Amazing X-Ray of 15-Year-Old Knife Victim

The English police are seeking some thugs in a horrific stabbing crime near a bus stop. I am not going to try to invent some substantive reason for adding these x-ray images other than to note: THIS KID SURVIVED. A 15-year-old boy tried to stop a robbery in England and was stabbed in the head by the assailants. These are his x-rays in the criminal case. It is an amazing feat of medical science that he pulled through. [WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES]

This is a five knife that was plunged into the boy’s head. Doctors say that if citizens had pulled the knife out, he would have died.

One assailant was captured but the others are still at large.

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5 thoughts on “Amazing X-Ray of 15-Year-Old Knife Victim”

  1. The UK has had a huge problem with knife-crimes of late. I suppose it’s better than gun-crime, but when you see an image like that it’s hard to say they are any better off. Poor kid, but glad he’s doing better. He’ll always have a good excuse for forgetting an anniversary or special occasion.

    “I had a knife stuck into my brain, so back off!”

  2. Yikes! That is an amazing x-ray. Is that kid lucky. I think he needs to go buy a lottery ticket with that kind of luck. That is one 15 year old who should be thanking those doctors who saved his life. Great ending to a one scary story.

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