How Not to Avoid Jury Duty: Florida Women Curses Judge and Goes to Jail

On one level, Sarah E. Muller was successful. Muller, 23, did not want to serve on a jury at the Marion County Courthouse Monday. When County Judge R. James McCune Jr. refused to dismiss her, she called him a seven-letter word for an anus. She is now off the jury list and facing a potential six months in jail for contempt.

While Muller admits that “Sometimes I get upset and I say things,” she considers her outburst to be a matter of “freedom of speech.”

Indeed, she first repeated the curse word when McCune asked her to clarify — only later expressing deep remorse once charged with a second-degree misdemeanor for criminal contempt.

She was upset because she has very little money and a bad heart condition.
She tried to argue medical problems after getting into a line for people seeking to be excused. McCune denied it and asked her to sit down with the rest of the jury pool. Instead, she got back into line and this time claimed to be a racist. McCune denied her again — leading to her cursing.

Yet, at the hearing, she insisted “I did not mean to cause disrespect.” It is a bit of a hard sell. People generally do not greet each other with “Hey a**h***” as an expression of affection.

She now faces up to six months in prison and a $500 court fine.

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3 thoughts on “How Not to Avoid Jury Duty: Florida Women Curses Judge and Goes to Jail”

  1. Well, she could have tried the way another lady here in Houston
    got out of jury duty. She was arrested for smoking pot outside
    the courthouse(yes really) while serving on a jury for…
    possesion of a controlled substance.

  2. I’d hope a judge would be reluctant to order her back to jury duty. Imagine being either the plaintiff or the defendant in a trial in which your fate lay in the deliberations of such a mentality. Or: consider being one of the other 11 condemned to isolation with such a nut: you’d be driven next time to find some way to avoid jury duty yourself! (For that matter, one shudders to think of what it would be like to be sealed up in the slammer with such a delightful personage.)

  3. Wow! This lady must be the President of the local chapter of Mensa. What a genius. I don’t say this often, but this a-hole may need some time to reflect on her misguided actions. I wouldn’t agree with 6 months in jail for her stupidity, but a few days and then I would order her back into line for jury duty.

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