Cuffed and Cozy: New York School Sued for Handcuffing and Threatening Four-Year-Olds for Not Napping

School officials in New York has an interesting way of coaxing kids to sleep — you handcuff them and tell them that they will never see their parents again. That is the alleged misconduct in a lawsuit brought by parents in the Bronx on behalf of two 4 year old students.

According to the lawsuit, on Nov. 17, 2006, a substitute teacher took the boys to an empty room when they would not sleep and a school safety officer cuffed them and threatened. The officer allegedly “You know what happens when you don’t go to sleep in there? . . . ‘When you go to jail, you’re not going to have no fun, no TV, no toys.’ ”
Now, that should get the little tykes to nod off.

There are a host of potential torts here from battery to assault to false imprisonment to the international infliction of emotional distress.

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