Semper Fido: David Motari Expelled From Marine Corps Over Puppy Tossing Video

The Marine Corps has announced that David Motari — the Marine Lance Corporal made infamous by his video tossing a puppy off a cliff in Iraq — will be expelled from the Corps. Another Marine involved in the incident — Marine, Sgt. Crismarvin Banez Encarnacion — will receive nonjudicial punishment.

We have previously shown the video, here and discussed the case, here. It appears that the Marines do not agree with Michele Markin, here that it might have been a stuff pup.

Previously, I suggested that a less than honorable discharge would be an appropriate sanction in this case. The Marines appear to have gone about this process fairly. Not rushing to any conclusions and giving the accused their opportunity to be heard. Once again, however, none of this would have occurred but for the existence of the video. As for Motari, it is hard to imagine what his future may be, but PETA representative is probably not one of those career options.

For the latest on the story, click here and here.

14 thoughts on “Semper Fido: David Motari Expelled From Marine Corps Over Puppy Tossing Video”

  1. This man should be punished severely. I would like to smash his bones to pieces myself, and of course terrify him before hand. This man is not only fit to wear the uniform, he’s not fit to breath my air.

  2. Why don’t people recognize that marines can be complete assholes too? Just because this prick is a marine doesn’t mean he gets a pass on any sense of empathy. He’s just a stupid asshole and he is not “winning hearts and minds.” He’s just an embarrassment to the armed services – Amy fool can see that but it takes a very stupid person to overlook the obvious.

    I don’t want this thing collecting a government check, why do you? We have better people than this on our armed services. Defending him is a disgrace to them you fake patriot whackos.

  3. To Dung Tran,

    That dog had nothing to do with Motari, his

    mission/job/ or the war in general/zero nada zip.

    In the US you would easily get 2-5 years in

    prison and lots of highly motivated enemies in

    and out of prison.

    He should have been given a trial. If found

    guilty of doing what he appears to have done, he

    should have been given 3-5 years in prison.

    For extreme cruelty and indifference to a 100%

    innocent little angel puppy, that did not do

    anything to deserve such evil, barbaric, heinous,

    and cruel treatment!

    That’s proper and fair justice.

    Designed to serve as a deterrent and as punitive

    action against the heinous cultureless barbarian

    freak of nature.

    Your dismissive attitude toward his uncivilised,

    barbaric, sadistic, uncaring, torturous,

    depraved, degenerate, sociopathicc, psychotic,

    behavior is a disgrace upon you!

    If you decide to appologize right here I will

    accept your apology for all of those who havew

    been offended by your unprovoked insolence!

    This has nothing to do with the war effort. If a

    grown man can do such a cowardly act, he should

    be rehabilitated with 3-5 years in prison.

    Motari said that they usually shoot the dogs. If

    he means that they do that because these are

    animals that will have no chance to survive,

    because they have been abandoned for one reason

    or another,

    well than it’s not his fault, but it is someones

    fault, for not having a plan in place to rescue

    the abandoned dogs in the war zones.

    But if he meant that they usually shoot the dogs

    for no good reason at all than they should get

    3-5 years for that too!

    There’s nothing you can say in Motaris defense.

    If they are supposed to shoot the dogs to end

    their suffering, then that’s what he should have


    By doing what he did, laughing about it, and

    being filmed doing it, he should have gone to

    prison 3-5 years for harming an innocent little

    defenseless angel in the way that he did.

    Because they were normally shooting the abandoned

    puppies he lost his sense of value of that animal

    that is universal.

    In other words that animal was not part of the

    Iraqi insurgency, so his animal cruely offense

    was no different than if he had committed the

    criime in the USA, Canada, Britain, France,

    Germany, etc.

    What kind of lowlife could get/allow themself to

    treat such a cute innocent puppy dog that way.

    He really would be better off if he was given a

    3-5 year prison sentence for his depraved act of

    indiffence to an innocent angel puppy dog!

  4. Dung:

    Your eloquent words and diction (“This country ( united States ) 80% people is mentally retarded…) prove Mill’s observation that while all conservatives aren’t stupid, most stupid people are conservative.

  5. What the hell is going with this country? This country ( united States ) 80% people is mentally retarded and bitching about a video clip? do you guys have anything else to do? Just a random video made him become a hateful and famous Marine on . you people needs to mind their own business. If you like it so much why don’t you take a plane to go over Iraq and get them from eating dead human bodies. I should go make a video of killing a dog so you hippies and media have more stuff to talk about.
    Support our Marines

  6. Mr. Turley: your blog seems to attract more than its share of people that think a point is best made by using the F & S word attacks. Shame.

  7. fuck you badger. he SHOULD have been kicked off a cliff and i’d have done it myself if i were there. human life is only precious if it respects all innocent life. who gives a SHIT what he was going through or how he was raised. if he’s mentally disturbed enough to kill innocent life the world can do without him. he was laughing like it was a big joke anyway.

  8. Hey JMS; GOOD LORD! and you wonder why the left loses election after election unless they run blue dog democrats so blue democrats cannot even trust them to vote with the democrats in congress!

    To make a statement that a human being should be thrown off a cliff for an act against an animal is too far out there.

    You don’t know the mindframe of this individual; you don’t know what he was going through, you don’t know how he was raised or by whom. The Marine Corp punished him; let it go.

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