Joe Biden’s “Three Letter Word”: J-O-B-S

Senator Joe Biden schooled John McCain on a “simple three letter word” today: “J-O-B-S” He also took after “Joe the Plumber.”

Biden insisted that he knows plumbers too and they make less the McCain’s plumber.

Obviously, we need a debate with Joe the Plumber against Joe’s Plumber.

For the video, click here.

For the attack on Joe the Plumber, click here.

30 thoughts on “Joe Biden’s “Three Letter Word”: J-O-B-S”

  1. Gino:

    “And you’re challenging me to compare my CV with his for saying it?”

    Nope, just saying that people who comment from glass bubbles shouldn’t throw stones. (Forgive the mixed metaphor)

  2. Gino,
    So denigrating Biden isn’t propping up Palin? Right… Thanks for the information about Palin’s membership in the KKK.

  3. Jill,

    My comments aren’t intended to prop up Palin, they are intended to denigrate Biden. Geez, you’d think I posted this on the Democratic Underground.

    “Did you hear that Palin wore white two days in a row? I didn’t want to believe it at first, but it’s obvious that she’s signaling support to her friends in the Klan. I fear for my country!”

    Is that the kind of junk you like to hear, Jill? Does that crap support your world view?

  4. Jill,
    I don’t think it is worth your efforts to try to reason with Gino. He is merely trying to find some way to compare Gov. Palin’s ineptness to an occasionsal mispoken comment by Joe Biden. Unfortunately, he couldn’t successfully compare Palin’s “accomplishments” and/or abilities with anyone on two legs. Biden is not the perfect VP candidate, but he looks like the pick of the century when the foreign policy expert from Alaska opens her mouth.

  5. “Biden is notoriously gaff prone.”

    When conventional wisdom is dealt with as fact then we have what passes for news coverage in the US. Gaffes are usually seen through the eyes of the political pundit class, who see the world through their classes prejudice and then treat their revelations as fact. We see this on both sides of the political discussion and our acceptance of this CW only serves to disseminate it further.

    In this CW world we see Al Gore in 2000 portrayed as boring, George W. as a guy we’d want to drink a beer with, Bill Clinton as a low life sleaze and John McCain as a straight-talker. All of these memes were the result of the pundit class viewing the world through the eyes of their prejudice.

    While I loathe George W. I don’t think he’s a stupid man. Al Gore is far from boring, Bill Clinton is no more low class than Newt Gingrich and John McCain has a history of lying. In the end people on either side of the political aisle should be viewed in the context of their lives, rather than the instantaneous judgments of people who earn their living pontificating.

    That Joe Biden, a very intelligent man with a long body of work (whether one agree with his views or not) is summed up as being gaff prone, is merely a reflection of the laziness of the MSM.

  6. Jill,

    You haven’t been playing the glass bead game very long, have you? Let me state my point clearly, so that we might keep you on topic. Biden is notoriously gaff prone. If Biden’s gaffs had been made by anyone but him (his cluelessness has actually been described as “charming”) or some other sophisticated, urbane liberal, we’d all be nodding our heads in solemn agreement that the man is a dunce. But we’re not, despite some real Macaca-like doosies. So my comment is more about the MSM and double standards, and less about your esteemed Uncle Joe. Granted, assertions like these don’t lend themselves to empirical evidence. My point will have to stand on its own; you can agree with it or not, based on your own observations, I don’t care which.

  7. Gino,

    It’s true you didn’t assert he’s unfit to be VP but you seemed concerned about his gaffs. How do his gaffs suit him to be VP?

  8. Jill,

    I didn’t assert that he’s unfit to be VP. Indeed, I think his gaffs make him particularly well suited for the post.

  9. Gino,

    I agree that Biden has made some real gaffs and you shouldn’t have to produce a CV to state that. Which of these gaffs make him unfit to serve as VP and why?

  10. Biden’s multitudinous gaffs would be conclusive proof of epic idiocy if made by any conservative. And you’re challenging me to compare my CV with his for saying it? Are you sure you’re the *real* Mespo?

  11. Gino,
    Did any of Joe’s gaffes mention that he gained his foreign policy expertise from visiting Alaska?? Sarah Palin is an insult and an embarrassment to Americans who actually take the time to read and inform themselves. Thank goodness that she will soon be able to return to Wasilla with the First Dude.

  12. Sarcasm aside, Joe Biden is the Democratic Party’s Perpetual Gaff Machine. He should put that in his resume.

  13. Gino:

    “Ah, that Joe Biden. What a nut. At least we know that he’s definitely *not* and idiot like Bush and Palin.”

    Sarcasm aside, here Biden’s resume:

    Scranton, Pa.; Claymont, Del.


    Roman Catholic

    Syracuse University College of Law, J.D., 1968
    University of Delaware, B.A., 1965

    Political Experience
    U.S. Senator from Delaware, 1972-present
    Chairman, Senate Foreign Relations Committee
    Various Other Committe Assignments
    Cast Over 10,000 votes in the US Senate

    New Castle (Del.) County Council, 1970-72

    Professional Experience
    Adjunct Professor, Widener University School of Law, 1991-present
    Attorney, private practice, 1968-1972

    Family Information
    Spouse: Jill Jacobs Biden
    Children: Joseph “Beau” Biden III, Robert Biden, Naomi “Amy” Biden (d. 1972), Ashley Biden

    Biden also overcame a terrible stuttering problem that made him dread any public speaking an dovercame the worst nightmare of any parent, the loss of a child. To compare his gravitas with McCain is fair; to compare his with Palin is to compare Secretariat with Mr. Ed.

  14. Ah, that Joe Biden. What a nut. At least we know that he’s definitely *not* and idiot like Bush and Palin.

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