The Witch-Resistant Candidate: Palin Participates in Blessing to Protect Her From Witchcraft

Gov. Sarah Palin has campaigned on being resistant to earmarks and corruption, but she can now claim to be witch-resistant. A video below has emerged on YouTube that shows Palin participating in a collective blessing from Bishop Thomas Muthee, a regular at her evangelical Wasilla Assembly of God church, who prays for protection from “every form of witchcraft.”

Normally, such a video would be dismissed as dubbed. What makes this a bit more credible is that Muthee is a witchhunter from Kenya.

In fairness to Muthee, he does not guarantee “witch proofing” of candidates. Water-resistant watches are generally guaranteed for up to 100 meters. A witch-resistant blessing is, therefore, likely only guaranteed up to 100 witches.

This could raise the bar for Biden, who may be protected from some forms of witchcraft but certainly not “every form of witchcraft”. Indeed, some forms of witchcraft are viewed as essential to the completion of the annual “balanced” budgets approved by the Senate each year.

Palin has heaped praise on Muthee and cited his blessing of her political career. Obviously, Palin may not have known (and probably did not know) about the witchcraft component of the blessing. Yet, this seems to be the same blessing that she later proudly referenced before the church congregation shortly before being selected as John McCain’s running mate. Moreover, it seems pretty obvious that this minister has some pretty bizarre beliefs and that her church (which she often credits in speeches) has a close association with him. It is very hard to refuse to answer questions about one’s faith when you publicly run on faith issues and use such ceremonies to advance your career, click here.

For the video and the full story, click here.

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  1. If by the way you’re suggesting the video’s doctored, no, its the same one I saw on Countdown last night.

    If you’re experiencing a lack of synchronization between his mouth moving and his words then its likely just a buffering issue or something.

  2. Gee I don’t know Church Lady, lol.


    But it does sound to me like the guys standing next to her are speaking in tongues possibly.

    All I know is the whole thing seems errie. Surreal. And that “Bishop”, he seems almost demonic. Like a Jim Jones or something.

    I cannot believe they didn’t vet her. If they produced such a video of Obama, he’d never get in.

  3. CroMM,

    Thanks for the link. I don’t know what to say. The video sees off to me. His mouth and the sound don’t come out at the same time, then at a crucial jucture, the sounds speeds up and you can’t make any of it out. Is this the work of SATAN?

  4. In fact, if Alaska wants to secede from the nation, I say let em.

    With everyone of their leaders either corrupt or into voodoo cult worship, we’re better off without them.


    Besides. Think of all the money we’ll save on invisible bridge building.

  5. Watch it closely Jill. Those two standing there talking while “Bishop” Muthee is doing his thing. What are they saying?

    I can’t be sure because its a poor quality video but it doesn’t sound like they’re reciting his words. It sounds like one or both of them might be speaking in tongues?

    Can’t tell. They might just be reciting what he’s saying, but you listen and tell me what you think.

    Also whats she holding in her hand? Can’t tell.

    Man thats some weird, freaky sh$t.

  6. Or dear Jesus, JT, this stuff really works. I can’t access the video from your entry!


    I know what you’re talking about but I don’t think it’s the same. There is spiritual ditziness and “spiritual” power mongering and Sarah Palin is a practicioner of the latter.

  7. Theres more in that video Jill than just the Witchcraft incantations that Professor Turley had so much fun with above.

    They pray over and over in Jesus name to bring her lots of money so she can move up in political power. It was like watching a witches coven working black magic to elect a world leader.

    I wasn’t sure if she was Sarah Palin or Damien Thorn.


    I am really glad PT decided to post on this. I watched the full video, and it was BIZARRE. Really, really bizarre. This demonic priest laying hands on her while people stood around, Palin, kneeling, palms upward, while he essentially ordered Jesus compel people to give her money so she could rise up in political power.

    If I worked for the IRS and I saw that video, I’d be currently reviewing the Wasilla Assembly of Gods tax exempt status.

    If that was not a clear demonstration of a violation of the requirement for keeping tax exempt religions out of politics, then there is no such thing.

  8. Jill,

    Back in the Evangelical days of my youth I once was witness to a “laying of hands” on a non-running mini-van. It didn’t work. When I told this to my formally “pagan” girlfriend (she was about as pagan as most College Buddhists are Buddhist) as an example of how weird some of the people at my church were getting. She showed me a charm in one of the books she had bought. Other than the addition of some plant matter and the substitution of the word “goddess” for “God” it was essentially the same as the laying of hands.

  9. Jill
    1, September 25, 2008 at 3:55 pm

    If Palin is participating in these rituals doesn’t that make her a practicioner of witchcraft?

    Well not a practicioner of it, but certainly a believer in it.

    Her church is bizarre. Beyond the bizarre. That priest tried to murder that woman he accused of being a witch, and finally settled for driving her out of town with death threats.

    This is not a good church. This is a bizarre cult, and when coupled with her potential sympathy for Alaska seceding from the nation, we have a picture of Palin that is so far from Presidential as to preclude any consideration of her for the role.

    Yet the republicans picked her.

    She’s a dangerous woman, simply because she’s a kook with power and is now aspiring to the highest office in the land.

    That pastor is an evil man. A criminal by our standards. A “Jim Jones” type, using his power over people (who the hell would listen to this guy, he can’t even speak decent English) to manipulate and do harm.

    If you watch that entire video on youtube, it will frighten you. It made my skin crawl.

  10. If Palin is participating in these rituals doesn’t that make her a practicioner of witchcraft? Shouldn’t Jesus be her sword and her sheild with no further need of protection against spiritual forces?

  11. Although there is evidence that she may be sympathetic to the party, and might at one time have been a member.

    They deny her membership on their website, but their president said at a meeting once that she “used to be a member”. So it is a good thing to investigate further I think.

    After all, if she’s advocating Alaska seceding from the US, then I don’t see how she could ever get a security clearence, or be elected to lead a nation she’s advocating seceding from.

    I’d like to hear more about it, but right now the AIP’s website is stating in no uncertain terms that she was never a member.


    I’d love to find out otherwise.

  12. Actually rc she’s not a member of the Alaskan Independence Party. That was a rumor that got blown out of proportion on the internet.

    Her husband Todd was at one time, but he reportedly never attended any meetings.

    Just FYI.

  13. We only have the American electorate protecting us from thge extremes of Gov. Palin. That’s not the most reassuring thought, is it?

    I’ve finally figured out why Gov Palin subjected herself to an airline 22 hour oddysey in the midst of labor. As a member of the seperatist movement, The Alaskan Independence Party, it was obviously important to the Gov that her baby be born within what they believe should be the COUNTRY of Alaska. Now, when Governor Palin speaks of “Country First”, I’ll be wondering which country she means.

  14. As with most forms of insurance, it is ALWAYS better to have witch protection and not need it then to need witch protection and not have it. Kudos to Governor Palin for preparing for the worst.

  15. I’m glad you wrote a thread on this video PT.

    I just saw that video last night on Countdown, and all I can say is “Holy Haggery Batman!”.

    This video was bizarre. I mean bizarre.

    This freaky nutjob is performing some sort of prayer ritual, Palin on her knees, palms facing upwards, and praying in Jesus’s name to “buck her up”.

    Now notice when he says “buck her up”, which most probably think meant to “shore her up”, he was actually praying for money for her campaign. He meant obviously “cash her up” and got the slang wrong because of his broken English. Apparently Witch Doctor U doesn’t have the best English department.

    He sits there and prays for magic works for her to move up in her political career.


    Which come to think of it, must have worked.

    Thats the only explanation I have for her being nominated for the Vice Presidency of the United States.

  16. The SEC has blessed Gardnerian rituals by looking the other way on illegal sky-clad short selling. I suggest Biden seek out talismans from Palo. Scalia practices Opus Dei. I just saw this wonderful video from (below).

    As the spiritual forces meet I can only help they cancel each other out!

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