Study: One in Three Recent Police Academy Graduates Have Criminal Records in Atlanta

A study of recent graduates of the Atlanta Police Department’s academy shows that one out of three have criminal records. The study also found that 36 percent admitted that they had been rejected by other police departments.

In my view, the mere fact that someone was once arrested should not be a barrier to police service, or even the conviction on a minor offense. However, these crimes include such crimes as assault.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, through an Open Records Act request, conducted the study based on 36 applications for police recruits who graduated June 10 and Aug. 4.

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9 thoughts on “Study: One in Three Recent Police Academy Graduates Have Criminal Records in Atlanta”

  1. Patty,
    Italian yes, Sicilian I don’t know. Some were Irish Catholic and one was Jewish. To me the most common factor was a distinct macho bent, racist tendency’s and taking pleasure in by dominating others. During my active career I knew many law enforcement people and who were fine human beings. The good ones I feel are constricted by the rigidity required by working with the team and the tendency to view the public as “civilians” in an us vs. them construction.

    Thank you for your kindness and concern. I am recovering and the prescription cough syrup allows me to pass the time pleasantly.

  2. Mike Spindell:

    Glad to be part of the therapy regimen. Good to “read” your voice–gravely or not!

  3. Michael, I have to ask you, because I am curious generally and also because I have a theory about my now deceased ex-husband’s machinations being a former Federal ‘Enforcement’ lawyer turned private sector
    -AFTER he married me – when I was in my late 20’s…

    Were these pre law-enforcement guys you knew in high school Italian
    (Sicilian), for the most part – by ANY chance ? πŸ™‚

  4. Mespo,
    The headline was to me your funniest production to date. Unfortunately my laughter brought out a coughing fit from my last stages of bronchitus. It hurt so good.

  5. Suggested AJC Headline:

    Subscribing To The “Takes One To Know One” Philosophy, Atlanta Finds New Approach To Crime Busting.

  6. Many of the guys that would beat the hell out of me in high school later became police officers. Unfortunately, a sizable minority of those who are attracted to police work are in it for the feeling of power. It is so strange that in a society that seems to distrust government so much, finds the criminal justice arms so credible.

  7. Police normally get away with assault everywhere. Especially if it is domestic assault. πŸ™

    When I lived in Atlanta, at one time there was a problem with a ‘theft ring’ and they struck a particular area at least once a week. When they finally busted the ring – it turned out to be two police officers assigned to work in that area. They did get fired. πŸ™‚

    I haven’t had many experiences that warrant absolute trust in police officers.

  8. This is a record that may even surpass the criminal backgrounds of the Bagdhad police forces! Just the individuals we want enforcing our laws. Sounds like a Bushian type of standard.

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