Pet Stole Owner Forced to Pay Damages and Costs to Thief Who Stole his Money

If Mark Poveromo feels a bit confused in New Haven, Connecticut, he is not the only one. A judge recently ordered Poveromo to pay damages, court costs, and attorney’s fees to a thief who stole his money. Builder Mark R. Koch of Illinois first stole the money, was convicted of theft, and then successfully sued Poveromo for damages.

In 2006, Poveromo gave Koch $39,500 of $80,000 to build a new building. Koch took the money and did no work. Poveromo filed a criminal complaint and Koch was convicted — paying $25,000 with monthly payments in restitution. However, Kock also sued Poveromo, claiming that he had filed for bankruptcy protection in St. Louis, which stays any claims against him.

Judge Charles Rendlen III agreed with Koch, calling the criminal complaint “highly suspect timing” and found that Poveromo intentionally violated the bankruptcy stay on claims. Poveromo said that he never saw the notice sent to his business.

Rendlen would not even allow Poveromo to appear by telephone at a hearing despite that fact that Poveromo must care for his elderly parents. He hit him with full damages, court costs, and fees.

The problem with the ruling is that Koch must have raised this as a defense but was still convicted. While Poveromo was the complaining party, it was the state that prosecuted Koch. The state had to find scienter to commit a crime — above any bankruptcy problem.
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92 thoughts on “Pet Stole Owner Forced to Pay Damages and Costs to Thief Who Stole his Money

  1. Wow – how are the student antogonists-for-fun, the paid disrupters, and the genetically predisposed neo-con ultra rightists going to respond to this whirling dervish of a story ??? This ought to be interesting.

    My guess is it will end up being Barack Obama’s fault.

    Warmest regards from Northern California

  2. So you go around offering people to do construction work for them, collect a third up front, then file for bankruptcy, then sue the people who tried to get back the money you stole from them?

    Great work if you can get it.

  3. Oddly enough CMM – there is much more of this at play in American Global business then a normal human being could stomach. I was elevated to celebrity status with a major Global company because I exposed such a scam by one of my own colleagues, out in the open. I gave him ample opportunity but he figured because I was in the middle of some very tricky reorganization and he was a religious figure – that I was bluffing. I wasn’t. Then that colleague sued me. In my case – the Michigan Courts dismissed the case with prejudice.

  4. A religious figure ay? Sounds like an interesting case Binx. I thought your photo seemed a little familiar.

    Clearly Judge Rendlen here was more interested in hearing the sound of his own voice than in dispensing even handed justice.

    In this case, it seems to me a good attorney could argue that the court itself, at least Judge Rendlens court, was a effectively “co-conspirator” in perpetuating this fraud, whether he himself benefited from it or not.

    He assisted Mr Koch with stealing more funds from Mr Poveromo.

    Perhaps the judge felt that given mr Poveromo’s name appears to be a derivative of the word, Poverty, that he was merely helping him honor his family name, by helping Mr Koch empty out his bank account.

  5. This case is almost impossible to distinguish on its relevant facts from Thompson v. Hewitt, 311 B.R. 415 (E.D. Pa. 2004).

    In that case, the debtor was hired to build a house and failed to finish the job after being paid over $55,000. The debtor then filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy and the creditor received notice, but did not file any objections in that case.

    Thereafter, the victim (creditor) pressed criminal charges against the debtor and got an order of restitution. Even though the state collected the money solely for distribution to the victim in compensation for his loss, the bankruptcy courts rejected the very same argument made in the story above, stating:

    “The Bankruptcy Court noted that Creditor is not the party prosecuting the Criminal Prosecution, nor did Creditor violate the automatic stay of Section 362(a) by participating in any proceedings in the Criminal Prosecution to enforce the Restitution Order. The Bankruptcy Court further wrote in its August 13, 2002 Memorandum and Order denying the Debtor’s motion seeking a preliminary injunction in this adversary proceeding, Bankruptcy Code ยง 362(b)(1) expressly excepts the continuation of the state court criminal proceeding from the reach of the automatic stay-even if the criminal proceeding’s purpose is to collect a debt or enforce payment of a criminal restitution obligation.”

    But as the case of In Re Bibbs, 282 B.R. 876 (E.D. Ark. 2002)
    points out, the courts are split on this issue. Some say the automatic stay does apply to criminal prosecutions, others say it doesn’t.

    A little background on Judge Rendlen III may provide some insight as to why he’s so sympathetic to people in bankruptcy. See the article at this link:

    When he was in private practice in Missouri during the farming crisis of the late 80s, his firm used to accept payment from clients in the form of jams & jellies because they were more concerned with helping people than getting paid.


  6. David W:

    Jam and jelly? Sounds like intermingling to me. Besides, the escrow issues are very difficult in dealing with marmalade based fees.


  7. David W

    A little background on Judge Rendlen III may provide some insight as to why heโ€™s so sympathetic to people in bankruptcy. See the article at this link

    Being sympathetic to people in bankruptcy is one thing. Being a schmuck and letting a con man get away with robbery, is another.

    Koch played Rendlen like a plastic banjo.

    This is a common ruse of builders going under. Get a big down payment on a job they never intend on doing, then either abscond with the funds or file bankruptcy, keeping the money.

    Mr Poveromo (known currently as Mr Poverty) handed this clown $39,500. In exchange he got nothing.



    When people are playing the system to rob citizens of their hard earned money, especially such a large amount of money, judges need to show a little more…. well… judgement, and not permit a conman to steal almost 40,000 dollars from someone and then turn around and order the victim pay.

    We need smart judges in our court system, not Patsy’s.

    So if Rendlen likes getting paid in Jams and Jellies then let him. Because thats all his judgment is apparently worth.

  8. Mr. Koch also stole $40k from me the same way, I paid a large down payment then nothing, except the threat of bankruptcy, which I fought & won due to his history of theft! He has never paid a nickle back and the US postal inspector is taking him to court for mail fraud. I hope to meet him some day!

  9. A Stay will not stop a criminal case but will slow down payments. I need more information to make an informed decision.

  10. Mac Maynard

    On November 23, 2009, Mr. Koch turned himself to the US Marshall’s office in East St. Louis, IL for one count mail fraud and one count wire fraud. He was arraigned and released the same day. I know this because I was the one that drove him to the courthouse.

    Mr. Koch still resides in St. Louis, MO and is operating a music management business under the name Livejamz ( He is a pathological liar and continues to mislead people.

    I am very sorry for your situation with Mr. Koch but I am considering passing this article on to the bands that he is currently working with so they know what they are getting into. I know it won’t get your money back but maybe knowing that others are being warned against dealing with him will help.

  11. Mr. Koch has used the same scheme to steal from lots of people. Then he tries to trick you into dropping the case, or missing a court date, by changing them all the time, likely getting advice from the same lawyer that advised him to just take the money from all these guys and declare bankrupcy. I fought his bankruptcy and won, I was awarded the money back, but Koch never paid a penny and has just postponed court to April, it was supposed to be on the 25th, at which time I bought tickets to St. Louis to be there to insist that he does a few years in jail at minimum. This is due to the prosecutor telling me that these guys normally make a “Plea Deal”. I don’t want a plea deal because he won’t pay the money back no-matter what and he will just be turned loose. His mother should be tried as well for money laundering and I will see what can be done about that as well. He have all our money to his mommy to hold until he gets cleared! What’s more, is that I had been ripped off for 130,000 on the same project by 2 other contractors that did the exact scam on me! I lost a lot more than Mr. Poverty and even called him to try to get him to be co-plaintiffs against Koch (to save legal fees) but he refused. Court is in April, & I will be there!

  12. Anonymous; As you drive around with Mr. Mark Koch, the criminal beware the company you keep! I think it would be unwise to be around him at all? I’m not interested in getting “part” of the going on 50k he owes me back, at this point I insist he does time where he belongs, away from his family and victims! It’s better for him! and us! And likely his family! It isn’t over yet Mark! any bank account in his name will be seized and any money hidden by him will be distributed and I personally won’t settle until he has paid every cent with the highest interest allowed, and the costs for lawyers too! Were going to have a very long term relationship.

  13. Mr. Maynard

    I completely sympathize with you and wish I could help your situation. As for “driving around with Mr. Mark Koch,” I am no longer even associated with him. When I took him to the courthouse last November, I was still under the impression that he was legitimate. I had only know him for a couple of months and, until that day, did not know much about him. Suffice it to say, I have severed ties but am still connected with people that he is currently trying to do business. I have forwarded links to all articles and video clips that I have found about this situation with hopes to keep people away from him. He is indeed a criminal and he still collects victims – some of them suffer financial loss, some emotional but most suffer both.

  14. Mac Maynard

    Is there a way I can get in touch with you, offline? I would like to discuss Mr. Koch, but not though a website such as this.

  15. Mac Maynard

    Is there a way I can get in touch with you, offline? I would like to discuss Mr. Koch, but not though a website such as this.

  16. Anonymous??? My email address is pasted directly above here…already. Denise Smith sounds familiar, by coincidence another woman (X-wife of Koch) contacted me and wanted child support! Try calling if you can’t use email. 559-692-2939. I’m looking forward to going to court very soon!

    This is the error I get when sending an email to your email address.
    ‘This Gmail user does not exist…

  17. I see that Mark pled quilty to the wire and mail fraud this morning and is stil out on bond….Hope he gets what he deserves for treating people this way!

  18. I was called today by the DOJ, telling me Koch has pleaded guilty. His sentencing should be within a few months and I have offered to speak my piece to the judge before that happens. But I’m confident he will out of business for a few years! I also heard about how he will be treated after he gets out, he will have to pay all the money back to all 12 victims (of just this scam). I’m glad to have had a big part in putting this guy where he belongs! I hope to be there for the sentenc.Restitution will be “pro-rated” by how much he owes each victim. I know you follow this because you want him to pay child support?? But I doubt if he pays you while he’s in jail. Feds only allow 15% “good time”, so he’s going to do most of that time, then will be on supervised parole for at least 5 more years.
    Good Day!

  19. This has nothing to do with Child support…he owes me no child support we have no child together. You must have me confused. I hope he gets all you think he will get and didnt get some sort of plea deal and walk free! and I certainly hope he pays back all the victims…He doesnt deserve to be in business!

  20. Sorry, I thought you were “Anonymous”, or as seen above these psts? If not then who are you, and why do you care? The woman (?) at that email, sent me an email telling me she was Mark Kock’s X wife and she helped him with “shipping” in his other illegal businesses years ago! So I sent that to the DOJ investigator and that will also be used as a record of his past. The email was cancled but the DOJ I think knew how to verify she was…my opinion. The main thing to learn is not to steal! Now it’s time to pay!!! I hope I can be there to see him get sentenced? Maybe they will teach him a job he can do when he gets out (so he can pay us back), I see him as a hair-dresser for some reason? I hope he has made his mama proud, and I wonder if a wife would really wait?

  21. Wow he is gonna go though with the trial, and here I thought maybe he had a grown a conscience for a min there…guess guys like that never do! Hope he is found guilty!!

  22. I will be there for any “trial”, but I was told he already plead guilty yesterday, and the sentencing is all that is left to do? Have you some news The DOJ hasn’t told me? I think it’s too late for him to try and say he isn’t guilty, where is everyone’s money? 12 victims are in this against Koch, trying to get “justice”. He is guilty and there are several other witnesses too, he has been a career criminal, so this may force a career change?

  23. So it seems you are well informed! I just found out he wants to go to trial. So the tax-payers get to keep paying for this guy! So it all continues. But I demand justice as a right as an American! Otherwise we can all just steal our money with the law on our side! I still believe he will pay for his thieving ways! I’ll do everything I can possibly do to see it happen! This is all just “my opinion” and a way to attempt to find information, even though it’s “shady”, in that people are ashamed of who they are.

  24. Yeah he proably wants to go to trial so he can keep being a free man and push the court date back a few more times. wonder how many times that will work for him…he was suppose to go to trial on Monday, doubt that will happen. He should have to sit in jail if he is gonna be out and play games like not responding to his attorney and then cant be prepared to go to court on the set court date.

  25. There is no way he be “prepaird” anyway, too many people have the same problem with him (and people “humans”) like him that think they are a genius because they figured a way to steal money! My advice is to “work” for it and don’t steal! it only takes one time to ruin your credibility for life, then you may as well try identity theft as well! Maybe if someone does this long enough, and does time with others like himself.. he could write a manual on how to do crime & time? Or maybe a store where he can sell the “how to” books, along with lessons? Why not? if you don’t have to worry about reprecussions, everyone can just take what they wish! (Don’t take my word for it though, it has only happened to me 3+ times on one project. A person almost needs a Lawyer to oversee any building project these days!I want to see the bank history, along with mama’s too! more time is probably good for us all!

  26. Has anyone heard what the current status of this case is? I have looked for current information, but all I can find is he plead guilty and is being sentenced this month, according to the articles I find. I agree with you Mac that people should work for what they have and not steal it from innocent victims.

  27. Has anyone heard what the current status of this case is? I have looked for current information, but all I can find is he plead guilty and is being sentenced this month, according to the articles I find. I agree with you Mac that people should work for what they have and not steal it from innocent victims. I hope you find justice!

  28. According to (his case is in the Illinois-Southern District), he has been sentenced to 24 months, I think, then 3 years probation but he has to wait until the U.S. Marshals bring him in. I’m not sure I understand the reasoning behind that. He was sentenced October 29, 2010.

  29. Thanks I have since heard that, however I heard it was 25 mths and 20 days, and three years probation and apperantly almost $125,000 in restitution. I will have to check out pacer, I didnt know there was such a site. Court cases are so hard to find on the net.

    Thanks for your time….I am glad to see those he took advantage of got some justice!

  30. I’m sure you’re right about the sentence; I just couldn’t remember the details off the top of my head. I am confused, however, how they can charge him but then let him go to wait for the US Marshal’s to bring him in. Are they waiting for space in the prison or could his public defender be appealing? It looks as if he is still on house arrest so maybe they are letting him stay out and then will count this towards his time at a later date, I don’t know. Would you or anyone else have some insight on this?

    As for his victims getting justice, I understand that he’s only working as a cook or waiter somewhere so, unfortunately, I doubt they’ll see much justice in the form of restitution. At least they know he’s been sentenced but they still have to wait to see if he serves any time.

  31. I was not sure about that either, however from blogs I have read it is common practice for them to be out waiting on a surrender date. I have read of some who are out for 30 or more days.

    I didn’t know he was on house arrest, and wasn’t sure how it worked towards the time he owes. I have looked it up and from what I have read it does NOT count as time served. I just did a google search and found blogs stating things like:

    “The only way for those days to be credited to the sentence is if the judge lowers the sentence at the time of sentencing. There is written law that expressly states that only time behind bars will count toward time served, and only if the time is done under federal order. If being held on a state order first, it doesn’t count.

    Judges and attorneys don’t know about this and i have seen cases where the judge has lowered the sentence to give credit for the time when it has been explained. Realistically, being in the comfort of your home, with your family, is nothing like being in jail. If you want the time to count, you have to forego bond and check into the FDC or county jail, but that is not a good alternative.”

    and in response to someones post about weather their county jail time and house arrest will count towards time served someone posted this:

    “You will get credit for the 53 days – as long as they were not credited toward any state sentence. And based on what you’ve written, I believe that you will get credit for the 53 days, as jail credit/prior custody credit, against your federal sentence. Now for the time spent on home confinement and/or house arrest, YOU WILL NOT GET credit for this time. So, no matter what anyone tells you, I am 100% certain that you cannot get credit for this time. I wont go into all of the legalese of why you can’t get credit for it, but basically the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that being on house arrest and/or home confinement does not rise to the same level as actually being incarcerated – thus you cannot get credit for this time against your federal sentence as jail credit.”

    So I would have to belive that he will be looking at serving his time, whenever the marshalls give him a surrender date.

  32. It seems to be all over but the “love of his new family”! I just got news of his sentencing; 25 months in the BIG HOUSE!!! and he will have to pay every penny as well. I’m glad I fought it and beat him into the dirt…and will continue to do so. My loss was the biggest one, all the rest were small ammounts and all will be repaid on a pro-rated basis. It is a little better now, being on the winning side!

  33. Mac, I am so glad you got justice as well as the other 10 victims on the list. None of you deserved to be taken advantage of the way he did and hopefully jail time will teach him a thing or two about morals. There were actaully three that he had taken tens of thousands of dollars from. I know from reading stories online that he had taken just about the same amount from Mark P in CT. He won in a different case, I see he is on the list of people he is ordered to pay restition to and it is a smaller amount than what he had stolen from him, through the federal case. Interesting. I also see that as part of his probation he has to get prior approval for self employment, I wonder what this will do to the livejamzonline business mentioned above? and the livejamzonline internet radio( search for the business mentioned and you can find that one as well).
    I see from comments above, his time in the big house has not yet started. Hopefully he will begin his punishment for his actions soon. Well I am glad to see you are on the “winning side” and I hope you have been able to pick up the pieces from the mess his selfisness has caused.

  34. I understand that he’s working at an Olive Garden in Chesterfield, Missouri. I wonder if they know what’s going or that he’s on house arrest.

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  36. Wonder if now that he is out on probation if Mark has gotten his required permission to run his business again. He has livejamzmedia on facebook and I See he ran a contest through those businesses, wonder if he actually gave out what the prizes were. Hope all the people he screwed over are getting paid back!

  37. I was wondering the same thing, about the permission. I see that he shows he is the CEO of livejamz. His personal Facebook account also shows that he attended Full Sail University, however the college shows no record of him ever attending, must be all part of his continuous scam. Guess he is on to the next big thing.

  38. Thank you for the update on this less than human criminal! I won a suit and he was supposed to do time but I don’t know for sure that he actually did?? He was also banned from being in business for himself too! so I am glad to hear this and will let the Federal Prosecutor know this news! I can only hope he does more time and will be glad if I have anything to do with it (again!) I have been ill and forgot all about him untill this Jonathanturley .com site! So I will be back in touch and hope to be a help in getting his other victims some satisfaction in his continued crime wave! He makes me sick to my stomach! I feel for anyone affected by him in any way! I hope the very worst for his future!
    Thanks for letting me know!

  39. Sorry to hear that you have not gotten any money back. I am not sure if he has screwed anyone with this livejamzradio/ livejamzmedia business. I just see that he has them and offered a contest for Phish tickets for new years and a few other prizes. You have to dig a little to see that he is apart of the business. looks like from above comments, he had a business called Livejamzonline before he went in, looks like he just tweaked the name a bit. here are a couple of links that show show his as the owner of the domain:

    if he sees that people are on to it and IF he has no permission from his parole officer, he might try to cover it up, so you may want to print it out if you need it. He did do time, you can look up on the BOP website and it shows he was released on 7-23-12, and he is on parole. Wonder if not paying his restitution is a violation of his parole or if this business he has is?
    I believe he is in St. Louis, Missouri. the addresses on the links above show that as well. Good luck on getting your money back, let us know if you are successful!

  40. Just did a search for DBA in Missouri and he is listed as owner on Livejamz, Livejamz radio and Livejamz radio LLC. He filed for all these before he turned himself in for his sentence in 2010. Maybe he got permission to continue to run these business, but it would be beyond me why they would let him with his track record. Either way he is obviously still continuing to run these business. you can find the information through this link:

    Hope any of that helps you in your quest to recoup the money owed to you. It sickens me that he can get away with not paying his restitution or money he owes from a judgement against him. Best of luck.

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  42. I see Mark has updated his livejamzradio website. I wonder how he has the money to do that when he owes so many so much! Wonder if they are going after him for vilolating his probation or if he was actually given permission?

  43. I have only just recently tried to go after my money, The Government has never contacted me about it and yet I’m The #1 victim!. Please help keep me informed!

  44. Mac,
    Looks as if there is some good information on what he has been up to on here. Hopefully that helps you in your quest to recoup your money or have his probation taken away and back in jail for violating his probation, if he does not have permission to have this business of his. I am surprise that since he has been out of jail since the summer, you have not gotten a dime towards what he owes you yet. I would be calling his probation officer. Best of luck and keep us posted on the outcome, I am sure we would all like to see justice served!

  45. I have nothing to do with Anazon and don’t use amazon, I also don’t know what “Theupportt is!. It’s supposed to be “Thanks for the support”! I guess that could be my keyboard? Can’t afford a new computer now!

  46. I also see he is apt to take a drug test everyday! And he will be on supervised probation for 3 years for each crime or 12 years! So I plan to start on him as hard as I can tomorrow! I have a copy of all his requirements and I’m sure he doesn’t like it! Thank you all for the good help! I still wonder about you Denise??

  47. There are all sorts of frauds and thieves with whom the government agencies cooperate, whom the government agencies protect, and who can get the government agencies to do their dirty work for them. I believe some of the reason this happens is that the frauds and thieves have something on certain employees of those agencies; maybe they cooperated in some scams and both made money or something. Another reason can be that the frauds and thieves FOOLED some idiots in government employ into doing something illegal (not following procedure) and THEN they can’t own up to what they did so they go around delegitimizing all claims against the frauds and thieves to protect their own secrets. It’s a very common thing. Often, one government employee who has gotten into this kind of mess will pull others in with him or her and then there’s an actual conspiracy designed to protect NOT the fraud or thief (although that is its effect) but the government idiots who enabled him on his last round of cheating.

    Remember people in govt. agencies don’t have to take their lumps if they can hurt others instead, and thereby prevent themselves from being busted. I saw that happen with an employee of an agency in Fairfax Virginia who eventually got one DC employee, two Montgomery County Maryland employees, and half a dozen lawyers into her net, and at the same time she managed to flat out steal about $80,000 from the federal government. And now Fairfax County is furloughing employees who are really doing an honest day’s work for a day’s pay while she rides on her past crimes and has even set up an illegal adoption ring within county government. She belongs in a federal prison but will never get there because she can destroy people’s incomes and take away their pensions. In the beginning she was enabled by two judges: one alcoholic and one who was just greedy and corrupt. There’s nothing very astonishing about it; power corrupts.

  48. Hope you were able to locate his probation officer, Mac. I am sure he/she will know weather his online business is legit and something he is authorized to do. Not sure there is much hope for this world if someone can get out of jail and be allowed to start up another business after they just used a business to screw so many people over. Wonder if any of his other victims have received any money. If no money towards restitution has been made to anyone, shouldn’t that also be a violation that could put him back in jail?

  49. I am just getting ready to call his probation officer now and see if I can make him do more time? Thanks for the good advice though! It’s appreciated!

  50. Mac,

    Glad you were able to find his PO. Hopefully they were able to shed some light on if he was given permission to run that business and why you have not gotten any of your money back yet!? Let us know if you find justice!

  51. Apparently Mark has money to get people to design things for his business for him…. check it out:

    according to this, he also has an Ijamz and Livejamz tv business to. Although I have not seen websites for them yet.

    here is another job he has on that site…

    I am sure there is probably more,i just happened to run across these and thought you would be interested. Wonder how his victims feel that he can spend money to change his website and these types of jobs.

  52. I got in touch with the prosecutor who then told me who his probation officer is, but that office hasn’t been good enough to return my emails! So to me it seems Koch has found a way to make his fortune! They rely on his honesty in telling them if he has any money, and never actually check him out. So he is less than a year from totally beating all this scam’s victims out of $125,000+ and now he has a business plan that he knows works and he will just do it better next time! We should all just join in this fraud business and know that we can get away with all we can collect & steal! The probation officer should be fired! I never got a phone call or letter concerning Koch at all! They have still not answered my emails or calls! Who is the thieves?

  53. Mac,

    Less than a year from totally beating his scam? does that mean he has less than a year left on probation? I thought he had three years of it and it has not even been a year yet. Wow if that is the case this is some system we have here! He will still owe you the money even after that though, correct? hope you find a way to get it. Maybe they should look and see what all money he has put into starting this livejamz site and the contest he runs to see that he obviously has money somewhere. There is obviously enough evidence to show that they are his business… Wonder if any of his other victims have collected anything, maybe they all need to call his PO. Sorry to hear that this is been such an up hill battle for you. Is there anyone over his PO’s head that you can talk to, since his does not want to call you back? or maybe call his officer back again….No wonder he did not hesitate in starting a new business since the only hiccup he had in his last scam was jail time. Don’t give up the fight…

    Good luck Mac, let us know i your luck changes any!

  54. Mac,

    Ever get a call back from his PO? or been given a reason why you have not gotten a dime yet?

    Hope you get some justice.

  55. I did get a call from his prosecutor that told me she would pass along the data found by you and he should be getting another year in the pen! Can you send all that stuff to my email again so I can pass it on to his probation officer? It’s appreciated!
    Thanks Mac

  56. He is probably wanting to get things braught to him in jail or even communical visits? I hope the worste for him!!! Mac I hope to get my memory back and can remember what to tell his Probation officer that he should alrady know anyway! What a criminal that has hurt a lot of people!

  57. Mac,

    Sure hope you were able to get ahold of his probation officer. Now it looks like he is giving away a trip to Cancun through his website. another contest I am sure he has rigged.

  58. I guess crime pays!should be able to get 1 cent on a $40,000 rip off, but I just keep spending more time and getting not even the news of what happened! He has the law on his side. So I guess I should just turn criminal? It pays better!

    Mac Maynard , victim so far! I just give up ! At least the government lawyers and judhes have gobs! They get their money first by the way! The USA IS Crroked!

    Mac. Victim!

  59. This Mark Koch guy does NOT have enough money to pay a designer as he hired me to do the work, and then has not paid me a dime. I found this site when trying to figure out what the heck is going on with this guy! Anyone able to help me track this guy down? Mac I would love to get his PO info from you!

  60. He may have the money? I know he collects it and his mama is part of the scam, so even if he has the money he won’t pay you. This is just staying in practice and training to get better at stealing. I hope he crosses the wrong guy and gets what he really deserves someday soon! If you did the work, then why can’t you go back to his url and delete it? Seems like a good idea to me, or are you afraid he will sue you too? What do you mean by “PO”? let me know, I may be able to help?

  61. Wow, seems like Mark is still up to his old tricks. Not paying for his design (I am assuming that is for his Livejamz online website?)….either of you have any luck getting money from him or getting his PO to get him back in front of the judge? Wonder how many other victims there are since his construction business…

  62. I believe that if you get in touch with the Feds, and tell them he has ripped you off they will give him more time in jail than the 1.5 years I had him do. He never paid me a penny of the $40,000 he took! he is a criminal that will do more years now after another theft as soon as he got out! I just had knee surgery or I would find the information that may help. but I believe it was the Postal Inspectors Office that prosecuted him and he can tell you what to do, for FRAUD!

  63. I am working on it. But I am having trouble finding any information on the guy. Anyone know what counties/cities he was prosecuted in previously? It would help if I could find his past criminal records or figure out who his parole officer was/is.

  64. I would love to help you and I do have all his data and the right way to do him in, but I am not up to digging through my paperwork then I can’t drive either. research him and he will tell you what I and others I suggest you have a private
    eye do a complete search on him, even give him my name and tell him what the problem is. That should cost you no more than $200. I paid $125 and got everything! Write me an email and I will send all I have in my computer…

  65. Try East St. Louis Missouri, I doubt if you have everything I have, I sent him to the pen for a year and a half. But I would be willing to back you up in a new suit just because he was ordered to pay me and did not.

  66. you can look up his federal case under Mark R. Koch on you will have to set up an account. You can download his judgement and supervised release..ect. from there as well. It will cost you a little, depending on how much you look at/ download. His criminal case number 09-30177-MJR the case was out of the Southern district of IL (His criminal case that is, he has others). He was released from prison on July 23,2012 and his probation officer is out of the Eastern District of Missouri. I think the number there is 314-244-6700 and last I heard his PO’s last name was Clark. His conditions of his release state that he is not to go into any self-employment without permission.

    Let us know how it works out! I read somewhere that he had also hired some lady, had her move and then never paid her either.

    hope that helps you out.

  67. Anonymous; You al history? I know it doesn’t cost much to get ALL his criminal like the lady I helped find Mark Koch’s criminal history and I would be glad to join a case against him for never paying me any when he was ordered to as well! His probation Officer said he didn’t have time to check on him all the time! would like to see him spend some more years in jail, he is a criminal and thief.

  68. Mac,
    His PO is a female…and you think that would be there job to check into complaints if they are violating a parole. ..especially when he is screwing people over in a new self employment company that he isn’t suppose to have. Maybe Juju will have better luck since he has been screwed over by a company Mark isn’t suppose to have vs not being paid on a judgment? But then again one would think that non payment would be a violation as well that should be delt with by PO….no wonder we have repeat offenders…there is no punishment for violations. Is there no one over his PO’s head that you can take your complaint to since his PO doesn’t want to look into it?

  69. Mac,
    Your comment got stuck in the spam filter and there is not much I can do about that. There is a limit of two links per comment. You can rewrite and provide the same information in multiple comments. But limit links in each comment to two.

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