Atlanta Police Lieutenant Caught in Prostitution Tapes

tn_23-08-07_14a.jpgAtlanta Lt. John Oglesby was caught in the video version of a citizen arrest after a resident videotaped him allegedly cruising for sex in a red light district. The resident stated that Oglesby was a regular customer in the area known of its cross dressers and prostitutes. In one video below, Oglesby is allegedly recorded asking when he will be beaten again by a prostitute. He appears to have retired with Internal Affairs on his heels.

Oglesby denies the allegations.

The local CBS station reported the story:

When the police department’s internal affairs unit began investigating, it found Oglesby was routinely out of his assigned zone in Buckhead for hours at a time and even recorded him soliciting for sex acts.
“When are you gonna beat me again?” asked Oglesby on the tape.

“Hmmm?” asked the second person.
“When are you gonna beat me again?” Oglesby repeated.
CBS 46 also obtained audio tape of some of the conversations that investigators said Oglesby had while on duty in his patrol car.
“Did you know that if everybody didn’t do anything that was bad for them they wouldn’t get out of bed in the morning? Like for instance smoking a cigarette, chewing gum, sucking (expletive),” Oglesby said.
“I’m a lady,” the other person on the tape said.
“Well, all the ladies I know do it,” Oglesby replied.

It seems that prostitution stings are felling politicians, public figures, and police officers alike these days, click and here and here and here and here. It will be interesting to see if this will assist those who have long called for decriminalization.

As for Ogleby, resigning was a smart move. However, there may still be the possibility of charges.

For the video and a confrontation of Ogleby, click here
CBS 46 reporter Joanna Massee confronted Oglesby on Thursday.
“Did you make any sexual comments to anybody in your car at all?” Massee asked.
“No,” Oglesby replied.
“We heard you ask ‘When are you going to beat me again?’ What did that mean?” Massee asked.
“I never said that,” Oglesby said.
“You made many references to oral sex,” Massee said.
“You said it, not me,” Oglesby answered.
Oglesby retired from the Atlanta Police Department before administrative charges could be filed. Maj. C.J. Davis emphasized Thursday how hard the department is working to cut out allegedly corrupt officers.
“We have noticed a pickup in the number of tips we get internally, and we feel that our officers want good officers working alongside them,” Davis said.
Davis said she was disturbed by Oglesby’s sex talk and concerned that a supervisor would leave his watch for such unprofessional pursuits.
Investigators said Oglesby’s behavior wasn’t criminal, because there was no mention of money or favors in return for the sexual activity.