Evangelical Preacher Arrested for Murder of Wife Found in Freezer

In a scene reminiscent of Robert Duvall’s character in The Apostle, Evangelist Anthony Hopkins, 37, was preaching on forgiveness when the police arrived to arrest him for the murder of his wife. The arrest in Mobile, Alabama, came after a relative alerted police to a body in a freezer in his home with eight children. His wife 36-year-old Arletha Hopkins hasn’t been seen for three years.

Hopkins has also been charged with rape and sodomy in a separate case involving the female relative. He is under investigation for another such crime against a different relative.

While Sonny in the Apostle was a bit of a womanizer, he had a comparatively easier task in asking for forgiveness in his final sermon with the drunken rage murder of his wife’s boyfriend on a baseball field. Keeping a body in a freezer for years does wonders for a prosecutor’s argument of heinousness . . . and just plain grossness.

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9 thoughts on “Evangelical Preacher Arrested for Murder of Wife Found in Freezer”

  1. This doesn’t surprise me as it happened in Mobile; I’m from AL.
    Mobile is a rough place.
    I feel sorry for her children.

    Your blog is very nice–

    I’ll probably put it in my links to make it easier to visit. I have a poli sci degree but I blog on poetry–

  2. It’s a good thing that Mr. Obama didn’t attend that church, McCain would try to bring “accessory” charges against him.

  3. I’ve heard of actors who begin to identify with their characters, but the man who played the cannibal Hannical Lecter is freezing human bodies? Over the line if you ask me…

  4. Mespo,
    That one was too easy! I am wondering if he was saving his wife for a dinner party or an evangelical ritual. You can never have enough food for appetizers.

  5. I guess they have him “cold” and maybe “dead to rights!”

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