Lock and Unloaded: India Offers Gun Permits in Exchange for Vasectomies

India has come up with a novel idea to lure men into free vasectomies: give them guns.

Indian officials have been struggling with the perception that vasectomies reduce manhood, so they have matched vasectomies with gun permits to balance out the manliness quotient in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

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6 thoughts on “Lock and Unloaded: India Offers Gun Permits in Exchange for Vasectomies”

  1. I wish you would spel “elitest” rite Niblet!

    Can’t you take a joke?

  2. After reading some of the posts by my fellow gun-owners on this site (not you Kerm)..I’m thinking the Indians are on to something.

    Maybe we should try it here, except dole out lobotomies in addition to the vasectomies!!

    That way they wouldn’t be shooting each other out of trees any more!

  3. Not that many years back I worked with a man from India that was in the United States on a work permit. He was amazed by how easy it was to purchase a firearm in this Country and said it was not a widely permitted freedom in India.

    I asked him then who has firearms in India. He laughed and said “The police, the military, and the criminals.”.

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