Maclean’s Magazine Faces Speech Police In Canada

Maclean Magazine is the latest publication to be called to the dock to answer to the new speech police in Canada. The magazine is accused of hate speech and has had to answer for the publication of an article written by Mark Steyn entitled Why the Future Belongs to Islam. The British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal, a Robespierrean institution that reviews and punishes improper speech, held a week of hearings on the magazine and will soon issue its ruling. The tribunal is an example of an expanding crisis in various Western nations, where free speech is being sacrificed in the name of combatting intolerance.

The complaint was filed by two members of the Canadian Islamic Congress: Naiyer Habib, an Abbotsford cardiologist and B.C. director for the Canadian Islamic Congress and Ontario resident Mohamed Elmasry, the president of the Canadian Islamic Congress.

We have seen the busy work of speech police in various Western countries from Canada to the Netherlands to England, click here.

It is otherworldy to see Western nation’s rolling back on free speech in the name of combatting intolerance. Anti-Muslim sentiments is a real problem, but you do not defeat it by shoving it below ground. Our Canadian cousins are making a terrible mistake in curtailing the freedom of speech and these tribunals are themselves institutions of intolerance — toward non-majoritarian or non-approved ideas. Ironically, it is the ultimately measure of intolerance and blow against pluralism to subject speech to such majoritarian reviews.

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3 thoughts on “Maclean’s Magazine Faces Speech Police In Canada”

  1. he press has to remain a bastion of freedom of opinion and free to report the mid deeds of those who do them.
    The case of the woman in a saudi court is a prime example of a religion and a tribal society that does not fit in our society. We cannot condone this behavior in any circumstance. All citizens, politically, religiously and socially must equally be covered by the protection of the law and thus must also abide by the law.

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