing such cruelty. In 2007, a video showed U.S. soldiers taunting a crippled dog. Click here.

In the meantime, bloggers are working to identify the culprits and claim to have succeeded, click here. As noted here, the Marines believe they may have identified the soldier in Hawaii.

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  2. I was there when this happened. I fucked this puppy in the ass. Raven watched and she was laughing.

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