Video: Israeli Tank Allegedly Fires on or Near Press Vehicle

Media groups are protesting the attack killing a journalist captured in a remarkable video below — showing an Israeli tank firing and hitting a clearly marked press vehicle. A medical examination showed on Thursday indicated that metal darts from the shell was the cause.

Not only is the attack causing an uproar but the possible use of the weapon, known as flechettes, is being raised. The 3 cm (1 inch)-long darts can cause considerable collateral damage to innocent individuals given the air explosion. Click here.

Reuters soundman Wafa Abu Mizyed, also in his 20s, was being treated for shock and injuries. Click here.

For the video, click here.

For the full story, click here.

46 thoughts on “Video: Israeli Tank Allegedly Fires on or Near Press Vehicle”

  1. VC:

    I take it then he is following the lead of Condoleeza Rice in criticizing Carter for the overture to meet with Hamas by deeming any move for peace outside of US policy to be a failure?

  2. Mespo:

    Abbas is a puppet; this became completely transparent with the failed US-Israel-PA attempt to overthrow Hamas in Gaza. He does and says what the US/Israel tells him to, and thus is on board with the two-state prison solution and opposing talking with Hamas.

  3. Israeli “restraint” visited upon Palestinians and others:

    torture, illegal detention, assassination, assaults on civilians with missiles, helicopters and jet fighters, annexation of territory, transportation of civilians from one place to another for purposes of imprisonment, mass killing in Qana, Jenin, Sabra & Shatila (to mention the most obvious), denial of rts to free passage and unimpeded civilian movement, denial of education, medical aid, use of civilians as human shields, collective punishment, humiliation, house demolitions on a mass scale, destruction of agricultural land, expropriation of water, illegal settlement, economic pauperization, attacks on hospitals, medical workers and ambulances, the killing of UN personnel.

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