Saudi Religious Police Official Arrested for Excess of Wives

A 56-year-old official in the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice had been arrested for exceeding the wife limit in the Jazan province of Saudi Arabia. Under Sharia law, a man can have as many as four wives but the official had accumulated six wives. It appears that the official has two wives too many.

The official has three wives from Saudi Arabia and three from Yemen. He will now have to slim down his marital numbers to four and insists that he has already moved to divorce two of the women.

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14 thoughts on “Saudi Religious Police Official Arrested for Excess of Wives”

  1. My “gay” friends don’t have a problem with it, but since homosexuals like mespo and his father (I’m assuming he also calls his father “Sir”) and polite people like you say it’s offensive, I’ll only use it with people that feel they are not being discriminated against.

    My humble thanks, Gyges.

  2. Zakimar,

    Excuse me then, in the U.S. it’s a derogatory term. I care because I think you’re a fairly intelligent person, but you come across as a huge bigot. Maybe you are, but I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt. I’m just trying to help you be able to make a point without it being lost because of your choice in rhetorical language. If you think that you shouldn’t have to change your language to suite the audience, let me know and I’ll stop trying to be helpful.

    This reminds me of when I used to play in a Dixieland band led by a German. We always had to remind him which tunes he should update the name of. “Darktown Strutters’ Ball” became “(Local street name) Strutters’ Ball.”

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  4. zakimar:

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    In spite of what some may infer from my comments, I reserve my main opposition to Zionists and hypocrites.

  9. Personally I have nothing against Jews, whores, or homosexuals. That is assuming the whores are doing it of their own free will, in a clean safe place and using birth-control and condoms. To be honest my main problem with polygamy (assuming everyone involved knows and about it and is doing involved because they want to be) is that the last thing humanity needs right now is the kind of population growth that it tends to lead to.

    I’ve been thinking about this issue, and I’d say I’m against the Government being involved in marriages, but they are a contract. If the contract ends, some uninterested party needs to be in charge of dividing up the property, debts, etc. The courts are well set up for that job, and society has an interest in making sure the division is as fair as possible. So I think I’m against the Government being involved in the setting up of these contracts.

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    Who says they are good Christians or Jews? To me, they look like classic strawmen designed to bolster your hasty generalizations about religions or races you do not like. In any event, I still prefer all of them to bigots.

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