Bathing It Your Way: Employee in Hot Water After Posting Video Bathing in Kitchen Sink of Ohio Burger King

If you ever needed another reason not to eat at a fast food restaurant, you may want to see this video of an employee calling himself Mr. Unstable bathing in the kitchen sink of the Burger King in Xenia, Ohio.

Even worse yet, the video appears to show a manager and employees looking on.

The video was a hit except for one viewer: Greene County Health Commissioner, Mark McDonnell.

However, he accepted the assurance of the restaurant that things were “cleaned up.”

In the meantime, their competitors have one whopper of a story for patrons.

For the video, click here.
For the full story, click here.

19 thoughts on “Bathing It Your Way: Employee in Hot Water After Posting Video Bathing in Kitchen Sink of Ohio Burger King”

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  6. Greene County is hardly liberal. I live right on the county line and the only somewhat liberal place is yellow springs, home of the now defunct antioch college. The rest of the county is about as red as it gets, with Bush carrying the county in 2004 by almost a 2:1 margin.

  7. rafflaw,

    This is something I know about. I’ve been in more kitchens from the low to the high end than I care to think about. I would not recommend eating at any fast food place except occasionally because the food is very unhealthy. But I have to say, if you knew what happened in most restaurant kitchens you’d never eat out again!

    That’s why I paid careful attention to the shots of the kitchen. It was exceptionally clean. Kitchens have powerful sanitizers that can take care of anything this young man “left behind” (I think there’s some books about that).

    If you think about what a dreary place BK is, the fact that these people had put some life into it, to me, speaks well of those people. I would trust them to do a far better job than people who are managed by brute force into following rules, at least while they’re being watched. Then when no one is looking, sullen, anrgy, pissed off employees will take their revenge! So that’s why I came to the conclusion I did on this one.


  8. I am not sure I will go into a Burger King again. Jill, I don’t have your confidence that these employees can be trusted to clean up properly after pulling off this stunt. As I think of it, the burgers at Burger King aren’t too appetizing under normal conditions.

  9. Dundar,

    Yup, one person saying that it’s not that bad is truly enough people to make all those nouns plural.

  10. This burger king needs to lose its franchise.

    What is not amazing are liberals coming to the defense of liberals that would do such in insane stunt in a liberal town.

    This is where people come to buy food to eat. IT is not a place for the local dropouts to do stupid stunts at.

  11. Does this dude not know that there is an upside down, dead tarantula on top of his head!

  12. Greene county is one small patch of liberal in Ohio. I hope no one gets in trouble over this. The fact that employees and a manager were having fun at this job– I think it speaks well of the manager. Nothing was done here that can’t be cleaned and sanitized after the birthday celebrant left the sink. The kitchen looked very clean and well kept up. It seemed like a group of people who liked each other and were being silly. I don’t think any harm came to the food that day!

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