Would You Like to Come Upstairs and See My Fatwa? Pakistani President Sanctioned for Flirting with Sarah Palin

On this SNL video of Tina Faye playing Sarah Palin, she complains about a couple of Pakistani guys “literally embracing her.” It appears that it was more than comic relief. Pakistani cleric Maulana Abdul Ghafar has issued a fatwah against Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari for “unIslamic” flirting with Palin in New York.

Zardari explained “you’re gorgeous” upon meeting Palin and, when asked to keep shaking hands with her for the cameras, he said, “If he’s (the aide) insisting, I might hug you.”

This type of thing never happened with Madeleine Albright or Margaret Thatcher. Zardari clearly needs to get out more, but he may want to avoid Lal Masjid mosque.

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13 thoughts on “Would You Like to Come Upstairs and See My Fatwa? Pakistani President Sanctioned for Flirting with Sarah Palin”

  1. You know JT, that whole “would you like to see my etchings” line is a little tired. Next time I go out, it’s clear I need to get a fatwa to impress the ladies.

  2. PattyC,
    I think you need to insert the word “Chimpanzee” before the word Minkee! A great movie. I have to agree with Mespo that all of this talk about Sarah being the subject of the Pakistani President is making my stomach turn.

  3. She better be careful. He may throw her in a ditch and bury her in rocks and mud for marrying the man she wanted to…

    I hear that’s the thing over there. Sharia law is hot.

  4. Patty C:

    I knew it. Why didn’t I think of that? Yasser always left with a smile on his face, and I thought is was the falafel.

  5. JT, I’m not so sure there wasn’t a little ‘footsie’ going on between Madeleine and Yasser… ???

  6. JT,

    Does the animal being skinned have any effect on the attractiveness? If so, is it the size, rarity, or quality of hide that makes a difference?

    I notice I get a lot more admiring looks when I mention my deer skinning prowess than when I talk about the squirrel hides I possess.

  7. Well if you couch it in terms of pheromones, I understand. I am leaving the office now to get my hands on the new edition of Foreign Policy magazine to check out the centerfold. On that topic, check out the FP editors’ 20 questions they would ask Cousin Sarah (Sorry Sam Harris got me calling her this), if they could, of course.


    I am wishing on every star she takes a shot at just one during the debate.

  8. Mespo:

    I certainly did not wish to cast aspersions on Madeleine Albright’s appearance. I believe the attraction to Palin is all about that moose-skinning exotic quality. Hence the common expression, “as fetching as a moose-skinner.”

  9. Stop, stop. That is just creeping me out. I am now branding the sign of the beast in my own scalp to keep these people away. Anybody have any spare garlic?

    And JT, watch it with the Madeleine Albright jokes–she’s a babe!

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