Shock Video: Israeli Soldier Shown Firing a Rubber Bullet into Leg of Blindfolded Palestinian Prisoner at Close Range

A video has been released that shows an Israeli soldier filing a rubber bullet at close range into the leg of a Palestinian prisoner who is being held by another soldier. [Warning: The video linked below contains disturbing images]. The video was released by the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem. The victim is reportedly named Ashraf Abu Rahma, 27.

The matter is under investigation, but the man who is seen holding Abu Rahma is purportedly an Israeli army lieutenant colonel. The army issued a statement calling this a grave incident and noting that it appears to violate military rules of conduct. It further noted that the man was released to his home without the need for medical attention.

Once again, this shows the incredible value of videotaping in law enforcement and military situations. Without this video, this would have been treated as just another Palestinian shot in the leg with a rubber bullet.

The video is likely to raise tensions further after a video showed Jewish settlers severely beaten two shepherds near the village of Khirbet Susiya in the southern West Bank.

These bullets tend to be viewed by the public as harmless. However, they can break bones or even kill. Israeli doctors have warned against the use of these bullets for that reason, click here.

For the video, click here.

For the full story, click here.

39 thoughts on “Shock Video: Israeli Soldier Shown Firing a Rubber Bullet into Leg of Blindfolded Palestinian Prisoner at Close Range”

  1. First of all, most of the people that responded to my comment ignored the first five words in my previous message that those 911 suicide bombers were maniacs.

    Also, in response, to the senseless killing of 3 000 innocent Americans on 11-SEP-01, the US has willfully killed over 4 000 American soldiers needlessly (not to mention another 4 000 “coalition” soldiers and tens of thousands of Iraqis. So apparently killing some Americans leads to the killing of even more Americans. And any intelligent person can see that Bin Laden’s goal is not to destroy America from the outside, but to have America destroyed from with – three trillion dollars ($3 000 000 000 000) wasted in a few years and not enough money for shelter in New Orleans, healthcare for 50 million of the 3 HUNDRED million Americans or school lunches for hungry children.

    Also, the fact that the same morons who thought invading Iraq was a good idea are still employed and talking about doing the same to Iran AND are getting serious consideration (one was re-elected President, one is running for President, one is President of News Corp/Fox and countless others still work for the “think tanks” and television stations).

    Now, I firmly believe in non-violence, but if any country ever decided to invade mine and it was a relatively even fight e.g. China/US or Venezuela/Colombia, or France/Britain etc. I’d join the army and fight but if it was totally one-sided like US/Iraq, I’d take the fight to the US or whoever was the vastly more powerful aggressor. And if God forbid some other country ever invaded mine and bombed my house and killed my babies, non-violence would disappear faster than the US Constitution under Bush and I would go to that country and try to “get” as many of the politicians as possible. The World Trade Center should have been Congress but the Pentagon was right on.

    That being said, I have chosen to fight the Bush administration in an extremely non-violent manner. I stopped buying ALL made in USA goods or going there on vacation (approx. $15 000 per year), I sold my two American cars and bought one made in Germany and one made in Japan and that house I was going to buy in the US is on hold until the US stops supporting Israeli terror with $3 000 000 000 per year and Palestine is a free country once again.

    BTW, I used to love the US and spent about four weeks per month there on business and vacation and was going to move my family there in 2005 if Bush wasn’t re-elected. Also, where is Rome now and where do you think the USA is headed?

  2. zakimar

    I wonder what the average American would do if they were invaded by 1.5 million soldiers and had millions of tons of bombs and missiles dropped on them

    Well, since there are about 4 HUNDRED million of us, and about a 3rd of them armed to the teeth, I’d say the 1.5 million soldiers might be the ones appealing to the UN for assistance.


    As for the bombs, the United States has hands down the worlds best and most effective air force in the world, and considering half of its here in the US, I’d say those planes entering our airspace to drop the bombs might likewise wish they had consulted the UN first.


    Now, that being said, I understand your point. I understand that how you as an outsider sees the US. Hell half of us see it that way too. We’re the ones spreading the terror right now, and leaving the dead scattered across the four corners.

    Clearly this was the Roman response. Kill one American, we kill a thousand of yours. And clearly it was an archaic approach. But it also might want to make some think twice too, about killing more of us. After all, if you’re thinking about killing Americans to avenge some death, and know we’ll kill 1000 of your people for everyone of ours you kill, killing us might not be the wisest course of action, that is if its your people you really care about.

    Not all of us as you know are interested in reasoned response, so if you saw what they did after killing 3000 of us on 911, imagine what they’ll do if you kill more. Kill a lot of us, and all I can say is I hope you like fast food.

    The truth is, for all our efforts, another terrorist attack is going to draw a heavy response from our leaders, and it won’t be humane, whoever does it.

    911 was unprovoked, and was nothing but murder of innocent civilians by people too ignorant to think of a better way to address their greivances. And our invasion of Iraq, a country not involved in 911, was also nothing more than murder of innocent civilians by people too ignorant to think of a better way to respond to an attack from a specific group of people.

    It would behoove people on both sides, to start putting aside the hate, learning to maybe not forgive, but move on, and look to calm, reasonable heads for answers to our conflicts.

  3. I was saying that going to a group of U.S. citizens who are actively working towards some of the same goals as you and calling for the slaughter of their family and friends is not a good strategy…



    You are the master of understatement!


  4. Zakimar,

    I spoke to you as an individual, not as a representative of your culture, please do me the same favor. I’ve yet to be asked to play a part in any major policy decisions, and if I was I’d advocate for as nonviolent a policy as is possible. We ARE trying to remove the plank from our eye, and hopefully a large part of it will be gone in a matter of months.

    I was saying that going to a group of U.S. citizens who are actively working towards some of the same goals as you and calling for the slaughter of their family and friends is not a good strategy. All it accomplishes is the alienation of a group that would otherwise be sympathetic.

  5. When a handful of maniacs killed 3000 Americans on 11-SEP-01, the US responded by slaughtering tens of thousands of men, women and children not to mention the tortures, rapes etc. Israel and the US have used terror to make millions of people refugees and occupied their land. Perhaps you should remove the log from your eye before you seek to remove the splinter from mine.

    I wonder what the average American would do if they were invaded by 1.5 million soldiers and had millions of tons of bombs and missiles dropped on them. Perhaps they would appeal to the UN or World Court?

  6. dundar
    1, July 21, 2008 at 8:30 am

    I rather doubt the soldier did anything wrong.

    Except for shooting a manacled helpless prisoner, at point blank range with a rubber bullet.


    Other than that….right?

  7. Zakimar,

    Violence begets Violence.
    You’d have a lot more sympathetic ears worldwide if you just called for the boycott. There are plenty of people in the U.S. who agree with you about our foreign policies. However when you call for “the slaughter of the occupiers” you make it impossible for anyone in the U.S. to work with you to make change happen.
    At least once a day on this board I try and get people to see that every Muslim isn’t the enemy. Please don’t make the same mistake about us that too many here make about you (based on your posts I assume you’re a Muslim). Don’t think of all of us as evil monsters. We’re human, most of us are reasonable.

  8. I often have the pleasure of seeing Dr. Turley on MSNBC particular Countdown with Olbermann. I hope President Obama has a position for you in the “Justice” Department. I have never disagreed with any of your legal opinions – that is why I doubt you are ever on FOX or CNN, you are honest and unbiased, “fair and balanced”. Thank you.

  9. I don’t understand why EVERY Palestinian, Arab, Muslim, and Christian in or around Israel gets a gun, knife or any other weapon and stops EVERY Jew they see behaving this way. Israel does whatever it wants because the USA gives them $3 000 000 000 every year in money and weapons and additional “loans” and lets them do whatever they want. It’s time for ALL the Muslim countries to get together to supply Palestinians with weapons so that they can defend themselves.

    When/if Israel attacks Iran and Iran retaliates, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and everyone fighting the US occupation in Iraq should direct all their focus at attacking Israel together and showing the world that the US/Israel are not above Human Rights Laws.

    Also, it’s tragic that more people aren’t in Iraq and Afghanistan to slaughter the occupiers who are killing, raping, and torturing Muslims daily and have destroyed those two countries and now want to destroy Iran. Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo are just what we see; imagine the things that have been concealed. If countries such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia don’t do more to help the Palestinians end their suffering, the people should overthrow their dictators and all Muslim countries should have another oil embargo of the USA and Israel as well as applying sanctions on them. They can start by withdrawing all their assets from US banks and then freezing any US assets in their countries. The US and Israel will eventually be defeated, let us do whatever we can to make that happen sooner.

    As I am a father of young children, the least I have done, was to stop buying ANY USA products or visiting the US since they attacked Iraq in 2003. I estimate that my actions alone have taken about $15 000 per year out of the US economy and I was going to buy a property in the US this year but will NEVER consider that until there is a Palestine once again. There are 1.5 billion Muslims in the world – STOP buying USA products or investing in that country!!!

  10. Dundar,
    I think you need to volunteer to be shot in the TOE,the TOE and then you can tell us how minor the wound is. Even soldiers fighting for their lives have to follow rules. No matter how anxious the prior 30 minutes were, the soldier does not have the right to shoot any kind of weapon at a restrained and handcuffed prisoner. Of course, that concept is probably lost on someone who is in favor of torturing prisoners. By the way, George W. Bush disobeyed orders when he was drunk and charged with a DUI. Should he have been shot with a rubber bullet? George W. Bush disobeyed orders when he went AWOL from his Air National Guard unit. Should he have been shot then? It was during a time of war when he skipped. How many innocent lives have U.S. forces,under Bush’s orders, killed with their bombs in Iraq? The answer is thousands!

  11. He was shot in the TOE, not the leg!

    per the report: “Abu Rahma told B’Tselem that the bullet hit his left toe. He said he received treatment from an army medic, and released by the soldiers.”

    I would guess this is just a matter of a prisoner disobeying orders and an Israeli soldier firing at the ground to get his attention and a “whoops” occurred when he hit him in the toe. Either intentional or not, it was a “whoops”.

    He was shot in the TOE! the TOE!

  12. dundar:

    “NYC cops are not dealing with people that target women & children with bombs are they?”

    Had they and Condi and the FBI been “dealing” with such people on 9-11, maybe we wouldn’t be in this mess. By the way, needless cruelty is needless cruelty whatever the motivation or excuse, the crime of the defenseless prisoner notwithstanding. Hate is a bad thing, among its many other faults it clouds judgment.

  13. Israeli soldiers are not analogous to NYC cops.

    NYC cops are not dealing with people that target women & children with bombs are they?

    More power to the Israeli soldiers. They are fighting a war for the freedom to live.

  14. dundar:

    “The question is was the prisoner disobeying orders and warned several times he would be shot with a rubber bullet if he continued?”

    Ok dundar I got it.

    Cop says “if you cross that street anywhere but at the corner, I’m shooting you.” Pedestrian crossed in middle of block and is promptly shot (not dead mine you, just a flesh wound).

    Thinking Person’s Law: Cop is suspended and fired after conviction for aggravated battery or attempted murder.

    Dindar’s Law: Cop wins Nobel Peace Prize.

    I do see your point.

  15. As Paul Harvey would say “now for the rest of the story”.

    The rest of the story in this story is the 30 minutes leading up to the incident.

    I rather doubt the soldier did anything wrong. The question is was the prisoner disobeying orders and warned several times he would be shot with a rubber bullet if he continued? Did the prisoner know he was being filmed and wanted an incident that was on tape only with no audio?

    Pay close attention to the little bit of film there is. More interaction is going on than you initially see. I also would bet there is a LOT more information in the previous 30 minutes of coverage.

  16. I hope the Israeli military takes this serious and takes action against this soldier. This type of action can fan the flames of unrest even more in the continuing Israel-Palestinian mess. This individual, if found guilty, should be dismissed from the service and brought up on criminal charges.

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