Pet Stole Owner Forced to Pay Damages and Costs to Thief Who Stole his Money

If Mark Poveromo feels a bit confused in New Haven, Connecticut, he is not the only one. A judge recently ordered Poveromo to pay damages, court costs, and attorney’s fees to a thief who stole his money. Builder Mark R. Koch of Illinois first stole the money, was convicted of theft, and then successfully sued Poveromo for damages.

In 2006, Poveromo gave Koch $39,500 of $80,000 to build a new building. Koch took the money and did no work. Poveromo filed a criminal complaint and Koch was convicted — paying $25,000 with monthly payments in restitution. However, Kock also sued Poveromo, claiming that he had filed for bankruptcy protection in St. Louis, which stays any claims against him.

Judge Charles Rendlen III agreed with Koch, calling the criminal complaint “highly suspect timing” and found that Poveromo intentionally violated the bankruptcy stay on claims. Poveromo said that he never saw the notice sent to his business.

Rendlen would not even allow Poveromo to appear by telephone at a hearing despite that fact that Poveromo must care for his elderly parents. He hit him with full damages, court costs, and fees.

The problem with the ruling is that Koch must have raised this as a defense but was still convicted. While Poveromo was the complaining party, it was the state that prosecuted Koch. The state had to find scienter to commit a crime — above any bankruptcy problem.
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  1. Mac, the number for his PO’s office is: 314-244-6700 and her last name is/was Clark. They can direct you to her when you call the office. it is out of the Eastern District of Missouri office,…looks like there is a chief PO officer, maybe he can help you Mac.
    Also, I am sure the name of his judge is on his court paper, if you have them.

  2. Mac,
    Your comment got stuck in the spam filter and there is not much I can do about that. There is a limit of two links per comment. You can rewrite and provide the same information in multiple comments. But limit links in each comment to two.

  3. Mac,
    His PO is a female…and you think that would be there job to check into complaints if they are violating a parole. ..especially when he is screwing people over in a new self employment company that he isn’t suppose to have. Maybe Juju will have better luck since he has been screwed over by a company Mark isn’t suppose to have vs not being paid on a judgment? But then again one would think that non payment would be a violation as well that should be delt with by PO….no wonder we have repeat offenders…there is no punishment for violations. Is there no one over his PO’s head that you can take your complaint to since his PO doesn’t want to look into it?

  4. you can look up his federal case under Mark R. Koch on you will have to set up an account. You can download his judgement and supervised release..ect. from there as well. It will cost you a little, depending on how much you look at/ download. His criminal case number 09-30177-MJR the case was out of the Southern district of IL (His criminal case that is, he has others). He was released from prison on July 23,2012 and his probation officer is out of the Eastern District of Missouri. I think the number there is 314-244-6700 and last I heard his PO’s last name was Clark. His conditions of his release state that he is not to go into any self-employment without permission.

    Let us know how it works out! I read somewhere that he had also hired some lady, had her move and then never paid her either.

    hope that helps you out.

    1. Anonymous; You al history? I know it doesn’t cost much to get ALL his criminal like the lady I helped find Mark Koch’s criminal history and I would be glad to join a case against him for never paying me any when he was ordered to as well! His probation Officer said he didn’t have time to check on him all the time! would like to see him spend some more years in jail, he is a criminal and thief.

    1. I believe that if you get in touch with the Feds, and tell them he has ripped you off they will give him more time in jail than the 1.5 years I had him do. He never paid me a penny of the $40,000 he took! he is a criminal that will do more years now after another theft as soon as he got out! I just had knee surgery or I would find the information that may help. but I believe it was the Postal Inspectors Office that prosecuted him and he can tell you what to do, for FRAUD!

      1. I am working on it. But I am having trouble finding any information on the guy. Anyone know what counties/cities he was prosecuted in previously? It would help if I could find his past criminal records or figure out who his parole officer was/is.

        1. I would love to help you and I do have all his data and the right way to do him in, but I am not up to digging through my paperwork then I can’t drive either. research him and he will tell you what I and others I suggest you have a private
          eye do a complete search on him, even give him my name and tell him what the problem is. That should cost you no more than $200. I paid $125 and got everything! Write me an email and I will send all I have in my computer…

          1. Mac- Thank you. But I think I already have everything that you have. Still need to know a State/City/County.

            1. Try East St. Louis Missouri, I doubt if you have everything I have, I sent him to the pen for a year and a half. But I would be willing to back you up in a new suit just because he was ordered to pay me and did not.

  5. Wow, seems like Mark is still up to his old tricks. Not paying for his design (I am assuming that is for his Livejamz online website?)….either of you have any luck getting money from him or getting his PO to get him back in front of the judge? Wonder how many other victims there are since his construction business…

  6. He may have the money? I know he collects it and his mama is part of the scam, so even if he has the money he won’t pay you. This is just staying in practice and training to get better at stealing. I hope he crosses the wrong guy and gets what he really deserves someday soon! If you did the work, then why can’t you go back to his url and delete it? Seems like a good idea to me, or are you afraid he will sue you too? What do you mean by “PO”? let me know, I may be able to help?

  7. This Mark Koch guy does NOT have enough money to pay a designer as he hired me to do the work, and then has not paid me a dime. I found this site when trying to figure out what the heck is going on with this guy! Anyone able to help me track this guy down? Mac I would love to get his PO info from you!

  8. Mac,

    Sure hope you were able to get ahold of his probation officer. Now it looks like he is giving away a trip to Cancun through his website. another contest I am sure he has rigged.

    1. I guess crime pays!should be able to get 1 cent on a $40,000 rip off, but I just keep spending more time and getting not even the news of what happened! He has the law on his side. So I guess I should just turn criminal? It pays better!

      Mac Maynard , victim so far! I just give up ! At least the government lawyers and judhes have gobs! They get their money first by the way! The USA IS Crroked!

      Mac. Victim!

  9. Mac,
    Any updates on if they will revoke is probation or make him pay you back?

  10. Mac,

    Ever get a call back from his PO? or been given a reason why you have not gotten a dime yet?

    Hope you get some justice.

    1. I did get a call from his prosecutor that told me she would pass along the data found by you and he should be getting another year in the pen! Can you send all that stuff to my email again so I can pass it on to his probation officer? It’s appreciated!
      Thanks Mac

        1. He is probably wanting to get things braught to him in jail or even communical visits? I hope the worste for him!!! Mac I hope to get my memory back and can remember what to tell his Probation officer that he should alrady know anyway! What a criminal that has hurt a lot of people!

  11. Mac,

    Less than a year from totally beating his scam? does that mean he has less than a year left on probation? I thought he had three years of it and it has not even been a year yet. Wow if that is the case this is some system we have here! He will still owe you the money even after that though, correct? hope you find a way to get it. Maybe they should look and see what all money he has put into starting this livejamz site and the contest he runs to see that he obviously has money somewhere. There is obviously enough evidence to show that they are his business… Wonder if any of his other victims have collected anything, maybe they all need to call his PO. Sorry to hear that this is been such an up hill battle for you. Is there anyone over his PO’s head that you can talk to, since his does not want to call you back? or maybe call his officer back again….No wonder he did not hesitate in starting a new business since the only hiccup he had in his last scam was jail time. Don’t give up the fight…

    Good luck Mac, let us know i your luck changes any!

  12. I got in touch with the prosecutor who then told me who his probation officer is, but that office hasn’t been good enough to return my emails! So to me it seems Koch has found a way to make his fortune! They rely on his honesty in telling them if he has any money, and never actually check him out. So he is less than a year from totally beating all this scam’s victims out of $125,000+ and now he has a business plan that he knows works and he will just do it better next time! We should all just join in this fraud business and know that we can get away with all we can collect & steal! The probation officer should be fired! I never got a phone call or letter concerning Koch at all! They have still not answered my emails or calls! Who is the thieves?

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