The Witch-Resistant Candidate: Palin Participates in Blessing to Protect Her From Witchcraft

Gov. Sarah Palin has campaigned on being resistant to earmarks and corruption, but she can now claim to be witch-resistant. A video below has emerged on YouTube that shows Palin participating in a collective blessing from Bishop Thomas Muthee, a regular at her evangelical Wasilla Assembly of God church, who prays for protection from “every form of witchcraft.”

Normally, such a video would be dismissed as dubbed. What makes this a bit more credible is that Muthee is a witchhunter from Kenya.

In fairness to Muthee, he does not guarantee “witch proofing” of candidates. Water-resistant watches are generally guaranteed for up to 100 meters. A witch-resistant blessing is, therefore, likely only guaranteed up to 100 witches.

This could raise the bar for Biden, who may be protected from some forms of witchcraft but certainly not “every form of witchcraft”. Indeed, some forms of witchcraft are viewed as essential to the completion of the annual “balanced” budgets approved by the Senate each year.

Palin has heaped praise on Muthee and cited his blessing of her political career. Obviously, Palin may not have known (and probably did not know) about the witchcraft component of the blessing. Yet, this seems to be the same blessing that she later proudly referenced before the church congregation shortly before being selected as John McCain’s running mate. Moreover, it seems pretty obvious that this minister has some pretty bizarre beliefs and that her church (which she often credits in speeches) has a close association with him. It is very hard to refuse to answer questions about one’s faith when you publicly run on faith issues and use such ceremonies to advance your career, click here.

For the video and the full story, click here.

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  1. Thomas B. Allen, a staff writer for “national geographic” wrote the book “Possessed, the true story of an Exorcism”, back in the early-mid 90’s. I had a copy and it was pretty spooky. I loaned it to my friends wife, she read it in one pulse-pounding night. She stated that she kept the lights’ on full blast in the house for about a month until the frightening imagery of the book slowly began to fade. The scary fact is the “reality” of the event, the comfort or solace that comes from this book is recognizing the triumph of good over evil…

  2. Many young people use ouija boards in order to get their “kicks”. It is used as a parlor game that has a dark and sinister side to it. I have had friends in the past who played with it; and some less than wonderful things “transpired” after its’ activation, that made them wish they had never dabbled with this frightening board game..

  3. Where I live in southern california, it is considered the gothic capital of the state. A recent feature story on missing cats was written up in our local “rag”. It seems that a number of teenagers may have used the felines for use in the practice of witchcraft and black magic..

  4. I had an opportunity to meet Peter Blatty the author of the Exorcist in Santa Monica about 14 years ago. We discussed the book, film and his motivation to write such a terrifying novel. The case of exorcism that he wrote about was a “true” case, he merely substituted a girl for a boy, when writing this novel. If you google this case history of demonic possession that began in Maryland, but was completed in St. Louis by a Jesuit priest at the Alexian Brothers hospital, you will find much information regarding the authenticity of the event. The boys name was altered to protect his anonymity. The boy was an adolescent who played with a ouija board with his aunt. After her untimely death a whole series of strange and inexplicable events began to unfold at Robbies’ home. Rappings and scratching sounds were heard by family members, emanating from the walls and attic. Robbie and his family were not Catholic, they were Lutheran. They took robbie, initially to a Lutheran pastor, he was shocked and terrifed when Robbie began to levitate in his home. This minister was a firm believer in parapsychology, and pooh-poohed the idea of “possession”. He later encouraged the family to take Robbie to see a Catholic priest, as he felt they were better equipped to deal with this type of preternatural event. Robbie along with his family all later converted to Catholicism. In fact, Robbie was baptized and made his first holy communion, while undergoing the exorcism in St. Louis.

  5. Rev. Muthmee, eat your heart out–or maybe that’s not such a good idea!

    Exorcist to star in reality show
    Larson challenges Satan, casts out demons in new television series
    The Rev. Bob Larson sees his new show as a chance to educate viewers about the reality of demonic possession and deliverance. ‘The Real Exorcist’ premieres Thursday.

    Zoom | Photo Reprints

    The Rev. Bob Larson has been circling the globe for decades, battling Satan and his minions with a Bible and a cross.

    Now you can watch him cast out demons from the comfort of your couch.

    Mr. Larson, who was in Toledo earlier this month to lead one of his Spiritual Freedom Seminars, is joining the ranks of such luminaries as Ozzy Osbourne, Gene Simmons, and Jessica Simpson as the star of his own reality TV show.

    The Real Exorcist premieres in a four-hour marathon on the Sci-Fi Channel on Thursday night – not coincidentally, it’s Halloween eve.

  6. jonathanturley
    1, September 29, 2008 at 9:30 am

    Does that mean I have to wait to meet a witch before I can argue that they do not exist?


    I’d like to meet a sandwich.

  7. Most people see the Sarah Palin/witchcraft blessing as either a joke or off-limits. But it’s more than that.

    If witch hunting weren’t a component of a Christian belief system, what should people think about a person, Sarah Palin, who thankfully accepts the support of a man who, in the past, has accused a woman of magically causing car accidents and death and then has incited hatred against the accused? Do you really think that the woman caused the accidents? Or is it more likely that this guy, Rev. Muthee, has a problem with women? And does it matter that thanks to people like Muthee, Kenya has a big problem with women getting murdered by zealots – for being witches? Has Rev. Muthee incited murder? Witch hunting has consequences. Is Palin too stupid to realize this?

  8. Nonconformer:

    Does that mean I have to wait to meet a witch before I can argue that they do not exist?

  9. jonathanturley
    1, September 26, 2008 at 6:54 am

    Well, ShandyV, you will be singing a different tone when you see other nations taken over by witches and we remain witch-free.

    I wasn’t aware that Governor Palin had left the country.

  10. Well, ShandyV, you will be singing a different tone when you see other nations taken over by witches and we remain witch-free. Halloween is just around the corner and dangerously close to election day. Have you considered that, ShandyV? Have you? I didn’t think so.

  11. It feels like we’re having to stand and bear witness to the decline and fall of the rule of law and any semblance of rationality or common sense. (sigh) It’s really worrisome to think what will happen if this isn’t the tail end of the pendulum’s swing.

  12. With apologies to the Eagles, here’s my take on our Vice Presidentress in waiting:

    Raven hair and ruby lips,
    Sparks fly from her fingertips
    Echoed voices in the night,
    She’s a restless spirit on an endless flight

    Ooh, ooh, witchy woman, see how high she flies
    Ooh, ooh, witchy woman, she got the moon in her eye

  13. Jill said,

    Sarah Palin is about power, for herself and her friends. She is obviously for a christian state where people would be persecuted for not believing as she does. That’s why she’s bad news for this nation.


  14. “chakra’s”?

    Wasn’t that the big harry dude on Star Wars?

    I hear what you’re saying Jill, and thats a good forumula for dealing with neighbors, aquaintences, co-workers, strangers, etc.

    But its not a good formula for choosing a Vice President of the United States.

    People who intend to lead the most powerful country in the free world, full of the best and brightest minds and intellectuals, scientists, etc, need to be level headed. Its one thing to believe in God and go to a church. Its another thing to belong to a cult that believes in Witchcraft, sorcery, and performs prayer rituals to endow political power on one of their own.

    That looked more like a seance than a church meeting to me, and that guy, that “Bishop” Muthee, if you read up on him you’ll find they he’s likely involved in all sorts of things in Kenya, possibly even murders. He’s a sick, twisted figure who tried to kill a woman for witchcraft. He’s unbalanced, and to follow him like that suggests to me, an unbalanced indiviudal.

    I’d like to know Palins medical history. Whether or not she’s ever been treated for any mental conditions.

    Since they didn’t vet her, guess I’ll have to wait, but after seeing that video I’m convinced she is not playing with a full deck. Not full enough anyway, to be Vice President over this country. Kenya maybe. But not here.

  15. CroMM,

    Here’s my experience. My neighbor goes to a church just like that. Actually many people around here go to this type of church. It’s like the religion bomb was dropped dead center in this area. This isn’t a secular community, so everyday, I am confronted by people who say things that, in all honesty, don’t make sense. It might be about god, the goddess, chakra’s, insincere exclamations of “nameste”, things like, “that’s my rainbow”, etc. If I had to make judgements about people based solely on their religious beliefs I’d be in a lot of trouble because basically, I’d have to reject most people for believing in bizarre stuff. So, that’s not a working plan. at least not in this area.

    I have to make a judgement based on how people treat others, no matter what they say they believe. What is their intent and how do they act? I even know christian dominunists, who fortuanately, would not enforce that belief on others, even when they had the power to do so. It’s just not in their nature.

    Sarah Palin is about power, for herself and her friends. She is obviously for a christian state where people would be persecuted for not believing as she does. That’s why she’s bad news for this nation.

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