Branding for Jesus: Ohio Teacher Accused of Teaching Creationism and Burning Crosses into Arms of Students

John Freshwater has long been a controversial teacher in Mount Vernon, Ohio. Parents and other teachers accused him of not teaching required science subjects while drilling in creationism into his students. Now, a lawsuit accused him of literally impressing his students with Christian values by branding them.

Freshwater was the subject of complaints for 11 years, but it appears that the school district refused to take action. Now, consultants have concluded that:
“There is a significant amount of evidence that Mr. Freshwater’s teachings regarding subjects related to evolution were not consistent with the curriculum of the Mount Vernon City Schools and state standards,” the consultants reported.

Their report further confirmed that Freshwater burned crosses onto students’ arms, using an electrostatic device, in December.

Freshwater previously fought over his insistence in having the Bible visible in his classroom and teaching intelligent design theories.

Assuming these allegations are true, it will make for a very difficult case for the district. Given the failure of the district to act, a lawsuit appears the only reliable way to deter further negligence in the selection and supervision of teachers in this district.

For the full story and picture of the burned crosses, click here.

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    This is an odd coincidence.

    The last episode of Weeds featured a ‘plastic (bobbing head) Jesus’ which of course brought this thread to mind.

    I liked the film Cool Hand Luke and I’d be lying if I said that song didn’t stick in my head as a kid when I first saw it. But it’s another one of those “Catcher In The Rye” type stories to me; i.e. I never understood why so many people rave about it.

    Then again, I may be jaded; since I think the two best films Newman did were ‘The Hustler’ and ‘The Sting.’



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