Those Betty Davis Eyes: Saudi Cleric Calls for a One-Eye Naqib to Prevent Eye Flirting

Sheikh Muhammad al-Habadan in Saudi Arabia is calling for women to wear a niqab, or full veil, that covers all but one eye. Currently, women wear head to toe coverings that show two eyes. However, al-Habadan says women are wearing eye make-up and flirting with their two eyes.

al-Habadan is considered quite influential in Saudi Arabia and made his announcement on Muslim satellite channel al-Majd.

It was all foretold by that musical mullah Kim Carnes in “Betty Davis Eyes” in 1981:

And she’ll tease you
She’ll unease you
All the better just to please you
She’s precocious
And she knows just what it
Takes to make a pro blush
She got Greta Garbo Stand off sighs,
She’s got Bette Davis eyes

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9 thoughts on “Those Betty Davis Eyes: Saudi Cleric Calls for a One-Eye Naqib to Prevent Eye Flirting”

  1. JT,

    You’re missing the obvious references here:

    “Jeeper’s Creepers, where’d you get those peepers?
    Oh those Weepers, how they hypnotize.”

    Or possibly:

    “I fell in love with you
    first time I looked into
    Them There Eyes

    You have a certain
    a cute way of flirtin’ with
    Them There Eyes”

  2. The reason that Saudi Arabia has not been considered enemies of the state if because thar are friends of and criminals with the Bush family.

  3. I think its good.

    Anything that discourages their reproducing is fine by me.

  4. And the Bush administration is in bed with the Saudis. You remember them. The manpower and money behind 9/11? The ones not only going unpunished but making money hand over fist by gouging the US and the world? These are the same people are bringing you this little bit of the 12th Century. I still don’t understand why they (Saudi Arabia) are not considered enemies of the state. Well, I do. I just don’t like it.

  5. The world’s view of Ms. Palin:

    “You can’t hide your lyin’ eyes
    And your smile is a thin disguise
    I thought by now you’d realize
    There ain’t no way to hide your lyin eyes”


    “In this complicated world it may sound absurd
    But simple little things are the miracle cures
    Pushed to the limit or standing at the brink
    All she’s gotta do is just give me that wink”

  6. Oh, those wild and crazy Saudi women with their flirty, flirty eyes. Gotta put a stop to all that rampant public sex, Sheik. Next thing you know they’ll want to try having a thought of their own and we just can’t have that.

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