Godzilla v. the Japanese Monster Parent? Japanese Experts Report a New Giant Mutation

Okay, there’s no Godzilla in this story. But there are Monster Japanese Parents. Japanese educators are reporting the rise of what they call “monster parents” who relentlessly demand recognitions and opportunities of their child. This led recently to a school play with 25 Snow Whites and no other roles after school officials gave into demands that every child have the lead. No dwarfs, no witch, just Snow Whites.

Japanese television is about to run a program chronicling the world of Japanese monster parents as this debate continues. On one hand, the Japanese have wisely learned to be more assertive in environmental and political matters. However, this new found voice appears to have been heard increasingly in the schools and is becoming a bit shrill. If there is one potentially good effect, it would be to reform Japan’s overly rigid educational system. However, as this article details, it is having some seriously dysfunctional impacts.

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