The Cow Did It: Ohio Woman Terrorizes Neighborhood Children While Dressed as Deranged Bovine

MIDDLETOWN — This could be the easiest line-up that the Middletown, Ohio police ever put on. Michelle Allen, 32, was arrested after allegedly chasing children and urinating on a front porch in her neighborhood. She was easy to spot. She was wearing a cow outfit.

Not surprisingly, the police suspect alcohol was involved. This is not surprising since she is dressed specifically as a Holstein, a breed known for its drinking and vandalism.

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24 thoughts on “The Cow Did It: Ohio Woman Terrorizes Neighborhood Children While Dressed as Deranged Bovine”

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  2. “Virginia is fairly Draconian on dram shop liability even when it pertains to minors and there is no real likelihood of recovery there given the state of existing law.”

    Draconian indeed. The dram shop laws provide for misdemeanor charges, fines, and possible license 6 month suspensions for both adults and minors, but they also suggest at least a glimmer of recognition by the legislature of a minimum standard of adult responsibility when hosting other’s children as guests at one’s home.

    Good luck. Go make some law, mespo.

  3. Mojo
    1, October 2, 2008 at 3:22 am

    This is so sad that this is where law is going today. Mespo, you should be ashamed for even considering this suit. Nobody who is having a birthday party for their sixteen-year-old should have to expect gun violence.

    I’m against frivilous lawsuits too, but these people lost their son because these two parents decided to send their son, along with a lot of other peoples kids, into the street to deal with some violent teens.

    As for their expectations, it was a reasonable expectation of danger to the other kids AFTER witnessing these other party crashing teens engage in violence.

    They basically washed their hands of the safety of these children and said “not in my house, take it outside”.

    They acted very irresponsibly and a boys dead because of it.

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