When You Care Enough to Send the Very Best Complaint: Conservatives Launch Protest Against Same-Sex Hallmark Cards

The American Family Association has launched a crusade against Hallmark Greeting Cards for its decision to introduce a series of cards for same-sex couples. The AFA wants to start with a write-in campaign.

Last year, Hallmark started offering “coming out” cards and the company will now offer four designs of same-sex marriage cards.

In light of AFA’s campaign, Hallmark should now issue a line of cards for ticked off evangelicals and and religious right voters like “Here wishing that you were not a godless, Satan-driven card company” card.

For the call to arms at AFA, click here. Other conservative groups have joined the effort, here.

For the Hallmark story, click here and here.

64 thoughts on “When You Care Enough to Send the Very Best Complaint: Conservatives Launch Protest Against Same-Sex Hallmark Cards”

  1. I have said it before, but what sums up the fake religiosity that the Bush Regime and the far religious right try to impose on the country is this question. Which gay person would Jesus condemn for the “sin” of being gay? I believe that Christ believed in forgiveness and welcoming all to his table. Martha h. just doesn’t understand or doesn’t want to understand.

  2. Bob. Your post was as hilarious as it was brilliant and accurate. One day these pseudo-christians might figure out that the law of Moses is not the law of Jesus, and the words of Jesus are contained in the Gospel of John and the Synoptic’s, not the Torah.

    Unfortunately for Martha(x), today is not that day. So I reckon she’ll have to keep wearing her phylacteries to church on Sunday.


    Course, wait till she finds out she was supposed to be there on Saturday.

  3. Bob, I loved your questions. I bet we won’t ever get the answer, unfortunately.


    I did try to reach out sincerely to martha, just this once, because she sounded utterly terrified to me and I felt badly that anyone has to live in that much panic and pain. It’s clear that fear has translated into unthinking rage which finds expression in virulent hatred directed by unscrupulous “leaders” as you and others have pointed out. I have noticed this lust for power in fundamentalists. There seems to be a clear order of power, with the institutional leaders at the top, vying amongst themselves, then the pastors who control “their” congregations, then some of the layity over others, men over women, women over children, boys over girls, and everyone secretly wishing for the day they all may hold absolute power over the rest of society. I do not think fundamentalism would work without that last promise of absolute power granted to all who believe as they do. Fear starts it out, but being offered the chance in some cases, to literally call for the death of those who will not “obey”, I think that’s the hook that keeps it going. It is ugly to the very core.

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