Less Bangs for Your Buck: Bush Administration Loses Effort to De-List and Allow Hunting of Gray Wolves

U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy has stopped the controversial hunt for gray wolves in Montana, granting a preliminary injunction restoring the wolves to the endangered list. Given the need to show a likelihood to prevail on the merits, it is an important ruling for environmentalists. The planned hunt was endorsed by the ironically named Ed Bangs, a federal biologist who declared the decision to delist wolves as “a very biologically sound package.” Obviously, a neutral federal judge disagreed with Bangs’ view.

There are only around 2,000 gray wolves in the three state area and officials wanted to allow hunters to kill 500 of them.

The decision was viewed as critical to reestablishing a domestic and stable population of wolves. The Administration is expected to continue to fight to re-start the hunt, but usually a preliminary injunction reflects the likely outcome on the final merits.

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29 thoughts on “Less Bangs for Your Buck: Bush Administration Loses Effort to De-List and Allow Hunting of Gray Wolves”

  1. God rafflaw, we’re living in that theme park. It has more surveillance than Disney!

    P.S. My neighbor has a dingo and they eat babies.

  2. God rafflaw, we’re living in that themepark. I think it has more surveillance than Disney.

    P.S. My neighbor has a dingo and they eat babies.

  3. You know, I like Messpo, am a Virginian, and we have lots, and I do mean LOTS, of Black Bear here.

    Yet, you don’t see us Virginian’s crying about the big mean ole bears. And they HAVE been known to kill humans in North America.

    Yet here you are, crying about how dangerous Gray Wolfs are, even though theres never been one single solitary case of a wild gray wolf killing a human in North America.


    I reckon we Virginians just are more suited to living in Rural environments, than you northerners are, huh?

    More at peace, with nature.

    Maybe you should get a condo in the city, Martha. Then the only wolves you’ll have to worry about are the ones hanging out on the street corner.

  4. Martha H.,
    If you wouldn’t enter several coyote stories to fill up your posting, I may have noticed that there was a wolf attack story. Secondly, is there a logical reason why you need to call people on this site names when they don’t agree with your enlightened version of the world?
    The animal lovers in the world are necessary because of people that take your views about wildlife. The animal lovers in the world actually have some knowledge of what happens to the ecosystem when species are hunted into extermination. I hope I haven’t upset your version of reality.

  5. rafflaw
    1, July 19, 2008 at 4:38 pm
    Martha H.,
    Nice try, but coyotes and wolves are different. Coyotes are everywhere and they have adapted to the human encroachment better than the wolves are able to


    And besides, if the ACME Company would just stop selling them do it yourself atom bomb kits, they’d be much less dangerous than they are now.

  6. Now, Martha’s tall tales aside, the fact is, there has never been one single documented case of a wild wolf killing a human being, in North America, in modern history.


    What a f$$king epidemic, ay?

  7. martha h
    1, July 19, 2008 at 5:45 pm
    Nothing worse on God’s green planet than animal worshippers.

    …cept the inbred bastards who enjoy killing them…ay?

  8. Martha Stewart said..

    AND IT GOES ON>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    bartlebee wake up moron

    Gee, in which one of those stories did a kid get killed by a wolf?


    I’ll be waiting “on my couch” for you to locate that part of your tall timber tale.

  9. Six injured in wolf attack (Ontario)
    September 7, 2006 — Ralph Maughan
    A lone wolf attacked a number of people at Lake Superior Provincial Park. Read about it in the Hamilton, Ontario newspaper. Article.

    January 02, 2008
    Dog Saves Children From Apparent Wolf Attack
    From The Province:

    The Rottweiler-cross bounded down the hill toward the wolves, who were moving in toward the children.

    “I looked back and saw my dog intercept the lead wolf — there were two of them. . . . The first wolf hit Shadow in the side and grabbed his shoulder. He spun around and grabbed that wolf by the face,” said Kyle Keays. “I was thinking ‘Good dog, you get steak dinners for the rest of the month if you make it through this.'”

  10. Lone Wolf Reported Stalking Dogs California

    Tim Mowry / San Francisco Daily News / February 6, 2008

    A lone wolf is apparently stalking dogs in the area and a state wildlife biologist said there’s a chance it’s a member of the pack that killed and ate three dogs two months ago.


    Now in some other states a wolf can be shot and the fine is $1500.00 and about 10 days in jail. Yet when children are stalked at rural school bus stops in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Minnesota, Wisconsin or Michigan- then ‘officials’ ‘teach’ the wolves a lesson about not stalking children via rubber bullets or loud noises, etc. This has boiled down to fathers acting like the Americans they are with the God-given right to protect their children shooting the wolf, which really ends the ‘problem-wolf’ stalking children, if only temporarily. Any parent in America would and should do just that. Every single hunter, fishermen, rancher and rural American needs to tell the wolf ‘advocates’ that when American children are endangered, no law should give that wolf more rights than the children. Any American that shot a wolf protecting children or another human being would never ever be put in jail.
    So wolves stalking children only in other states are shot as they should be- that is why they have to build wolf proof bus stop shelters in New Mexico, as it is their only hope for protecting their kids without endangering their family further by being thrown in jail and fined ridiculously for protecting their child from wolves.

  11. Martha H.,
    Nice try, but coyotes and wolves are different. Coyotes are everywhere and they have adapted to the human encroachment better than the wolves are able to. The Grey wolves were hunted to near extinction and that is why the protection was needed.

  12. jackass bartlebee is too lazy sitting on the couch to pay attention to news:

    Coyotes Attack Kids and Pets in Central New Jersey
    AP By Steve Millington, published May 30, 2008

    It is a beautiful, peaceful town in Monmouth County, NJ, not too far from the Atlantic ocean, within commuting distance of New York City. It’s far enough away from the ‘hustle and bustle’ of places like Elizabeth, Newark and Jersey City to be considered secure, and it’s really quite a lovely village, certainly not one with wild coyotes in attack mode.

    While Middletown’s a gorgeous locale, it’s also home for the Earle Naval Weapons Station, which contains a fenced and heavily wooded 750 acre section. Apparently a number of coyotes have found this to be their haven with the Navy. They have also found a way through the fence.

    On May 21 a 5-year-old boy was bitten on the head by a coyote in front of his home near the weapons base. Pouncing on the boy from out of the brush, the mongrel only let go when the child’s older sister screamed at the sight, and their black lab chased it into the woods. The youngster had lacerations from large bites on the back of his head and neck, requiring stitches. Subsequently a grayish-brown female coyote was shot dead near the entrance to the Naval base. Several others have been spotted in the area by local townsfolk. Rabies testing has so far proven negative.
    Diseased Coyote Captured After Stalking Redlands Child

    POSTED: 4:28 pm PDT May 12, 2008
    UPDATED: 4:40 pm PDT May 12, 2008

    REDLANDS, Calif. — A coyote was captured in a Redlands neighborhood, one day after it was scared off as it stalked a small child, police said Monday.

    Miller said it was the same animal seen stalking a 2-year-old child Friday in the area near San Mateo Street and Magnolia Avenue. The coyote was scared off by the child’s grandfather and a neighbor, who got between the animal and the child and yelled to frighten it away, police said.

    Wolf Stalks Kids at School Play Yard
    School on lockdown due to wolf stalking children

    Friday, November 30, 2007 children at the Glenwood school in New Mexico had a wolf stalking children at their play ground. The uncollared wolf appeared and was about 17 yards from the playground. The school was quickly locked down.

    The county wolf investigator was called out to cast tracks and look for other wolf evidence.

    In 2006 the school in Blue Arizona was also stalked by wolves who were later relocated to New Mexico and have been involved in various attacks and kills including slaughtering a little girls horse.

    AND IT GOES ON>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    bartlebee wake up moron.

  13. I am heartened with a decision like this that smacks the Bush regime in the face and forces them to deal with science and the effect their corporate policies have on the whole ecosystem. Thank you Judge Molloy. And Martha H., if you live in areas frequented by wolves you have to be careful with livestock and pets, but we kill far more of them and without the wolves nature as whole will suffer. We can co-exist, by not infringing on their wild areas.

  14. Yea….I see wolves (wild dogs) carrying off small kids in their mouths… every day.


    Happens all the time round these parts.

  15. Killing wolves is always a bad idea…..until you see one carrying off your pet cat or small dog in it’s mouth.

    Amazing how wackos that worship animals suddenly change their tune when a coyote or wolf is seen stalking a pet or worse a child.

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